Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4368


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In the sky…

The Air Force of Monster Race is the undefeated king.

But once they fall into the water, they are no different from a soup chicken.

Basically, as long as the deep-sea magic shark opens his big mouth and ka-cha bites down, he can instantly bite those Monster Kings in two!

Crack crack chew a few bites, even bones chew into slag.

In a time of only 20-30 years, more than three hundred chickens fell into the sea, one after another.

As for its life and death, it is natural to say no more.

In the sea, the deep sea magic shark is the invincible king.

Even the Dragon Race, there is no need to not provoke the deep sea magic shark.

Zhu Hengyu stayed suspended in midair……

Is there such a thing?

This scene, but Zhu Hengyu did not think of it absolutely.

In this way, this move can actually become a big trick!

Before the battle, first send Flying Sword into Divine Sun Furnace for calcination. After absorbing a large amount of Supreme-Yang True Fire, summon out.

As a result, the flying Sword will contain more than 300 meters in diameter and more then 300 meters in depth, which is the Supreme-Yang True Fire from the Supreme-Yang True Fire array condense.

The Supreme-Yang True Fire of the Three Thousand Supreme-Yang True Fire array is condensed with a sword. Its formidable power is simply crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood!

Even Zhu Hengyu, the master, dare not easily approach within 100 meters.

Otherwise, Zhu Hengyu’s skin will be severely burned.

Even, even the soul of Yin Linger dare not merge into it.

The Supreme-Yang True Fire is Supreme-Yang Fire in the world, and Burning All Living Things.

Even Soul Power can’t escape the burning of Supreme-Yang True Fire.

Looking at Flying Sword in midair, spraying a blazing flame, Zhu Hengyu couldn’t help but be amazed.

Unfortunately, there is not much Supreme-Yang True Fire in the floating Flying Sword.

Although the eruption was very violent when it first appeared, it only lasted a small section of time.

The eruption is fierce, but the duration of the eruption is also very short.

At most, it can only last about nine times…

After nine breaths, Supreme-Yang True Fire’s formidable power drops geometrically.

Although the surface appears to be flying above the Flying Sword, it still sprays a blazing flame, but its temperature has dropped by not knowing how many times.

However, for Zhu Hengyu, this eruption is enough.

In just a moment, more than 300 Monster Kings were burned into bald chickens and fell into the sea.

At this moment, the deep sea magic shark under the sea surface has been bitten and chewed and swallowed into the belly.

Zhu Hengyu inwardly shouted fluke.

Obviously, this is God’s intention to take this group of evildoers, and it has nothing to do with Zhu Hengyu.

If it wasn’t for God’s help, Zhu Hengyu’s one man one sword alone, I don’t know how long it would take to fight, before the three hundred Monster King could be killed.

But now…

Since more than 300 Monster Kings are dead, Zhu Hengyu can take the time to help the 100 demon wolf shooters.

During thoughts move, Zhu Hengyu squeezed the sword tactics with his left hand, and Sliver Controlling Art launched abruptly in a wave of the bright silver Trident in the right hand!

The Flying Sword that burned the blazing Supreme-Yang True Fire, turned around sharply, and got into the sea.

Under the cooling of the sea water, the Supreme-Yang True Fire on the Flying Sword was quickly extinguished.

Yin Linger’s divine sense, immediately drilled into the flying Sword.

whiz whiz whiz ……

After a few weeks of flexing around in the air, Yin Linger is flying Flying Sword, moving towards the surrounding battlefield.

Seeing this scene, Zhu Hengyu will not watch it.

You know, there are nearly 600 Monster Race reinforcements on the surrounding sea, and they are chasing down the hundred demon wolf shooters.


Zhu Hengyu right hand, with a wave, a tribulation thunder, instantly dropping from the sky!

The difference between tribulation thunder and ordinary Thunder System Magic Technique lies in the source.

Tribulation thunder is not produced by dark clouds, but is formed from the void in the void.

Common lightning strikes, spells like lightning, spells, magic…

To summon the thunder from the sky in the open sky.

The tribulation thunder is different…

Tribulation thunder is Law Power, a force directly condensed by Three Thousand Great Dao.

In any environment, any place, can be freely displayed.

Under a tribulation thunder…

Monster King on a Thunderbolt speedboat suddenly became paralyzed.

Dumbstruck stood on the boat and didn’t move at all.

From now on, the huge Thunder Dragon with its tail cut off, Zhu Hengyu has only absorbed a small part of the accumulated power, and has not absorbed even 1%.

Therefore, the tribulation thunder’s formidable power is not enough to cause too fatal damage to a Demon King.

However, this tribulation thunder will have a heavy impact on Spiritual Power.

Once struck by tribulation thunder, you will enter a brief paralysis state.

The duration of this state is very short, probably less than a breath.

But for Zhu Hengyu and Yin Ling’er, it is enough.

Shoot…pu chi!

In a roar, the flying Sword controlled by Yin Linger instantly wiped that Monster King’s throat.

That Monster King’s head, the chopped volley flew up, and only a headless body was flowed, still standing there dumbly…

On the broken neck, the blood sprayed like a red fountain.

Booming, spraying a powerful blood spring!


With the cooperation of Zhu Hengyu and Yin Ling’er, one respected Monster King, and one after another was buried under the joint force of the two.

Even if it can resist tribulation thunder, it can’t resist Yin Linger’s sword!

Even if Yin Linger’s killing sword is resisted, it is still useless.

After a dimension shuttle, Zhu Hengyu will instantly flash beside him.

Liangyin Trident in his hands slammed the opponent in a rage and instantly exploded!


More than six hundred Monster Kings have now been dispersed.

After each monster king is killed, it must be chased down to the next monster king.

Because the battle is too evacuated, it is impossible to want to massacre in a short period of time.

During the melee, Zhu Hengyu and Yin Ling’er beheaded Monster King one after another.

Being killed in darkness…

Ying Ling’er’s voice rang in Zhu Hengyu’s mind: “Not good, Monster Race’s second batch of reinforcements has arrived outside the Sky Eagle Islands.”


Zhu Hengyu was shocked when he heard Yin Ling’er’s words.

On the occasion of being badly inwardly shouted, Yin Linger once again opened the mouth and said: “Moreover, the third batch of reinforcements for Monster Race is less than a quarter of an hour away from here.”

After hearing Yin Ling’er’s words, Zhu Hengyu’s wings flew to midair in an instant.

Looking towards the entrance of the Aquila Islands…

As you can see, there are hundreds of white sails on the Thunder Boat outside the Aquila Islands.

The biggest headache for Zhu Hengyu is…

Obviously the other party received the request and refused to fly at all.

Thousands of Thunder speedboats, aggressively rushed over.

On top of each battleship, there is an archer holding a bow and arrow!

The shooter in the Demon King realm!

Zhu Hengyu’s brow furrowed tightly when he looked at the Thunder boat that was rushing over quickly.

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