Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4372


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No matter how strong a person is, it is ultimately limited.

One person can’t beat you, what about those two? How about three people?

The so-called, double-fist and four-handed, the strength of the individual, is actually not so important in imagination.

Now Monster Race, even if they have number one expert under the Heavens sitting, what can they do?

Can he rescue the Aquila?

Can he stop the rampage of the Black Gold Fleet?

No matter how strong your individual strength is, I can’t beat you, can’t you hide?

Although a single purgatory guard is not enough to mention Demon King mention on equal terms, but if it is three thousand purgatory guards added together, then cooperate with everything that Zhu Hengyu has provided for them!

Then even the Demon King will have a strategic withdrawal after seeing them.

These three thousand purgatory guards are so difficult today.

They are wearing the Imperial Family Treasure House of the Devil Sheep Clan. The Demon Sovereign of each generation of the Demon Sheep Clan is the strongest card left for the Demon Sheep Clan!

With these three thousand master suits, everything is possible!

And it’s more than that…

The medicine pills taken by the three thousand purgatory guards are all borrowed from the Imperial Family Treasury by Zhu Hengyu, which has accumulated hundreds of millions of precious spiritual grass, spiritual medicine, and refined Ninth Grade medicine pill.

Accurately, Zhu Hengyu emptied the demon sheep clan’s hundreds of millions of years of accumulation, and he trained these three thousand purgatory guards.

Zhu Hengyu also obtained huge amounts of resources from the Demon Clan, and almost took half of the Demon Crow’s savings, and all of them were smashed to the 3,000 Purgatory Guards.

There will be…

The entire sea snake family has hoarded various resources for hundreds of millions of years, and most of them have also been used on them.

If you exchange all the resources that Zhu Hengyu spent on them, you can exchange them for the Magic Stone.

Then, these three thousand purgatory guards are simply three thousand high-powered magic stone mountain ranges!

Moreover, it has to be a large mountain range with three thousand miles!

Practice hard until now…

Three thousand purgatory guards, already impatient!

They are always thinking about making achievements and realizing their own value.

But until now, Zhu Hengyu hid them too strong.

No one except Zhu Hengyu knows their existence.

No one knows how powerful the 3,000 Purgatory Guards are!

But now it’s okay…

The first battle of the Purgatory Guard was officially born, and it is about to begin!

In the core of purgatory, there are three thousand purgatory guards, breathing extremely fast, and excited rays of light shining in both eyes.

In front of the three thousand purgatory guards, there is a giant sand table.

Within the sand table, it is the territory of the Kingdom of Hengyu.

The ocean is paved with sapphires…

The island is paved with topaz…

The jungles and mountains on the islands are made of green treasures.

Three thousand purgatory guards, surrounded by sand table, listening to Li Hao’s explanation.

Li Hao is Zhu Hengyu’s personal leader of Purgatory Guard.

This guy is not only handsome and handsome, but also the most important thing is that this guy is too talented and talented.

After living for so long, Li Hao is the youngster Zhu Hengyu has seen with his own eyes, and he most appreciates it.

If you say…

If Zhu Hengyu is jealous of a certain person, then this person must be Li Hao!

Whether it’s looks, it’s innate talent, talent…

Whether it is wisdom, charm, mind…

All in all, Li Hao is perfect.

Originally, the only thing Li Hao lacked was that the magic affinity was too low, only the Third Grade magic affinity.

But now, since he has become Zhu Hengyu’s closest person, the most trusted ace leader!

Li Hao’s magical affinity, even if it’s not infinite, is definitely at nine Ninth Grade.

Li Crape Myrtle and Li Ziyan, these two equally brilliant and brilliant girls, can’t resist Li Hao’s charm.

Under Zhu Hengyu’s approval, the three have become married.

Handing the Purgatory Guard to Li Hao, Li Crape Myrtle, Li Ziyan and Zhu Hengyu are absolutely assured.

It is worth mentioning that although the three of them have awakened the power of purgatory, their relationship with each other is actually very far away.

Don’t say five servings, one hundred servings are out!

For the Legion of Purgatory, Zhu Hengyu is completely trusted and absolutely assured.

Not to mention, there are Senro Yin snakes, who can control their divine sense.

The most important thing is that Zhu Hengyu’s power of purgatory is a complete power of purgatory.

The power of purgatory in the Three Thousand Purgatory Legion Bloodline is derived from the power of the Senro.

On Bloodline, Zhu Hengyu has absolute control!

Both the soul and the fleshy body have been mastered by Zhu Hengyu.

Even if their souls want to betray, their Fleshy body will never follow.

In a certain way, the three thousand purgatory guards are like Zhu Hengyu’s three thousand doppelgangers.

This is also the future Zhu Hengyu, the most important reason for sending the news back in every possible way.

The other Legion, even if they are strong, are eventually outsiders. For Zhu Hengyu, the three thousand purgatory guards are really their own.

The three thousand purgatory guards, and Zhu Hengyu, are simply one!

Even if the three thousand purgatory guards die in battle, their purgatory soul will not dissipate.

Instead, he will return to Zhu Hengyu’s fleshy body and merge into Zhu Hengyu’s spine.

Zhu Hengyu’s spine is exactly the power of purgatory–the purgatory pagoda!

After the soul of purgatory returns to the purgatory pagoda, Zhu Hengyu only needs a drop of blood essence to allow the purgatory guard to rebuild the war body, which can be described as Rebirth from a drop of Blood!


The first real battle of Purgatory Guards has finally arrived.

Three thousand purgatory guards are very excited, but a little nervous.

The three thousand purgatory guards were originally just ordinary young people. Although they have fought and fought, they have never been on the battlefield.

This battle is not just the first battle of purgatory guards. For individuals, this battle is also the first time everyone has played on the battlefield!

Three thousand purgatory guards, surrounded by a huge sand table.

Under Li Hao’s order…

Three thousand purgatory guards, divided into thirty purgatory squads.

Each purgatory squad has a full hundred purgatory guards.

The 30 purgatory squads will be rushed to 30 cities respectively to intercept and block the Imperial Family air fleet of Monster Race.

this time ……

Thirty Purgatory Squads are not just opponents on the battlefield.

Everyone is faster than anyone, who kills faster.

The city under protection suffered the most damage.

The people under the protection of the city have the least damage.

Soon…30 target cities are all allocated.

Thirty purgatory squads can start to act.

Although each squad has only one hundred people, and they have to match up, there are three hundred Monster Generals, but the purgatory guards are not at all worried and scared.

Everyone’s realm is equal to each other, but the strength of each other is destined to be huge.

In terms of personal strength alone, they are no less inferior to their ancestor, Demon King!

Hundreds of Purgatory Demon Kings form a group, can’t they beat the 300 same realm Monster Race?

If this is really the case, is the name of the number one expert of the Devil Sheep tribe too worthless?

Since ancient times, the Devil Sheep is the most powerful house. Is this the level?

even more how, what treatment do they enjoy?

If all of them lose, then how can they even see someone.


Looking around for a week, Li Hao loudly said: “All the teams are there, the action begins…”

With Li Hao’s voice, in an instant……

Three Thousands of Purgatory Guards, tore the side space barriers and stepped into the anti-space.

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