Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4365

Tens of tens of thousands of cultivators that have been seeded into the Serro Yin snake have become a point on the Internet.

And this point can be used as a relay station at any time to transfer information.

But now, this network is relatively weak, impossible transmits too much information at the same time.

Yinlinger can only choose to open this network within a small area.

And this so-called small range refers to these three thousand Corps Heads!

After three thousand Corps Head went back, they found that they could communicate with you at any time!

In the sea of ​​knowledge of the three thousand Corps Head, the illusory shadow of all colleagues still remains.

Moreover, they can talk and communicate with the three thousand Corps Head in their mind anytime, anywhere.

You can even discuss some things together, allocate your own movements, and contact each other how to cooperate.

Where are you going to copy, where am I going to respond, where is he ambushing.

Under a clamor, one after another exquisite tactic was soon explored.

Just at first…

Everyone’s knowledge of the sea is almost exploding.

Everyone has to talk, and then everyone is talking.

Three thousand sounds sounded in my mind, that feeling almost blown my head off…

Fortunately, with Gan Ning, she quickly made a set of rules.

I want to speak, but I have to follow the rules and the routine.

Everyone sends messages, which can be divided into two types.

first, is not too important, not too urgent.

It is not necessary to say this kind of information. You can write it on your own question board in written form.

Gan Ning will regularly review these texts, and extract the more important ones, and log them on the bulletin board.

As for small-scale battles…

You can set up a local area network with each other, and if you are upset, only a limited number of people in the local area network can hear it.

There are only ten or eight people, even if they are noisy, there is a limit. At the very least, they won’t explode their heads.

The network provided by Yin Ling’er is a network connecting souls.

A public network with no rules.

However, if it is used without rules, it will definitely blow up completely.

Fortunately, although Gan Ning is timid and cowardly, she is a very smart girl.

A series of rules and regulations were quickly formulated, and the entire soul network completely restored order.

So far, there are only three people who are qualified to speak in the whole area.

The first person, naturally, I don’t need to say much, it must be Zhu Hengyu.

The second person doesn’t need much explanation, it’s naturally Yinlinger.

The third person is to replace Zhu Hengyu, Gan Ning who is in charge of the entire Hengyu fleet.

Except these three people, including Sun Meiren and Zheng Xiaoyu, they are not allowed to publicly speak in the whole area.

Other people want to speak, they must apply to Ganing, and only after they have been approved can they speak publicly.

After unifying the rules, the three thousand Legion Corps Heads all started to discuss the same issue.

Everyone is most concerned about and the most curious is how Zhu Hengyu will fight the Imperial Family Navy of Monster Race!

There are 9,000 of them, with the strength of Monster Sovereign!

Although they are just ordinary soldiers, within the Monster Race army, not at all hangs up, not to mention Monster King, not even the demon handsome and Monster General.

However, in terms of individual strength and realm, they are the power of Monster Sovereign!

As the Navy of the Monster Race Imperial Family, they all own the Bloodline of the Imperial Family, and their individual strength is strong.

After a long discussion, no one can give an answer.

Even Gan Ning was confused, and I don’t know why Zhu Hengyu went to protect the Kingdom of Hengyu.

At the same time as all Corps Heads had heated discussions.

Zhu Hengyu was also lost in thought.

In the face of today’s situation, which Legion should be dispatched?

Three thousand wolf cavalry?

However, although the 30,000 Wolf Cavalry have mastered the power of Senrow, their individual strength is simply not enough to fight the Imperial Family Navy of Monster Race.

Wolf cavalry will not work, neither will the Bull Bull Guard…

For the time being, there are only two teams that can fight the Monster Race Imperial Family Navy.

The two teams are Ice King Guard and Purgatory Guard!

Although the Ice King Guard is powerful, it can fully compete with the Imperial Family Navy of Monster Race.

However, the greatest strength of the Ice King’s guard is its protection!

If you want them to protect a city from being captured, then they are definitely the most suitable candidates.

However, if you want to use them to defeat the powerful Monster Race Imperial Family Navy, it is still too naive.

Binghuang Guard, also known as Xuanbing Guard, is best at defending, defending, not attacking.

The Monster Race Imperial Family navy can bypass them, destroy the buildings of the Hengyu Kingdom, and kill the people of the Hengyu Kingdom.

Xuan Bing Jianwei is more suitable for fighting at sea!

Above the sea, they can slow down the giant beast and land on the other’s battleship.

Slave the opponent’s battleship and everyone on the battleship.

Once the battleship is lost, above this vast sea, it can only be a dead end.

And if it is changed to land, everything will be completely different.

Although the speed of Xuan Bing’s guard is not slow, it is definitely not fast.

The Imperial Family Navy of Monster Race is known for its speed.

Facing such an Imperial Family navy, Xuan Bing Jianwei is more than self-preserved, but the attack is seriously insufficient.

It seems that the only one who can protect the Hengyu Kingdom and defeat the Monster Race Imperial Family Navy is the purgatory guard!

The Purgatory Guard, dressed in a master suit from the Imperial Family Treasury of the Devil.

The entire set of masters, including War Sword, War Bow, Battle halberd, Battle Shield, Battle Armor, War Leg, War Belt, War Helmet, War Boots, Warrior…

Long-range, medium-range, and short-range attack methods are readily available!

Moreover, this suit has been refined inside the formation, which has been refined for hundreds of millions of years.

The strength of its formidable power can be called awesome!

As the final card of the Demon Sheep Race, the master suit can definitely dominate the entire battle easily!

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