Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4367


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On top of the sea, a white light and shadow appeared one after another.

These white lights and shadows are just a thunder boat!

Every Thunder Speedboat stands one after another tall silhouette.

Yes, the first Monster Race reinforcements finally arrived in the Aquila Islands.

As the Monster Race reinforcements arrived, those reinforcements quickly dispersed at the entrance to the Eagle Canyon.

Monster Race doesn’t know what way and channel to go through, already understood demon wolf shooter’s battle method.

Therefore, there is no stupidity, trying to use shields to resist these projectiles.

Although occasionally, they still hit the magic bullets flying in a vertical and horizontal direction, damaging a certain life force.

However, the total speaking of which they avoided is very good.

Even if you lose a little life force, you can quickly recover through medicine pill.

Looking at one after another fast as lightning, constantly driving the Thunder boat, doing zigzags on the sea to avoid Monster Race reinforcements.

Zhu Hengyu frowned slightly.

Thousands of Monster Race reinforcements have apparently found a way to deal with demon wolf shooters.

Thousands of reinforcements, separated from each other, very far apart, all scattered…

Whether it is front, back, left, or right, they are far enough apart.

On the sea surging forward with great momentum, if you want to use a machine gun to hit a fast, irregularly moving target, the difficulty is really too high.

And at the request of Zhu Hengyu, one hundred demon wolf shooters could not open up to shoot.

Otherwise, at most one hour, all demon wolf shooters will exhaust their energy, become mentally exhausted, and lose the power to fight again.

One hundred demon wolf shooters can only fire three bursts!

da da da ……

da da da ……

da da da ……

Regardless of whether you hit the target or not, only three consecutive magic bullets are sprayed at a time.

However, in the face of high-speed irregular sports Monster Race reinforcements, most of such attacks have fallen into the empty space.

Even if you can hit a target occasionally, it is difficult to hit the target multiple times in a row, only a slight delay. For convenience, you can restore the battle skill, spell, or medicine pill, spiritual grass, spiritual medicine and the like. Supplies, restore your lost life force.

This is not the scariest!

The most terrifying and helpless thing about Zhu Hengyu is!

Thousands of reinforcements turned out to have more than three hundred silhouettes, spread their wings behind them, and flew into the air.

Facing the more than three hundred silhouettes flying to the sky, the demon wolf shooter tried to shoot.

But after a try, all the hopeless discoveries could not be hit.

The opponent’s flight speed is too fast, and they will have left the area before the bullets arrive.

Zhu Hengyu sighed helplessly…

Zhu Hengyu is very clear that these more than 300 Monster Race air forces can only be hanged by him.

Right hand, Zhu Hengyu opened the dimension channel, and summon silently flying Flying Sword!

At this moment…

Azure Ox Island!

The Divine Sun Furnace, which is burning with a blazing flame, is screaming, and the Supreme-Yang True Fire is rising!

Flying Sword in the air, also in Divine Sun Furnace, was quenched and burned by Supreme-Yang True Fire.

Flying Sword with the whole handle suspended, the flames that have been burned by Supreme-Yang True Fire, and the whole world of Supreme-Yang True Fire is rising!

But the next moment, the Flying Sword, which was being burned by Supreme-Yang True Fire, suddenly shivered violently.

A blazing blue rays of light flashed over, Flying Sword suspended the space barrier strangely, disappeared…

Thousands of ten thousand li beyond the Aquila Islands…

Zhu Hengyu’s right hand, a fiery Fire Dragon, screamed out of the dimension space!

If you didn’t perceive the current status of Flying Sword in advance and immediately retreated.

This flaming Supreme-Yang True Fire can definitely burn all of Zhu Hengyu’s hair in an instant!


In a sky-splitting sound.

Flying Sword hangs in the air, and the Supreme-Yang True Fire is rising in midair.

At the moment flying Sword, there is the majestic Supreme-Yang True Fire.

That Divine Sun Furnace, but with the power of the Demon Cow Clan, Zhu Hengyu built a super large array of cores!

The Supreme-Yang True Fire contained in the Flying Sword is the super-large array, the highest flame from the Condense.

No one including Zhu Hengyu thought that the Flying Sword, which contained Supreme-Yang True Fire, was so terrifying.

A second sun appears above the sky.

The blazing Supreme-Yang True Fire, which burned the sea and boiled the sea, formidable power!

Within 100 meters, the air was burned and twisted.

The sea water has been boiled and boiled up, instantaneously evaporating, and rising into the sky of mist.


This battle will be very painful and very difficult.

Zhu Hengyu alone must face the siege of more than three hundred Demon Sovereign realm experts.

Moreover, three of them are still in the middle of Demon Sovereign, 96 Devil Body Monster Race.

Such a battle cannot be directly confronted.

Once caught in the siege, even Zhu Hengyu must be beheaded on the spot.

But I never thought…

Under chance, Zhu Hengyu actually gave the flying Sword that was being calcined in Divine Sun Furnace to summon.

At this moment, within the Flying Sword, there is infinite Supreme-Yang True Fire.

The fire waves emptied wherever they passed!

If you are fighting on the ground, this level of Supreme-Yang True Fire is not terrifying.

As long as it is not directly on the body, it is difficult to directly kill the opponent.

At most it’s just burns, burns, burns…

But it’s different now!

The more than 300 opponents faced by Zhu Hengyu are all of the Golden Eagle Clan, Cang Ying Clan, and Griffon Clan.

The reason why they can fly is because of their own wings.

The wings of golden eagles, goshawks, and griffins are all covered with feathers.

And feathers are the most feared of flames, only a little closer, Supreme-Yang True Fire instantly scorched the feathers on their wings.

The old saying is good, Phoenix is ​​not as good as chicken!

Phoenix has no feathers, and it is not as good as a domestic chicken, not to mention goshawks, golden eagles, and griffins.

And, more tragically…

The more than three hundred Demon Sovereign experts in Monster Race are now flying in midair.

Several hundred meters from the sea!

After the whole feathers were scorched, their bodies could only fall empty in vain.

Although it is only sea water, not land, it can’t fall dead at all, but there are hundreds of deep-sea magic sharks under the sea, waiting to be opened there.

Under Zhu Hengyu’s stunned gaze…

Flying Sword hangs around the three hundred Monster Kings for a few times…

More than 300 Monster Kings were burned into bald-headed chickens and fell from in midair.

If you can, more than 300 Monster King would like to flap their wings and fly back to the Thundercruiser.

However, they did not take off and land vertically. They took off from the speed boat they were riding in, and came all the way to Zhu Hengyu.

At this moment, there is nothing on the sea directly below.

Puffy…Puffy, puffy…

In a series of muffled sounds, more than three hundred bald chickens fell heavily into the sea.

However, this height, such impact, is not enough to kill them.

After falling into the sea, more than 300 Monster Kings appeared in a panic, trying to swim towards the speedboat.

As long as they board the speedboat, they are safe.

Unfortunately, under the surface of the sea, hundreds of shadows are quickly moving towards here.

Under Zhu Hengyu’s watch…

The three hundred Monster Kings disappeared one by one on the sea.

On this turbulent sea, a Monster King is absolutely impossible to defeat a deep-sea magic shark.

The adult deep-sea magic shark is born with ninety segments.

Moreover, the deep-sea magic sharks can burst into terrible destructive power in the water.

It is said that the sharp teeth of the deep sea magic shark, even the platinum sticks with thick arms, can be easily bitten off.

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