Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4371

Ordinarily…they are right to do so.

On such a large sea, no one can find their traces.

Even if they find it, they have nothing terrifying.

The elite of the Hengyu Kingdom have already gathered in Sea Territory of Aquila.

Even if someone finds them, they can’t make effective resistance at all!

But in fact…

They made a big mistake!

If they are more careful, be more careful, and make the most basic tactical inducement, or tactical fraud, then the Kingdom of Hengyu will surely suffer huge damage.

Even if only one team is missed, the entire city will suffer!

Even if the judgment is wrong about the direction of a fleet…

So in the whole city, all the people will surely be hit the hardest, and even the whole city will be slaughtered!

But Monster Race does not shy away from anything, just moved towards his goal in a big spur.

Yin Linger’s Ling Net is easy to determine their goal for this trip based on their route.

The traces of thirty Monster Race aviation battleships, and the targets to be hit, were judged by Yin Ling’er in advance.

Now that we have determined the target of the Monster Race air fleet, all that follows is easy to say…

With Zhu Hengyu’s order!

Three thousand purgatory guards gathered on the Purgatory Island, which had been burned into a white field, immediately assembled.

Three thousand purgatory guards, all fully armed!

Holding the dominant battle halberd in his hand, carrying the dominant battle bow on his back, and hanging the dominant battle sword in his waist!

The whole body is covered with platinum Battle Armor, even the eyes are not leaked.

In front of the Three Thousand Purgatory Guards, Li Hao, Li Ziyan, and Lee Crape Myrtle, the three stood upright.

The three people were selected by Zhu Hengyu himself, the most talented well-known figure of Li Family.

Three thousand purgatory guards, forming the purgatory Legion.

And Li Hao was personally set by Zhu Hengyu, Corpus Head of Legion.

And Li Ziyan and Li Crape Myrtle are the deputy heads.

All three of Legion of Purgatory are controlled by these three people.

It is worth mentioning that…

The entire purgatory Legion is solely responsible for Zhu Hengyu.

Everyone else, let alone order Legion of Purgatory. Even, they don’t even know of Legion of Purgatory.

Except Zhu Hengyu, Purgatory Legion does not accept any orders from anyone.

Normally, when there is no task, they will only stay in the core of purgatory and work hard to cultivate.

Once the task is given, they will be immediately dispatched.

Wearing the master suit, immediately arrived at the battlefield!

After completing the task, they will immediately leave, return to the core of purgatory, and continue to work hard.

In Zhu Hengyu’s words…

He will provide everything he needs for Purgatory Legion.

The only task of purgatory guards is to assist in cultivation, and strive for an early promotion to white light Saint Physique!

Everything else, they don’t need to worry about them.

Neither can they distract themselves and face everything outside.

Simple and pure…

For purgatory guards, they only need to do two things.

The first thing is endless assiduous cultivation.

The second thing is to obey Zhu Hengyu’s orders to complete all the tasks that Zhu Hengyu wants them to complete!

There is nothing else to distract them.

Now, they finally received Zhu Hengyu’s order.

Cultivated for so long, for the first time in life, Legion of Purgatory has finally set foot on the battlefield.

The so-called train an army for a thousand days to use it for an hour!

assisuous cultivation so long, they can finally learn what they have learned!

Although before, Zhu Hengyu also assigned several tasks…

Yangxin Island, opened the Imperial Family treasure house, and the three thousand purgatory guards actually participated.

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