Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4370


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Golden Crow shooter has been invincible and invincible since its formation!

Even if they meet Demon Wolf Clan’s shooter, they will never be afraid.

But I never thought about it, but today I met a nemesis.

The Golden Crow arrow did not wait for Zhu Hengyu to be distracted by the spirit of Yin Linger’s sword.

The Golden Crow arrow, which is famous in the world, was broken and clean.

until now, Golden Crow shooters are too dependent on twelve Golden Crow arrows.

When the Golden Crow shooter wants to come, as long as the twelve Golden Crow arrows are in hand, they will be fearless.

Because I believe too much in the formable power of Golden Crow arrows, all their time and energy are used to sacrifice Golden Crow arrows.

From now on…

Once the Golden Crow arrow is broken, all Golden Crow shooters are at a loss.

For so many years, they have only used Golden Crow Arrows as an arrow technique.

Once the Golden Crow arrow was broken, they completely lost the means of attack and defense, and could only control the Thundercruiser speedily and fled in embarrassment.

However, the Thunder Clipper is faster, can it fly faster than Zhu Hengyu?

Can it be faster than Flying Sword controlled by Yinlinger?

During the pursuit, the time passed quickly…

Finally, the third batch of reinforcements for Monster Race finally arrived at Sea Territory in Aquila.

Tall suspended in midair, Zhu Hengyuju looked down.

Densely packed thousands of white sails over the entire sea.

Under each white sail, there is a Monster Race expert standing.

The most desperate thing about Zhu Hengyu is!

In this third batch of reinforcements, simply not one thousand people, but three thousand people!

Add the first two batches, each one thousand people.

At this moment, there are enough 4000-5000 Thunderbolt boats above the sea!

More than four thousand to one hundred…

This kind of battle can no longer continue.

The most frustrating thing about Zhu Hengyu is…

Three silhouettes quickly flew out of the third batch of reinforcements!

Looking around, the three silhouettes are all golden Golden Wings Great Peng sculptures!

It’s surprisingly fast to fly, and there is a golden shield around the indefinite body, which surrounds it.

Golden light shield!

This is the golden eagle family, awakened the Golden Wings Great Peng to sculpt Bloodline’s super genius.

In terms of innate talent, the Golden Wings Great Peng carving is the ultimate Bloodline of second only to the chaotic nine-headed carving.

Golden Wings Great Peng carved golden light shield, known as Absolute Defense!

In the process of fighting, as long as their energy is not exhausted, this golden light shield will be unbreakable!

Also, one must say…

This golden light shield is a sign of white light Saint Physique!

In other words, these three Golden Wings Great Peng sculptures are the power of three white light Saint Physique!

If nothing happens…

The three Golden Wings Great Peng sculptures should be the emperor level existence that Monster Race awakened from the core of the collapsed battlefield.

Usually, these three Golden Wings Great Peng sculptures are all cultivated at the core of the collapsed battlefield.

Unless as a last resort, they will never wake them up.

As I saw the three Golden Wings Great Peng carvings, they instantly turned into three golden lights and appeared in front of me.

Zhu Hengyu immediately, ordered hundreds of demon wolf shooters to retreat.

I can’t control much anymore. The power of the three white light Saint Physiques is close. Even if the one hundred demon wolf shooters stay, they are just a mantis trying to stop a chariot.

Although, when the magic state is turned on, the demon wolf shooter can instantly increase his strength to the realm of white light Saint Physique.

But what they are facing now is the super genius of the three Golden Eagles!

It’s the awakening existence of Golden Wings Great Peng carving Bloodline.

Once the Bloodline carved by Golden Wings Great Peng is activated, the opponent’s strength is also increased by nine ranks, which is no weaker than the demonization.

Zhu Hengyu is the 90th Devil Body!

After turning on the demonization and condense demon war body, Zhu Hengyu has the power of white light Saint Physique.

The three statues of Monster Sovereign on the opposite side have their own strength, which is 99 segments of white light Saint Physique!

Once the Golden Wings Great Peng Eagle Bloodline is activated, the opponent’s strength will instantly reach the realm of the primary Primal Chaos Battle Body.

The gap between them is still around nine levels.

And now, the other party has opened the golden light shield.

This is a unique defense shield after activating the Golden Wings Great Peng Bloodline.

For the Golden Wings Great Peng eagle, the golden light is immortal, the golden eagle is immortal!

Therefore, trying to defeat, or even kill, the Golden Wings Great Peng carving is really too difficult, too difficult, almost impossible.

The golden light shield alone was difficult for Zhu Hengyu to burst.

Therefore, Zhu Hengyu immediately ordered all demon wolf shooters to retreat.

And Zhu Hengyu, the deity, must stay and delay for a while.

Otherwise, once these three golden eagles Monster Sovereign, ignore Zhu Hengyu, but go after the words of the hundred demon wolf shooters.

So no need to doubt…

Hundreds of demon wolf shooters, I’m afraid none of them wants to leave alive.

At the speed of three golden statues Monster Sovereign, in a blink of an eye, it can span a distance of several thousand meters.

On the 1000 meters range, the speed of the Golden Eagle Monster Sovereign is completely different from that of Zhu Hengyu’s dimension shuttle.

Golden light flashed, it appears beyond 1000 meters in an instant, so fast that it cannot be seen clearly with naked eye.

However, the Golden Eagle Monster Sovereign is based solely on speed, not space power.

Therefore, this method of moving across a distance of thousands of 100 meters in an instant is called instantaneous movement!

Momentary movement, and shuttle to the dimension, is actually the same ability.

Everything is explosive, traversing a long distance in an instant and reaching another point.

It’s just that the dimensional shuttle belongs to the space spell and can pass through the barrier.

Instant movement is a mobile battle skill of the speed system, which cannot pass through the barrier.

After receiving Zhu Hengyu’s order…

Hundreds of demon wolf shooters, immediately turned around, driving the Thunder and Quick Sword, retreating at full speed.

Zhu Hengyu bravely met the three golden eagles Monster Sovereign.

As one of Monster Sovereign of Monster Race, the three golden monster Sovereign have dignity and bottom line after all.

In fact, as long as they swarm up, Zhu Hengyu will instantly retreat.

But as Monster Sovereign of Monster Race, how could this be done, it was too boring.

Zhu Hengyu is certainly happy to delay the time when he sees the other party not doing it.

In the face of Zhu Hengyu, the three Monster Sovereign are not in a hurry.

Monster Sovereign is Monster Sovereign after all. There are very few things that can hide their eyes and perceptions.

Without any intelligence support, with their instincts alone, they can pinpoint targets and pinpoint key figures.

Moreover, this instinct perception and judgment is absolutely correct.

Monster Sovereign, the three golden eagles, although he knows that Zhu Hengyu is delaying time, fighting for the time for the one hundred demon wolf shooters to escape.

But even so, they still did not attack Zhu Hengyu.

There are no more soldiers to chase down the hundred demon wolf shooters!

In the eyes of the three golden statues Monster Sovereign…

Zhu Hengyu did this, wasn’t it tempting them to make mistakes?

Once the three people divide their troops, go after the hundred demon wolf shooters.

There is no need to doubt, the one hundred demon wolf shooters must have been wanted to live.

However, once the troops are really divided, Zhu Hengyu is likely to get a chance to escape alive.

Even one is bad, and it is even possible to kill a certain of them.

And, in the final analysis…

They don’t actually fear the hundred demon wolf shooters.

No matter how strong they are, there is nothing terrifying.

As long as Zhu Hengyu is killed, the forces of the Hengyu Kingdom will instantly collapse and becomeappeared.

Zhu Hengyu is the biggest enemy of Monster Race.

As long as Zhu Hengyu is killed, everything will be over.

If Zhu Hengyu cannot be killed, even if he kills everyone else, it doesn’t make any sense.

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