Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4381


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Chaos tactics, also known as chaos tactics.

In fact, to put it bluntly, it is to rely on the strength of the individual to be invincible, and completely disrupt the battlefield.

The original chaotic warfare is based on the ultra-fast flight speed of the purgatory guards, directly rushing into the opposing army formation, completely mixed with the enemy.

As a result, the two sides can catch the fight.

In this state, no matter how many enemies there are, they are useless.

Enemies and enemies are mixed, people are next to each other, people are crowded, people around you can’t even see it, let alone help.

The battle between Legion is the most dangerous.

Under normal circumstances, the advantage of quantity is the biggest advantage.

From ancient times to the present, the so-called victory is basically in the case of a large number of people, defeating the side with fewer people.

The normal three thousand pawns are actually difficult to form an overwhelming advantage over the three thousand clan.

Everyone releases an arrow.

Or maybe everyone releases a magic.

It is enough to form a ruin zone that is enough to destroy heaven extinguishing earth.

Due to formal contact, double convenience will inevitably cause a lot of damage.

When you really fight at close quarters, both sides are already remnants.

In the hands of Purgatory Demon King, the original chaotic warfare must also withstand at least three waves of attacks before it can officially enter the state of chaos.

After all, even if the flight speed is fast, it will take time.

In the process of purging the purgatory guard, at least three waves of attacks are required.

And these three waves of attacks will inevitably cause huge damage to Purgatory Guard.

And in the hands of Zhu Hengyu…

The Purgatory Guard in the Dominating suit is the ultimate version of the Purgatory Guard.

The Purgatory Guard does not need to charge, nor does it need to withstand three waves of attacks.

A direct dimension shuttle will appear directly in front of the enemy formation.

In the case of 3,000 vs. 3,000, everyone is fighting against each other, others can’t help at all, everything can only be done by themselves…

And purgatory guards, but since ancient times, the world is the best at singles.

On single-handed ability, Purgatory Guard is really not afraid of anyone.

With the help of the master suit, the ultimate version of Chaos Warfare, the Purgatory Guard is invincible.

Moreover, the most desperate thing for Monster Race reinforcements is that they not only can’t fight, they can’t even run away.

As soon as possible, Purgatory Guards can fly, and the flight speed is also fast enough to go against the sky.

Secondly, Purgatory Guard can start the dimension shuttle at any time, even if you let you run out of 1000 meters, you can catch up in an instant.

When the individual’s strength is not as good, it can’t run away at all, so there is no other possibility besides being strangled.

In a short breath breath, the battle is completely over.

Three thousand Monster Race reinforcements were all beheaded by Purgatory Guards.

No one can leave alive…

After slaughtering all Monster Race reinforcements, the three thousand purgatory guards immediately arrived at the ring valley.


In the circular valley, the Three Thousand Void was blocked by the Void Seal and completely blocked.

Whether it is flying or dimensional shuttle, it is banned.

Standing above the mountain range around the circular valley, the three thousand purgatory guards will stand and watch…

As you can see, the three dark golden demon sheep have been blood dyed into scarlet.

one after another thick plasma, slowly flowing down along their bodies.

Especially on their horns, there are even intestines like intestines.

On the ground at the bottom of the circular valley…

It is covered with a layer of dark red, as if it is a thick meaty stuffing.

Hundreds of Monster Race reinforcements participated, shouting frantically, trying to avoid the impact of the Dark Golden Demon Sheep.

Unfortunately, the speed of the Dark Golden Demon Sheep is too fast.

Dark gold rays of light will drag a long series of phantoms in a flash, hitting the body of a Monster Race reinforcement…

That Monster Race’s reinforcements were instantly knocked off the ground and flew away.

In midair, the body of Monster Race reinforcements was instantly chained by the void, all split up and in pieces cut, scattered into thousands of pieces.

Although the three Dark Golden Demon Sheep can only kill one Monster Race at a time, the remaining Monster Race reinforcements are destined to be dead.

Just look at whose good luck point, and be able to be targeted by the dark golden demon later, and die later.

The purgatory guard can’t help but feel unbearable.

Death is not terrifying…

The most terrifying thing is that you are about to die, but you haven’t died yet. You can only scream in fear and avoid…

Under pity, the three thousand purgatory guards could not help but looked at each other for a few times.

Soon, Li Hao, Li Ziyan, and Li Crape Myrtle ordered nodded at the same time.

next moment ……

The three thousand purgatory guards have put away the battle halberd and took off the battle bow on their backs!

Under bend bow and place arrow, three thousand sharp arrows pointed at hundreds of participating Monster Race reinforcements on the ground.

xiū xiū xiū ……

In the sharp sky-splitting sound, one after another sharp arrow, pierced the air, and rained down into the circular valley.

Also give them a happy…

Flooring rain arrows above the sky.

The remaining hundreds of Monster Race reinforcements, a smile on their desperate faces, could not help but reveal.

A smile of relief…

No one escapes!

All Monster Race reinforcements have straightened their bodies, allowing the arrows from dropping from the sky to shoot them instantly.

The sky above the circular valley has been completely blocked by the Three Thousand Void forbidden formation.

Everyone has no escape at all.

The remaining reinforcements in Monster Race already knew they were going to die.

It’s just that they really don’t want to die in the hands of the Dark Golden Demon Sheep, and they don’t want to die in the end after death.

Now, since there is a death method that can keep the whole body, then they will naturally not resist and evade.

So far…

Monster Race’s three waves of reinforcements today!

One thousand people in the first wave, one thousand people in the second wave, and three thousand people in the third wave!

All have been killed!

Only the three golden eagles Monster Sovereign are left, and they are also detained in the Town Soul Tower, without knowing life or death.

Silently closed his eyes, Li Hao, Corps Head of Purgatory Guard, silently contacted Zhu Hengyu.

Soon, Zhu Hengyu gave an answer.

Three thousand purgatory guards, all bend bow and place arrow, aimed at the exit of the spire of the Township Soul Tower.

After receiving a signal from Zhu Hengyu, kill the three golden eagles Monster Sovereign!

The Three Thousand Void forbids the large formation. Although it is forbidden to fly, if it is a small arrow, it should not be so easily intercepted.

Even if there are 3,000 Void Chains, they are actually scattered and not too dense.

After receiving Zhu Hengyu’s instructions, Li Hao turned his head and immediately came up with a solution.

With the order of Li Hao…

Three thousand purgatory guards, one after another, probed their hands backwards and took out arrows from the arrow barrel behind their right shoulders.

The three thousand purgatory guard’s arrows are not ordinary arrows.

If it is an ordinary arrow barrel, it can fit into the dimensional ring without having to carry it on your back.

Three thousand purgatory guards, the reason why the bow and arrow and the arrow barrel are carried on the back is because the arrow barrel is also a space Magic Item.

Within each quiver, there is a lot of space to expand the rune.

Although the appearance of these arrows is flat, they are no different from ordinary arrows.

In fact, within these quills, you can hold a full 3,000,000 sharp arrows!

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