Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4382


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Gua array

There are three types of 300,000 sharp arrows.

first, is the most powerful and precious, the arrow of the platinum arrow.

second is slightly inferior, the arrowhead of the black gold arrow.

third is the most common, black iron arrow for comparison!

Three kinds of arrows, each with a total of 1,000,000.

At this moment…

The three thousand purgatory guards took out the most common arrows of the black iron arrow.

Everyone bend bow and place arrow, moved towards the exit of the spire of the Town Soul Tower and shot past.

Clang clang!

clang clang clang ……

With the arrows flying, a chain of voids emerged in the sky.

The three thousand void chains lock the space in the entire circular valley.

An object with a diameter greater than one meter cannot be penetrated anyway.

Trying to throw a boulder with a diameter of one meter from the top of the valley.

When the boulder fell to the ground, it had been cut into thousands of pieces.

Not to mention a huge stone…

In fact, even if an arrow is shot, there is a high probability that it will hit those void chains halfway.

The void seal is a Spirit Treasure.

Although spirituality is not too high! However, it can control the three thousand void chains and automatically sweep nearby targets.

Under normal circumstances…

Three thousand void chains are basically still.

However, once a target approaches!

Then, the Void Chain near the target will instantly move past and cut the target.

From this perspective…

Three thousand Void Chains is like a three-thousand Dao edge.

Still still in midair, but once a target approaches, they will cut off like a sharp blade.

Clang clang!

clang clang clang ……

Three thousand purgatory guards, constantly shooting arrows down.

Most of the arrows were intercepted by the sweeping Void Chain.

Only about 30% of the arrows successfully traversed heavy chains of the void and shot at the exit of the Soul Tower.

Three thousand purgatory guards kept shooting…

Three Thousand Void forbids every chain of the void in the Great Array and has been detected.

Soon, Li Hao, Li Crape Myrtle, and Li Ziyan, three people, from the tangled and complicated void chain array, found several channels…

The so-called one hundred secrets!

Any Formation is impossible perfect.

If you want to make the Formation perfect, you have to control it and control it!

Three Thousand Void Forbidden Grand Array is no exception…

In the absence of a main lineup, Three Thousand Void’s prohibition of the large lineup is imperfect and flawed.

Moreover, there are not one or two such loopholes, but three full points!

Following these three loopholes, if the object is projected down, it will not be swept by any void chain.

The so-called three loopholes are actually three gaps between the void chains.

The gap between these three gaps is a vacuum zone. The arrows shot from here will not be felt by the Void Chain.

After repeated tests…

All purgatory guards have mastered these three gaps.

A series of tens of thousands of black iron arrows successfully passed through the gap and shot at the exit of the Soul Tower.

However, the light is so, still not enough.

At this moment…

Hundreds of demon wolf shooters who had escaped a long distance received Zhu Hengyu’s order.

With the Thunder and Quick Sword, hundreds of demon wolf shooters turned around again.

On an incomparable gigantic reef, hundreds of demon wolf shooters set up magic crystal fire god cannons!

Taking Zhu Hengyu’s location as coordinates…

Hundreds of demon wolf shooters began to adjust the alignment accurately.

Zhu Hengyu is very clear…

It is not enough to slay the three golden eagles Monster Sovereign with only one soul-relieving tower!

Even so, even their golden light shields can’t be broken.

Not to mention the preparation of the three thousand purgatory guards outside, and the hundred demon wolf gunners.

The other side…

Within the Soul Tower…

Zhu Hengyu and the three golden monsters Monster Sovereign are playing unmatched.

altogether nine layers……

Each floor is an Eight Divinatory Array!

Together, it is a nine-divine Eight Divinatory Array!

In the Nine-Eight Eight Divinatory Array, there are illusions!

In the eyes of the three statues of Monster Sovereign, this is a maze of incomparable gigantic!

There are only three ways to crack this maze.

The first method is to use force to forcibly destroy the maze.

Second method is to find the right way out of the maze.

The third way is to destroy the Eight Divinatory Array of the Nine Palaces, and to collapse the Formulation.


It is impossible to want to use force to blow through the maze.

The Soul Tower is made from the soul crystal.

The hardness of Soul Saint Crystal is known to fools, and no known means can cause any damage to it.

I want to use force to blow through the maze, I really want to be blind!

As for the second method, it is to find the right way to get out of the maze.

In fact, this is also a dead end.

If there is no one in the Eight Divinatory Array in the Nine Palaces, then they are indeed possible.

Xuanbing Demon Sovereign, located in the Arctic Demon Sovereign Palace, no one will go to the main formation.

As long as it takes enough time, you can definitely find the right exit.

Now, this Nine Palace Eight Divinatory Array, but there are those of the main formation.

This leader is Zhu Hengyu!

For a maze of Eight Divinatory Array with a main formation, it is always impossible to find an exit.

Under Zhu Hengyu’s control, even if they find the right path, it’s useless.

As long as Zhu Hengyu urges the Formation to change the layout of the maze, he can instantly turn the correct road into a dead end.

They will never find the right path in their lifetime.

The correct path, although always present, has been changing.

The exit of the maze…

Last moment, it was still in the southeast corner.

But the next moment may be moved to the northwest corner.

Everything is determined by Zhu Hengyu’s will.

As for the last method…

Relying on the outstanding achievements of the array, the Eight Divinatory Array of the Nine Palaces was forcibly cracked to release the control of the large array.

Even if the Soul Tower is enlarged to its limit, the diameter of the bottom of the tower is only about 100 meters.

But from the perspective of the three golden monster Monster Sovereign, this maze is too big.

There are hundreds of miles!

Moreover, the walls of the maze are also highly accessible!

In fact…

This maze does not exist at all.

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