Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4379


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next moment ……

Monster Sovereign, three golden eagles, simultaneously reached out their hands and pulled them towards the sky.

With the actions of the three golden eagle Monster Sovereign…

in an instant, those void chains hidden in the sky emerged again.

Under the pulling of the three golden statues, the densely packed void chain was pulled out of three channels with a diameter of more than ten meters…

At the same time, over the Valley of the Ring, thousands of Monster Race reinforcements waved their wings immediately, jumping from three passages…

whiz whiz whiz ……

In a series of roaring sounds, thousands of Monster Sovereign level first-level Monster Race reinforcements flew down.

Thousands of Monster Race Monster Sovereign experts in the first stage of the realm, three layers inside and three layers outside, surrounded Zhu Hengyu with water!

A thousand rides!

Yeah, today, Zhu Hengyu will use one person to play against the power of thousands of Monster Sovereign.

As for the outside of the circular valley, those who can’t fly the Monster Race reinforcements, don’t even want to run.

Through Yinlinger, Zhu Hengyu immediately issued the combat command to the purgatory guard who had just ended the battle.

The three thousand purgatory guards who have just returned to the core of purgatory also moved immediately.

A series of saphire blue rays of light shined up…

Within the anti-space, the three-thousand purgatory guards quickly completed the formation, and then broke through the collapse storm, moved towards 10,000,000 li, and the direction of the Aquila Islands rushed past at full speed.

One breath, two breaths, three breaths…

After more than thirty interest hours…

At the entrance of the Aquila Islands, above a circular mountain range!

Like a firework, the light rain of one after another saphire blue was continuously exploded.

Every light rain burst, there will be a silhouette of the whole body burning Dark-red Flame.

peng~ peng~ peng~ ……

In a series of rumbling sounds, there are 3,000 full silhouettes of Demon Sovereign pressure, appearing in midair.

Not good…

Looking up above the sky dome, the densely packed silhouette of more than three thousand.

In one moment, the three golden eagles wobbled and discolored.

Sure enough! Sure enough…

This Zhu Hengyu is by no means so simple!

If they weren’t cautious enough, they would not be able to win Zhu Hengyu.

If it is on the flat ground, then, even if there are three floors in the inside and three floors outside, what if Zhu Hengyu is surrounded?

Once the three-level Demon Sovereign Realm Demon Sheep tribe can reach the battlefield, the form can be reversed instantly.

Fortunately, the three golden monster Monster Sovereign are cautious enough.

What if Zhu Hengyu’s reinforcements arrive?

The sky above the circular valley has been completely blocked by three thousand void chains.

Even if you can fly, you definitely can’t come down, and Void Power has been completely suppressed by Void Seal in the circular valley.

I want to shuttle through the dimension and reach the bottom of the circular valley, which has become impossible!


The three golden eagles Monster Sovereign know that the three thousand reinforcements outside will probably die.

But as long as they rounded up Zhu Hengyu, everything would be worthwhile.

As soon as Zhu Hengyu died, the kingdom of Hengyu collapsed.

At that time, there is nothing terrifying about a set of sand sheep.


above heaven under earth!

More than six thousand Demon Sovereign realm experts burst out at almost the same time.

in an instant, around the entrance of the Aquila Islands, the Aquila Island was instantly caught in the flames of war.

Outside the circular valley…

Three thousand purgatory guards, against three thousand non-flying Monster Race reinforcements.

And within the circular valley…

Zhu Hengyu was alone, and met a thousand Imperial Family experts from Monster Race.

Everyone in sight saw them draw their weapons and rushed towards themselves.

Zhu Hengyu did not dare to neglect, a black rays of light flashed in the right hand.

The silhouette of the tall black girl, but the lines are extremely supple, appeared beside Zhu Hengyu.

With both feet on the ground, Zhu Hengyu jumped up and fell on the back of Black Girl.

The black girl condenses Primal Chaos Sword Gang and completely covers herself and Zhu Hengyu under Primal Chaos Sword Gang.

Only for a moment…

The silhouette of the three statues of Monster Sovereign, turned into three golden lights, rushed towards Zhu Hengyu.

Zhu Hengyu’s eyes narrowed, and the black girl who communicated with Zhu Hengyu’s heart instantly raised his head and shot the single horn above his forehead!

It is worth mentioning that…

The unicorn shot by the black girl, not at all aimed at any target, but moved towards the void directly above.

At the speed of Monster Sovereign, three golden eagles, this one-man character is also an impossible target.

Fortunately, this one-man character does not have to hit the target before it can explode formidable power.

It’s going to be late…

The three eagle claws of Monster Sovereign hit the target almost simultaneously and then crossed each other.

The three golden rays of light instantly flashed around Zhu Hengyu.

On the surface, Zhu Hengyu seems to have suffered three slashes in an instant.

But Primal Chaos Sword Gang of the Black Girl, is it so good?

Not to mention destructive power…

In terms of the defensive power of Primal Chaos Sword Gang, the black girl really doesn’t despise anyone.

Everyone is garbage…

Unless the opponent’s strength reaches Primal Chaos Battle Body Peak, otherwise, I would like to break through the Black Girl’s Primal Chaos Sword Gang!

Under the protection of Primal Chaos Sword Gang…

Although Zhu Hengyu suffered three blows in a row, he was unharmed!

The three attacks of the three golden monster Monster Sovereign were all perfectly blocked by Primal Chaos Sword Gang.

Monster Sovereign with three golden eagles can’t help but change color.

This Primal Chaos Sword Gang is not a pure defensive battle skill.

Jianggang is a sharp edge formed by sword energy.

If the golden light shield of the golden eagle demon is a purely defensive battle skill.

So, Primal Chaos Sword Gang is a battle skill that combines defense and attack in one body.

Image point…

The Primal Chaos Sword Gang is actually made up of countless Primal Chaos Sword.

A punch on Primal Chaos Sword Gang is like a punch on countless blades.

Primal Chaos Sword Gang, that can block the opponent’s attack.

You can also attack the other party while being attacked.

Use your fist to strike a sharp blade…

Then, the greater your power, the greater the damage you will suffer.

This is the most terrifying thing about Primal Chaos Sword Gang.

However, Primal Chaos Sword breath is also condensed on the shaking hands of the three golden statues.

Therefore, although he hit the Jiangang directly, but not at all suffered too much damage.

Changed to the cultivator below white light Saint Physique. If you dare to punch with all your strength, it is nothing like suicide.


Among the three golden sculpture Monster Sovereign marvel!

A dark shadow appeared above.

Looking up in doubt…

As you can see, a giant tower with a diameter of 100 meters, dropping from the sky!

If you changed it just now!

With the speed and response of the three golden statues Monster Sovereign, you can definitely move in an instant and get out of the area covered by the giant tread.

But now!

At this moment…

The three golden eagles Monster Sovereign have just exploded in full strength strikes.

Moreover, it is now the time when the attack just ended.

The three golden monster Monster Sovereign are still fighting against Primal Chaos Sword who invaded the Meridian, and the whole body is at the moment when the old power is exhausted and the new power is not born.


They can only watch and watch that giant tower dropping from the sky, and put them together with Zhu Hengyu into the bottom of the tower.

hong long!

It’s going to be too late…

Monster Sovereign attacked from the three golden eagles, and then they were covered under the tower.

The whole process actually happened in one breath!

Thousands of Monster Race reinforcements around, didn’t wait to rush to Zhu Hengyu, everything was over.

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