Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4373


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It’s the past…

Even if you have ninety Devil Body, but want to break into the anti-space, use Fleshy Body to fight against that dimension storm!

That was definitely courting death.

Even if condense used the Sky Demon Warframe, it was very dangerous.

Once one head crashes into the collapsed storm, I am afraid that it will be strangled into slag in an instant.

However, the current purgatory guard is no better than the past!

They are wearing a full set of master suits!

With the master suit that has been refined for hundreds of millions of years, the Purgatory Guard will hardly die as long as it does not intentionally courting death!

Under the large-scale smelting of the earth-shaking process, after hundreds of millions of years, this master suit has been called the sky.

The dominating set contains horror energy.

The top ten accessories are united together, and condense is a powerful and powerful Jian Gang!

Under the protection of Jian Gang, even if the storm collapses, it can be forced to break open!

In the beginning…

It is not unreasonable that the devil sheep clan used these three thousand sets of master suits as the final card of the demon sheep clan.

If only three thousand experts are created, the effect will be limited after all.

The same sentence…

I can’t beat you, can I avoid you?

No matter how strong your three thousand people are, it is also impossible to guard the whole demon sheep clan, all islands!

Therefore, at the beginning of the design of this master suit, the core of the design was determined to be able to carry out anti-spatial dimensional jumping!

As long as you wear this master suit, you can resist the collapse storm in anti-space and perform ultra-long-distance maneuvers.

Although there are only 3,000 super experts, as long as you sit in the center of the town, you can always support all the islands and cities around you!

As a result, these 3,000 people can be used as 30,000 or even 300,000 people!

As long as the guarded target is within a radius distance, the dominating Legion can reach the battlefield immediately.

It is through this dimension jumping ability to dominate the entire battlefield.

This is also the master suit, the origin of the name!

Have to say…

The Master Set is definitely the Demon Sovereign of all generations of Demon Sheep, the greatest initiative.

Although they dominate the refining technology and refining methods of the suit itself, they can’t be considered too brilliant, but their ideas are really genius.

The Demon Sheep itself, not at all, can actually refine this level of battle suit.

However, Demon Sovereign of all generations of Demon Sheep are smart enough.

They don’t have this ability themselves, but they use the time to help them accomplish this feat!

Every generation of Demon Sovereign of the Demon Sheep Clan actually created an embryo.

It’s not them who really made this master set.

Heaven and Earth is a furnace, everything is copper, Yin-Yang is charcoal, and chemical industry is a work…

With the power of Heaven and Earth!

With time, this master set has been refined!

whiz whiz whiz ……

One after another sky-splitting sound, the rays of light of saphire blue flashed one after another.

Thirty thousand purgatory guards disappeared around the sand table.

In the anti-space world…

Under the swept storm, the three thousand purgatory guards remained unmoved.

Under the raging storm of destruction, the three thousand Purgatory Guards quickly arranged into thirty teams.

Each team has a full of 100 Purgatory Guards.

After a short stay, Li Hao ordered that thirty purgatory squads forcefully break through the collapse storm, and moved towards their respective targets.

Take a breath…

Two interest rates…

Three interest…

After only thirty breaths time! Thirty teams broke through the space barrier once again and broke away from anti-space!

thirty breaths!

Thirty purgatory squads crossed the distance of tens of thousands of nautical miles in just thirty breaths.

From the Purgatory Island at the center of the Devil Sheep Clan, which is the capital of the original Devil Sheep Clan, Yangxin Island…

Crossing tens of thousands of nautical miles, we reached the Sanyang Islands, namely the Goat Islands, Shepherd Islands, and Aries Islands.

Uh, uh…

one after another in a sharp sky-splitting sound.

Over the thirty target cities, one after another appeared a robust silhouette.

When I saw the silhouette that suddenly appeared above the city, all the Hengyu Kingdom people who were hiding in the building and all corners screamed subconsciously.

When they want to come, this must be the arrival of Monster Race Imperial Family Navy!

Next, they are definitely about to start an extinct massacre.

After this battle, it was not known how many people were still alive in the entire city.

in an instant ……

Fear of death pervades everyone’s mind.

Well? Not right…

But soon, all the people of the Demon Sheep crowed, frowning and staring blankly at the sky dome, hundreds of silhouettes.

I don’t know why, they always feel that something doesn’t seem right!

Those who are smarter and more responsive have figured out the problem.

Hundreds of silhouettes on the sky dome, with dark-red flames rising around the body. Outside the flames, there is a dense demonic energy like smoke, which is just one after another.

Wait…demonic energy?

When can Monster Race also own and control demonic energy?

Obviously, above the sky, these hundreds of silhouettes are definitely not the Imperial Family Navy of Monster Race.

It’s the Kingdom of Hengyu…

Actually, Zhu Hengyu was sent to guard them, and it was the hidden trump card of Zhu Hengyu!

However, with only a hundred people, can you really resist the Monster Race Imperial Family navy, can you really protect such a huge city?

Silently flapping the wings behind…

Hundreds of purgatory guards, quietly suspended in midair.

According to the rules formulated by Zhu Hengyu…

The purgatory guards, after leaving the purgatory core, will all enter a mute state.

During the entire operation, no one is allowed to talk to anyone.

Even if you hum, it is against discipline.

Once they are dispatched, they will directly enter the battlefield.

After slashing all enemies, immediately leave.

Half a word is never allowed during the whole process!

Even the pain is not allowed to hum.

If not necessary, purgatory guards are absolutely not allowed to take the initiative to contact anyone.

Hovering quietly in midair, Purgatory Guard waits patiently.


In the direction of the sky, hundreds of black spots like flies appeared in midair.

After determining the position of the Monster Race Imperial Family Marines, hundreds of purgatory guards were all around, and the fire was instantaneous.

Hundreds of purgatory guards between the dark black flame eruptions, instantaneously turned into hundreds of rockets, roared toward the Monster Race Imperial Family Navy…

Sharp sky-splitting sound.

Because the Purgatory Guard is flying too fast.

When they puncture the air, they will make a terrible scream.

The screaming sound was extremely sharp. All the people of the Demon Sheep clanned their ears in pain.

speaking of which is slow…

But in fact, everything is really shocking!

Thousands of purgatory guards, from static to moving, instantly pulled a long flame, split open space at a speed that could not be described by words, and rushed towards the 300 Imperial Family navies…

In that terrifying, thrilling scream, hundreds of purgatory guards instantly rushed into the array of 300 Monster Race Imperial Family navies.


This war does not involve the internal game of Legion.

In the normal order…

You should first use the dominating battle bow to shoot the target remotely, wait for the opponent to brace the arrow and rush to the near, then take out dominating battle halberd and fight with the enemy!

Once entering a narrow area…

For example, entering an alley, house, or cave…

When the battle halberd can’t be opened, he will pull out the dominating war sword and engage with the enemy.

But everything in this brief moment is meaningless.

In this action, Yin Linger will do the referee.

Thirty teams of Purgatory Guards play an unprecedented game.

In order to stop the Monster Race Imperial Family Navy, destroy the buildings in the city and kill the residents in the city.

The purgatory guard directly took out the dominating battle halberd and engaged in close combat.

Close combat is the most dangerous.

A little carelessness will result in injury or even death!

However, because of the danger, the efficiency is the highest!


Hundreds of purgatory guards rushed directly into the enemy’s camp.

Waving the dominating battle halberd in his hands, he became a battle with the Imperial Family naval battle of Monster Race!

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