Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4376


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On the earth…

In each building!

All the people of the Moyang clan followed the gap between the doors and windows and witnessed this terrifying battle with their own eyes!

Everyone saw with their own eyes that the hundred purgatory guards rushed into the enemy formation like a madman.

Ignoring the defense at all, waving the battle halberd wildly and fighting with the opponent.

Then next moment…

Hundreds of purgatory guards burst into a violent flame suddenly.

Under an instant eruption, the speed, power, and attack frequency of hundreds of purgatory guards have increased several times!

Between only three strokes and two methods, crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, chopping melons and vegetables, and cutting down two or three hundred Monster Race warriors…

Crazy! This is really a group of lunatics!

In the eyes of the demon sheep people, these guys who are full of Dark-red Flame are really crazy.

Compared to them, the lunatics are very normal.

Live so much! They don’t say they have seen such a fight, they haven’t even heard it!

This is crazy, too cruel…

However, when the people of the Demon Sheep were frightened.

All purgatory guards showed a warm side.

With more than three hundred Monster Race corpses falling from the sky.

More than one hundred purgatory guards moved at full speed.

The bodies that fell to the monster races of various buildings were intercepted by them in time.

The whole process…

From the appearance of Monster Race, to being beheaded, to the disposal of corpses.

Everything, everything happened in a short time, less than hundred breaths.

If it were not on the street outside, there was a corpse with a Monster Race warrior lying there.

Everyone will even think that this is just a nightmare.

I can’t feel the real thing!

In a short while, everyone’s impression of Purgatory Guards has turned 180 degrees.

When when treating the enemy, they are as fierce as the wind blows the fallen leaves, cruel and brutal!

When treating the people of the Hengyu Kingdom, they are like Guardian God, making every effort to protect each of the people and every asset of the city.

The more fierce this kind of existence is, the happier everyone is.

Guardian God as the Kingdom of Hengyu!

The more fierce they are, the more fearful the enemy is, and the more at ease the people of the Hengyu Kingdom.

The most gratifying and joyful thing for everyone is that they are really good for the people of the Hengyu Kingdom.

Although from start to finish, Purgatory Guard did not say a word.

However, from the soft eyes of purgatory guards, from the gentle manners of purgatory guards, everyone feels the tenderness and tenderness of their hearts.

After beheading all Monster Race generals.

All purgatory guards do not stay at all.

As Zhu Hengyu’s most powerful troop unit!

The less information exposed by Purgatory Guard, the better.

Even though, even if the battlefield was not cleaned, he immediately left.

As for saying…

The final result of this game is naturally a victory or a defeat.

However, none of this is concerned by Zhu Hengyu and Yin Ling’er.

The so-called game is just a small activity within the purgatory Legion, a small game.

With Legion of Purgatory leaving…

The people in the major cities of the Hengyu Kingdom walked out of their homes and surrounded the dead bodies on the streets.

Among them are those who are ambitious…

Trying to go to the body of the Monster Race general and search for some spoils of war.


The tiger’s death remains!

These Monster Race warriors, each one of them, has the strength above Demon Sovereign.

Even if it is dead, the murderous aura and baleful qi of that body are definitely not ordinary cultivators that can be approached!

In major cities, no one can approach these bodies within 100 meters.

Only a little closer!

The murderous aura and baleful qi rising up to the sky will be able to stun those ordinary cultivators.

If you have the overestimate one’s capabilities, and the greedy people want to be close.

Because of the intense murderous aura and baleful qi, it will become a lunatic!

Not to mention how the Purgatory Guards will withdraw their troops and how to return to the core of Purgatory.

Not to mention, in the major cities, the people of the Hengyu Kingdom watched the dead bodies of those Monster Race warlords.

At the same time…

Zhu Hengyu is undergoing a Peak battle.

Yin Ling’er has also drawn Divine Consciousness back, urging the Flying Sword in the air, and swept through for Zhu Hengyu!

Three statues of Monster Sovereign, with three positions and three positions, set out three talented magic circles!

The three talented monster arrays were designed by White Tiger Monster Sovereign and designed to kill the Demon Race array.

Take three people as a team and set up Three Talent Array.

Isolate the surrounding demonic energy!

After losing the supply of demonic energy, the strength of Demon Race will be reduced by a factor of two.

Of course, this kind of isolation is not a complete isolation.

As the strength of the formation increases, the extent of isolation will also increase.

Under the formation of the three white light Saint Physique gold eagles and handsome men, the demonic energy is basically isolated by 90%!

Zhu Hengyu frowned as he felt the thin demonic energy in the surrounding air.

With demonic energy isolated, Zhu Hengyu’s Heavenly Demon Warframe can no longer be maintained, and the demon wings behind him are about to collapse.

Not to mention fighting, even suspended in midair, it is no longer possible.

As the demonization state is lifted, the state of the Devil Body’s tenfold increase in strength will also disappear.

Zhu Hengyu’s strength, from white light Saint Physique, fell all the way back to the first stage of Demon Sovereign in the 90th section!

Ninety-segment Devil Body, Zhu Hengyu at the beginning of the Demon Sovereign realm, but faced three Monster Sovereign realm Peak experts with white light Saint Physique, Golden Wings Great Peng and Bloodline.

And the most terrifying thing is…

After inspiring Golden Wings Great Peng to sculpt Bloodline, their strength has reached the first level of Primal Chaos Battle Body!

Under this trade-off, the battle strength between the two sides immediately widened.

However, this so-called three talented monsters array may indeed be effective for other Demon Race cultivators, but for Zhu Hengyu, it is a waste.

Between indifferently smiled, between Zhu Hengyu’s wings, the blue rays of light burst out.

The silhouette of Zhu Hengyu disappeared in an instant, and when he appeared again, he was already beyond 1000 meters.

However, what Zhu Hengyu expected was…

Just at the moment of his appearance, between the three golden rays of light around him, three golden eagles Monster Sovereign appeared at the same time around him.

Three talents chanted the demon array, and still wrapped Zhu Hengyu in it.

90% of all demonic energy is isolated.

Zhu Hengyu knows that this battle may be difficult.


At the moment when Zhu Hengyu was shocked, the three statues of Monster Sovereign uttered a cry almost simultaneously.

Three golden monster Monster Sovereign, from three directions, killed Zhu Hengyu.

The three golden statues of Monster Sovereign do not use weapons.

For them, their claws are the best weapons.

Although Zhu Hengyu has evaded with all his strength, he has to say that Bloodline, the golden wings of Da Peng, is really arrogant and unreasonable.

Golden Wings Great Peng sculpture, Pengcheng Jiuwanli!

The speed is fast, it can be described as in a flash.

Within 1000 meters, even faster than the dimension shuttle.

Once the Golden Eagle Monster Sovereign is in close proximity, launch an attack!

So, their attack is basically locked, it is bound to hit.

When your thoughts of evading or parrying have just risen, waiting for you to act.

Their attack has been accurately hit, and the attack is over.

ka-cha! ka-cha! ka-cha!

In three consecutive clangs, Zhu Hengyu wore a body from the Xuanbing Demon Palace. The Battle Armor once used by Xuan Bing Demon Sovereign suddenly suffered a violent impact.

Three violent clangs.

Zhu Hengyu’s heart, back, and left ribs, on the smooth armor, instantly appeared three fierce claw marks! Even the whole set of armor has been caught a little deformed!

Have to say…

Xuan Bing Demon Sovereign used to be the main battle armour armor, which is really strong enough.

Even the full attack of the three golden eagle Monster Sovereign can be resisted.

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