Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4366


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Just in case

This is just the power of foreign object…

This purgatory guard, but the team that Zhu Hengyu cultivated with all his strength.

Zhu Hengyu’s treatment of purgatory guards is even better than himself, and generous.

When they were shackled in thirty steps, they used the Ninth Grade Broken Silver Pill!

When they were shackled in the sixties, they used the Ninth Grade Golden Core!

Moreover, at the core of purgatory, they use the power of purgatory to conceal and use the magic pill!

It can be said that all the resources provided by Zhu Hengyu to them are the highest, or even the ultimate.

Within the Maze of Purgatory, they want to use countless Moro blood fruits, their strength, endurance, and speed have also been increased to the extreme!

In addition to everyone’s Bloodline, that ray of purgatory power.

It can be said that as far as individuals are concerned, they are absolutely not inferior to anyone!

Even against the Imperial Family Navy of Monster Race, they can definitely take advantage!

At this moment, Zhu Hengyu finally understood why the future self had to give him the news.

Think carefully. When the critical moment really comes, there is really only the purgatory guard who can get on the table.

Including Xuan Bing Jin Wei, the other Legion have a little meaning.

It’s not that they are not strong, but for the top-level Legion, they all have shortcomings and can be restrained.

Only purgatory guards are different. No matter who their opponents are, they will never be defeated.

In any case, they all have the ability and capital to fight each other.

Zhu Hengyu knows that he has no retreat. If he doesn’t use the purgatory guard, the loss of the Hengyu Kingdom is too heavy.

Once the loss is too great, it will even shake the foundation of the Hengyu Kingdom.

Monster Race has now completely matched with the Hengyu Kingdom. The Demon Sheep has drawn a line with the Hengyu Kingdom. No one will to join the Hengyu Kingdom.

Once the Imperial Family Navy of Monster Race kills too many people of the Hengyu Kingdom.

Then the entire Hengyu Kingdom will surely fall into paralysis.

The most troublesome thing is…

There is no way to add talents in short supply.

In the case of losing the supplement, any loss is unbearable for the Hengyu Kingdom.

Despite the fact that he doesn’t want to use Purgatory Guard, in fact, Zhu Hengyu has no choice at all.

Once the Kingdom of Hengyu collapsed, what did Zhu Hengyu use against Monster Race?

singlehanded can only cause turmoil, but not enough to defeat Monster Race.

After thinking about it, Zhu Hengyu couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

Before, Zhu Hengyu really didn’t understand…

He can’t figure out how far he has to be forced to force him to use Purgatory Guard.

Now, he is finally understood…

Under internal trouble and outside aggression, it is not a purgatory guard and cannot be confronted.

Since you have no choice.

Since it is absolutely necessary.

So, Zhu Hengyu will not hesitate anymore, hesitate again!

immediately, Zhu Hengyu gave orders to the three thousand purgatory guards through the soul chain.

Three thousand purgatory guards, also divided into 30 groups, each group of 100 people.

Thirty groups of Purgatory Guards will be stationed in the Kingdom of Hengyu, where the 30th Legion is located.

If the Imperial Family Navy of Monster Race invades other small cities, then Yin Linger will give orders immediately according to intelligence.

Everyone must obey the order, reach these cities as quickly as possible, and strangle the Imperial Family Navy of Monster Race!

As for the sources of information and intelligence, it is naturally those cultivators that have been seeded with the Serro Yin snake.

At this moment, they have dispersed to observe the surroundings at any time.

Once a trace of the Monster Race Imperial Family navy is found, it will be reported immediately to Yin Ling’er.

Yinlinger will gather the information and send it to the three thousand purgatory guards.

Monster Race Imperial Family Although the Navy can fly! But they did not want to hide the investigation of the soul network under the Yinlinger.

Time is passing by one minute and one second…

Zhu Hengyu’s Black Gold Fleet, the 3rd day dawn invading Aquila, has finally arrived!

With a maximum of twelve hours, the black-gold battleship will completely wipe out the Aquila Islands, completely wipe out the Legion of the Monster Race Navy Reserve, and cut off the roots of the Monster Race Navy.

The purgatory guards have also arrived at the capital of Ten Great Influences, the three kingdoms of Hengyu Kingdom, following the orders of Zhu Hengyu, and have entered a state of full alertness.

Once the Monster Race Imperial Family navy appears, they will immediately welcome them to protect the Hengyu Kingdom!

At the same time…

There is a lot of news from Yinling’er.

in order to guard against the unexpected!

After Monster Race sent its first reinforcements for thousands of people.

I still don’t feel very down-to-earth. Within the next three hours, a continuous reinforcement of thousands of people was sent!

A total of 3,000 reinforcements are approaching at full speed in the direction of Sky Eagle Island.

The First Support Army will arrive at the Aquila Islands at dawn.

The second and third support troops will arrive within one hour of noon!

If the battle cannot be ended within a short period of time, once it is noon!

So, Zhu Hengyu and a hundred demon wolf shooters will face the elite strangulation of three thousand Monster Race!

Facing such a situation, Zhu Hengyu looked serious.

This battle is almost inevitable.

Once the time is dragged to noon, the next two support troops will arrive one after another.

So, three thousand to one hundred, this is not played at all.

According to intelligence, this time comes, but all are experts of the Imperial Family.

Not only proficient in flying, but also very fast.

Although there is a magic machine gun, the accuracy of the flying creatures is ultimately reduced by a few.

If you want to use a machine gun to shoot down flying birds in the sky, the difficulty is high, everyone who has tried it knows.

Magic machine guns are not known for their precision.

On the contrary…

The biggest disadvantage of the magic machine gun is that its accuracy is very poor.

With a long sigh, Zhu Hengyu gave the order to fight.

After the battle begins, don’t rush to destroy the opponent.

Instead, it is necessary to save strength, save energy, save physical strength, and try to eliminate the enemy with low loss.

If it is output with full force, although it is possible to completely destroy the First Support Army in a short time.

However, after World War I, the demon wolf shooters were basically exhausted and mentally exhausted.

Once this is the case, then what are the two thousand Monster Race reinforcements who arrived later to fight?

Demon wolf shooters are powerful, but also not invincible. Their energy is ultimately limited, impossible said, unlimited launch magic can bomb!

I would like to kill more than 3,000 Monster Race experts in a short period of time by using magic power alone, which is simply not realistic.

It’s not good to say…

Even if the Monster Race experts line up and let them shoot, they may not have so much energy to shoot the opponent.

For today’s sake, only the fighting time will be prolonged.

Play while recovering, and control energy and mental consumption.

Strive to wipe out the first support army at noon, before the next two Monster Race reinforcements arrive.

And, adjust your state to the best.

Otherwise, there is no need to fight in the next battle.

Without all the food and energy, the only option is to escape.

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