Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4380


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Looking at the giant tower with a height of 100 meters in diameter and thousands of Monster Race reinforcements, I was at a loss.


In the daze of Monster Race reinforcements, several melodious sheep cries rang.

Stunned and followed the voice…

Three dark gold, demon sheep made of metal all over the body, are gradually red eyes.

Dark Golden Demon Sheep, a super war puppet that has been refined by the Devil Clan for hundreds of millions of years. Its strength reaches the white light Saint Physique Peak!

Dark gold demon sheep are surrounded by some Demon Sovereign first-level Monster Race reinforcements, and the strength difference between them is more than ten battles!

And, the most desperate thing is…

Under the suppression and blockade of the Void Seal…

Over the entire circular valley!

More than two meters above the ground, they are all banned.

Not only can’t fly, even jump, is a kind of courting death behavior, once one accidentally, a head hits the void chain, then, the raging Void Power will definitely blast their heads in an instant !


In the state of dumbstruck in the end of Monster Race, the three dark golden demon sheep finally launched an attack.

The attack of the Dark Golden Demon Sheep has nothing to say. To sum it up, it is just two words-shock!


In the crisp sheep cry, three dark golden demon sheep instantly turned into three dark golden phantoms.

Yeah! Say! Yeah…

A series of dull sounds.

The three dark golden demon sheep charged only one, and then over 30 Monster Race reinforcements broke into pieces.

The speed of the Dark Golden Demon Sheep is too fast.

The impact of the Dark Golden Demon Sheep is too fierce.

Under a shock, as long as you are on the line of the dark gold demon sheep’s shock, then everyone must die!

It’s too late to dodge!

Can’t resist!

The Dark Gold Demon Sheep is everywhere, and all Monster Race reinforcements are instantly fragmented.


The strength of the Dark Golden Demon Sheep is so strong!

Under this collision, it is equivalent to a white light Saint Physique with a powerful blow.

A ninety-segment battle body, the Demon Sovereign cultivator of the first stage, why should he resist a white light Saint Physique Supreme Peak with a full blow?

Spike is not an accident!

It’s an accident if you don’t get spiked!

However, although it can be spiked, it is not enough to smash it instantly.

The ones that really make those Monster Race reinforcements fall apart are the void chains in the sky!


Three dark golden demon sheep, galloping all the way in the circular valley.

Every charge, at least has several Monster Race reinforcements flew off the ground, and just flew not too high, they were dismembered by the void chain in the sky.

At this moment…

A scene of desperate despair for all Monster Race reinforcements appears…

Three Thousand Void, which was originally used to imprison Zhu Hengyu, was used to imprison the large formation, but it was used to impound Monster Race to reinforce troops.

catching a turtle in a jar is not false…

But it is clear that Zhu Hengyu is not the turtle closed in the urn.

The reinforcements of Monster Race are the turtles in the urn!

Blocked at the bottom of the circular valley…

Can’t jump or fly…

As a result, in the face of the charges of the three dark golden demon sheep, there is no way to confront.

Among the three hordes of dark golden demon sheep, galloping Monster Race, one by one, don’t crash out.

It didn’t take long for it to fly out, and was cut in the sky by the void chain that suddenly appeared in the sky.

If it’s just a void chain, it’s better to say…

However, there are three thousand void chains released by the void seal.

Flying all the way…

The body of Monster Race cultivator was first divided into two, then cut into four, and cut into eight…

When the body of the Monster Race cultivator finally fell to the ground, it had been broken down into thousands of fragments.

At a glance, it is clearly a spread of meat sauce!

Three Thousand Void Forbidden Great Array is the power of three white light Saint Physiques, with the magic weapon Void Seal as the core of the formation, and joined the forbidden Great Array.

Under the cooperation of the three people, I am afraid that even the ordinary Primal Chaos Battle Body level power can be trapped for a while, not to mention that these strengths only exist in the first stage of the Demon Sovereign realm.

It is worth mentioning that…

Demon Sovereign first stage, refers to the ninety Devil Body or demon body cultivator.

This is a step on the threshold.

If you want to break through the ninety-segment battle body, you must have an iris crystal core and refine the iris Barrier Breaking Pill!

Otherwise, I am afraid that I will be stuck in the 90th battle for a lifetime.


Although there are many cultivators in the first level of the Demon Sovereign realm, in fact, there are very few who can break through the 90th stage and reach the 91st stage.

Even as as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns are not enough to describe their scarcity.

Not much more…

With Zhu Hengyu’s rank and status, he didn’t get an iris crystal nucleus.

This shows how hard it is to break through the 90-segment battle.

There are thousands of Monster Race reinforcements around, there are thousands of people, but only 13 people, breaking through the 90 Devil Body, has become the middle level of Demon Sovereign.

But even so, in front of the three dark golden demon sheep, it still has no meaning.

One head hit, instant spike!

This Monster Race’s super Spirit Treasure-the void seal, the Three Thousand Void under the cloth forbids the formidable power of the large array, it is really against the sky.

If you want to fight against such a large formation, the power of non-chaotic Battle Body Realm is necessary.

Therefore, although the attack of the Dark Golden Demon Sheep is not enough to kill the middle level of Demon Sovereign.

However, as long as he is hit by the Dark Golden Demon Sheep, he crashes and flies off the ground.

So, Three Thousand Void forbids the large array of three thousand void chains, and they will be dismembered instantly.

Dig your own grave!

Yes, three monster eagles Monster Sovereign joined forces to dig up a huge grave for thousands of Monster Race!

Three Thousand Void is blocked by a large formation, and no one can escape the pursuit of Dark Golden Demon Sheep.

Everyone, have to die!

And at the same time…

Outside the circular valley…

Three thousand purgatory guards, against three thousand Monster Race reinforcements.

The Monster Race reinforcements also have the first-level strength of Demon Sovereign, but they don’t fly…

In contrast, the Purgatory Guards, they can not only fly, but also be extremely fast!

The most important thing is that the Purgatory Guard can also shuttle the space of any dimension.

Therefore, this battle is far less cruel than imagined!

As soon as he appeared, the three thousand purgatory guards disappeared again…

When the Three Thousand Purgatory Guards appeared again, they had already entered the enemy group.

Three thousand Monster Race reinforcements, and three thousand purgatory guards, thoroughly mixed together.

A total of six thousand troops, like a basket of red beans and green beans mixed together, thoroughly mixed together…

It can be said that you are in me, you are in me, and you and me are never separated.

In a state of extreme chaos, no one wants to expect someone to help.

Three Thousand Purgatory Guards, with three thousand Monster Race reinforcements, on the vast battlefield, catch the fight!

This tactic is the ultimate tactic of the purgatory guardian legend.

Before 10,000,000 years, Demon King commanded the three thousand Purgatory Guards. It was this set of tactics that was used to gallop across the battlefield, invincible!

This tactic is the essence of Demon King’s life.

Including the Demon King itself, the later Scholar, named this type of warfare-Chaos Warfare!

Heaven and Earth is awesome as soon as the chaos emerges!

This song is not bragging.

It’s three thousand purgatory guards, who fought out with thousands of battles.

Once the three thousand purgatory guards launched the purgatory warfare, they never failed.

At this moment…

After 10,000,000 years…

The world-famous chaotic warfare has finally appeared again in this world.

And, what I have to say is!

The three thousand purgatory guards are the ultimate version.

It is possible in theory, the strongest purgatory guard!

What kind of miracle will such an army perform in this chaotic battlefield?

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