Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4375


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bang! boom~ boom~ ……

Finally, among the rumbling sounds one after another, hundreds of purgatory guards have entered an explosive state one after another!

Under the blazing fire!

Hundreds of purgatory guards have completely transformed into a hundred firemen.

Ding Dong! pu chi …… bang…

After entering the explosive state, the strength of Purgatory Guards has been improved several times!

Actually speaking, in an explosion state, Purgatory Guard is actually very dangerous.

A poorly controlled one may be self-destructed.

However, the so-called common sense is not easy for these purgatory guards.

I changed to another Demon Race cultivator, which has the same power of purgatory. I am afraid it has already exploded and died.

But these purgatory guards are not any other Demon Race cultivator.

Everything they use is the best!

Those with insufficient Ninth Grade are not eligible to be sent to them.

On these three thousand purgatory guards, Zhu Hengyu has invested too much resources.

Their Devil Body has basically been developed to the limit.


As long as it is not too risky, forcibly push the power of purgatory to more than ten times the formidable power.

So, three thousand purgatory guards, there is no danger at all.

Explode and die?


That is fundamentally impossible.

Unless purgatory guards want to die, they want Self-destruction.

Otherwise, there is no need to worry about these.

Ding Dong……pu chi ……

One-handed waving halberd dominates battle halberd, first swaying the weapons in the hands of two Monster Race generals.

Then the right hand flashed with lightning, and the sword at the waist was instantly sheathed!

Between the sword light flashed, the heads of two Monster Race generals were instantly cut off and flew out.

As I watched the two huge, headless corpses of Monster Race, they fell down.

That purgatory guard could not help smiling.

But soon…

That purgatory guard put a smile on his face, and his face appeared tense, even fearful.

The purgatory guard flapped his wings fiercely and swooped down.

hu hu ……

In the sky-splitting sound, the bodies of two Monster Race generals roared dropping from the sky.

One of the corpses fell on the street without causing any damage.

Another headless body fell towards a wood house next to the street.

At such a high altitude, it will fall all the way…

In combination with the weight and hardness of the headless body!

I am afraid that the dilapidated wood house will disintegrate in an instant.

The purgatory guard clearly saw through the hole in the top of the wood house.

A little girl with a terrified look, looking at the headless corpse of Monster Race, dropping from the sky.

If the purgatory guards don’t care…

Then the body of the Monster Race warlord will destroy a building and kill a citizen!

Before dispatching this time, the purgatory squads made an appointment with each other and had to compete once.

Compared with those who use it for a shorter period of time, the city under protection has the least damage and the least dead.

Therefore, if possible, they will never allow any building to be destroyed.

It is absolutely not allowed that any city dweller is killed.

Under full speed dive…

That speed of purgatory guards is almost extreme.

At the moment that that Monster Race corpse is about to hit the roof.

That purgatory guard stepped across, and kicked the headless corpse of that Monster Race.

Under a heavy foot, the headless body of the Monster Race general was suddenly kicked out of 100 meters, and fell heavily on the street square not far away.

Greatly relaxed…

The purgatory guard, subconsciously turned his head, moved towards the wooden door, the girl with a pair of beautiful big eyes looked over…


That purgatory guard was in his arms and took out a high-grade enchantment stone, which looks like a dozen pieces.

Slowly walk to the little girl, and the Purgatory Guard gently put the high grade magic energy stone in her hand in front of her.

Afterwards, the purgatory guard intimately touched the little girl’s hair, and then turned contentedly.

Both wings swayed like a sharp arrow, leaping onto the sky dome.

So far…

The battle is actually over.

After entering the explosion state, one hundred purgatory guards are completely invincible.

Speaking of here…

Also talk about why Demon King of Purgatory never defeated Demon Sovereign Xuan Bing positively?

In fact speaking of which is not a question of attribute restraint.

In front of the fire of purgatory, Water Element energy can also be burned.

In front of Demon King, the energy of Water Element and other departments is not at all different.

The fact that Demon King can’t defeat Xuanbing Demon Sovereign is actually tactics and tactics!

Xuan Bing Demon Sovereign is very clear that he is not an opponent of Demon King at all.

Therefore, since starting the battle immediately, Xuan Bing Demon Sovereign never thought of going to attack.

Wholeheartedly good defense is the tactics and tactics of Demon Sovereign.

If you don’t want to be able to defeat you, you can’t be beaten alone!

As a result, the purgatory power of Demon King cannot be used.

Because Xuan Bing Demon Sovereign does not attack, the fire of purgatory has no energy to burn and can devour…

Even with Demon King, it is naturally impossible to enter an explosive state, and can only play against Demon Sovereign with Xuan Bing on its own strength.

But by his own strength, he can’t break the Demon Sovereign’s Xuanbing armor and Xuanbing shield!

I changed it on the battlefield…

Demon King of Purgatory, to Demon Sovereign of Xuan Bing……

No need to doubt, Demon King of Purgatory can definitely blow Xuan Bing Demon Sovereign completely in a short time!

Don’t you attack me, can anyone else attack me?

Once you have swallowed enough energy, you are in an explosive state!

So, even if Xuan Bing Demon Sovereign defensive power is stronger, it will definitely be hit on the spot!


Purgatory Demon King, and Xuan Bing Demon King, both belong to the Demon King of the Devil Sheep.

Although they often fight each other.

But once on the battlefield, they are close partners, comrades!

This is the power of purgatory…

You don’t attack him, you just passively beat, maybe there is still a way to live.

Xuan Bing Demon Sovereign, it is with this set of beaten tactics, many times to level the battle.

However, if you dare to output the Owner of the power of purgatory with all your might.

There is no need to doubt…

The strength of the opponent will climb infinitely!

Theoretically, it is not just climbing several times, more than ten times, dozens of times!

Theoretically, even if it is increased by a trillion times, it is possible.

It’s just…

Theory is only theory after all.

In fact, the Devil Body of a cultivator cannot bear such a huge purgatory fire.

When hoarding about ten times, I am afraid that it will explode and die.

The purgatory guard, the most terrifying moment, is not the beginning of the war, but after undergoing a large number of attacks, after entering an explosive state!

The formidable power of Purgatory Power is here!

He must bear the attack before he can let the fire of purgatory ignite.

It can be said that the power of purgatory is a kind of power that is more and more brave.

The more damage you take, the greater the formidable power.

The battle started suddenly…

It’s over, it’s very sudden…

From the Imperial Family Marines of Monster Race to the horizon, to the last Monster Race battle will fall.

In total, it takes less than one hundred breaths.

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