Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4374


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bang! Bang…

ka-cha ……

In the fierce rumbling sound, over the entire sky, four hundred silhouettes, the fierce battle became a ball.

In the face of this sudden appearance, the one hundred Purgatory Guards who rushed into the battlefield desperately, and the three hundred battle generals of the Monster Race Imperial Family Marine Corps, were obviously insufficiently prepared.

They really did not expect that the other party would be so crazy.

Every purgatory guard seems to be crazy, killing them, launching the most violent and craziest attack on them.

A lot of times…

They slashed across, and the other party could easily escape.

But they don’t flash at all, and would rather fight with a knife and give you a hard time.

As the Imperial Family Navy of Monster Race, these Monster Race generals are by no means weak.

Even purgatory guards are unlikely to kill them instantly.

even more how, now it’s a three hundred to one hundred battle!

Every purgatory guard must fight against three Monster Race generals at the same time.

Ding Dong!


After a few fierce fights!

A purgatory guard, fighting with two knives in a row, forcibly battling the battle halberd, the master in his hand, pierced the chest of a monster race general.

It’s such a short period of time…

While the Purgatory Guard beheaded a Monster Race general, the direction behind him, and the other two Monster General, have cut three swords and stabbed six swords on him in succession!

But unfortunately…

Two Monster Generals are strong! However, the dominating suit of Purgatory Guard is stronger!

Under the heavy blow, although the purgatory guard was in great pain, he was not at all injured.

Severe pain will only stimulate his fierceness and make him more violent and more brutal!

As a martial artist, relying too much on equipment is obviously wrong.

However, if someone really thinks that Purgatory Guard is relying on the master suit, then it would be wrong.

Don’t think that the master suit will be invincible, and the master suit will be immune to all attacks.

Although this master suit is extremely rugged, its main function is actually designed for dimension shuttle.

The actual defensive ability, although powerful to the sky! But in fact…

The biggest feature of the dominating suit is that it is sturdy and unbreakable!

In terms of strength and hardness, it is even strong enough to fear the collapse of the storm.

However, no matter how strong a set of armor is, it is not immune to all attacks.

A sturdy man wearing a steel armor that weighs a hundred pounds and is almost indestructible.

If you jump from a height of 100 meters, what will the result be?

No need to ask…

Although the steel armor is strong and nearly indestructible, it is not enough to shield all damage.

Whether wearing this set of steel armor, you will die if you jump from a height of 100 meters.

Therefore, the dominating set is not invincible.

The purgatory guard ignores each other’s attacks and is not relying on the master suit.

The purgatory guards really depend on, in fact, the purgatory fire in the body!

The fire of purgatory is the strongest flame deep in the earth.

If Supreme-Yang True Fire is the supreme flame that can burn everything.

So, although the temperature of the purgatory fire is not comparable to Supreme-Yang True Fire, the purgatory fire is very similar to the fire of Nirvana and has unique characteristics!

The fire of Nirvana can bring Nirvana back to life and full of blood!

The fire of purgatory, although not at all, has the ability to burn each other’s energy and transform it into its own energy.

There is a saying that is called-add fuel to the fire!

All the energy shocks, for the fire of purgatory, add fuel to the fire!

The power of purgatory itself is a burning flame.

But this flame, whether strong or weak, is actually a kind of fire.

Once external energy flows into the war body…

Then, the Purgatory Fire in Purgatory Guard Bloodline will instantly ignite these energies!

What would be the result if someone poured a pot of oil in the monstrous flames?


I’m afraid the whole flame will rise to the sky in an instant.

If too much oil is poured, it may even cause an explosion!

The fire of purgatory cannot burn everything.

Strictly speaking, it is not considered too high temperature flame.

Suitable for pill concocting, but not suitable for refining, forging…

If Supreme-Yang True Fire can burn everything.

The fire of purgatory can burn all energy.

Cultivators with the power of purgatory are more and more courageous.

The more times they are attacked, the stronger their strength.

If the purgatory guard has suffered too many attacks in a short period of time.

It’s like a whole tank of strong oil catching fire, and a violent explosion will inevitably happen next!

The great formidable power is simply awesome!

The reason why purgatory guards are not unavoidable, and even take the initiative to bear the attack, is not relying on the defensive power of the master suit.

They just want to draw more energy, so that the fire of purgatory in the body will burn more vigorously.

Once enough energy is accumulated!

So in an instant, they instantly enter an explosive state!

Under the explosion state, the power, speed, defensive power, and destructive power of the purgatory guard will all be increased several times…


Although on the surface, each purgatory guard seems to be playing one-on-three.

But in fact, for purgatory guards, they are not afraid of the crowd.

If you compare Purgatory Guard to a flame.

Then these Monster Race Imperial Family navies are like oilers.

Once they have added enough oil, the Purgatory Guard will instantly explode.

Imperial Family Navy, who can now compete with Purgatory Guards, is facing an explosive state of Purgatory Guards, and I am afraid that it will only be killed in seconds.

Of course, the explosion state is actually a very dangerous state.

If there is too much energy in a short period of time, and the fire of purgatory is too violent.

Once the power of purgatory within the body exceeds the limit that the purgatory guard body can withstand!

Then the Purgatory Guard might not be able to hurt anyone, so he exploded into the sky and burst into flames.

The explosion state is also called the fire play state by purgatory guards.

Well managed, they are absolutely invincible and invincible!

Once the control is not good, the so-called explosive state becomes self-destructed!

However, it is worth mentioning…

Self-destruction is actually the strongest means of purgatory guards.

Regardless of the energy of burning yourself, even the enemies.

A dozen times, even dozens of times of destructive power broke out in an instant.

The formidable power is so great that you can feel it if you think about it.

Clang clang! Dangdang…

In the fierce rumbling sound, after the Purgatory Guard struggling to kill an opponent, he wields the dominant battle halberd in his hands and fights with two other enemies!

The purgatory guard in the battle state completely ignores the defense.

If you want to chop, then you can chop whatever you want.

And where is love to cut!

If I blink, I’m not a hero!

Abandon all defenses and attack with all your strength!

With the power of purgatory, the horrifying power of purgatory guard.

In close combat, Purgatory Guards even tied the Monster Race Imperial Family Marines one-on-two!

However, this state did not last long.

In just a few dozen breaths!

Every purgatory guard has suffered hundreds of attacks.

A lot of energy is injected into the body, the fire of purgatory has been burned to the extreme!

From the appearance…

Hundreds of purgatory guards, completely covered by Dark-red Flame.

The billowing, smoky demonic energy lingers around the body and flutters…

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