Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4383


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When I saw the three statues of Monster Sovereign, I was already showing doubts. Zhu Hengyu did not dare to neglect, pats the head of Black Girl.

There was a fierce Primal Chaos Sword between the black girl’s mouth, and she fell towards the three golden eagles Monster Sovereign.

Facing this sudden strikes!

That Golden Eagle Monster Sovereign was shocked at the same time!

But soon, that golden eagle Monster Sovereign crossed his claws, and he resisted the Primal Chaos Sword madness positively

Clang clang!

In the dramatic rumbling sound, that golden eagle Monster Sovereign successfully blocked the Primal Chaos Sword, but his body was blasted out and hit the wall of the Soul Tower. .

Have to say…

This golden eagle Monster Sovereign is worthy of the power to qualify for the core of the collapsed battlefield.

Even the Black Girl’s Primal Chaos Sword, which is comparable to Primal Chaos Battle Body’s initial realm, still can’t hurt him!


Even the golden light shield of the Golden Eagle Monster Sovereign could not be touched, and was caught by the Golden Eagle Monster Sovereign’s brush claw that condensed Primal Chaos Sword gas, and exploded into the Void Claw!

frowned ……

Zhu Hengyu’s right hand, the bright silver Trident is in awe!

A tribulation thunder, fell into the Golden Eagle Monster Sovereign.

ka-cha ……

In a thunder, the Thunder Tribulation accurately fell on the head of the Golden Eagle Monster Sovereign.

In the violent rumbling sound, the golden eagle Monster Sovereign was hit by a bomb and hit the ground with a heavy sound.

But even so…

Under the protection of the golden mask, the golden eagle Monster Sovereign is still intact!

It is worthy of the existence of the Golden Wings Dapeng Eagle Bloodline.

This golden mask is almost invincible!

As long as they are covered, they will be invincible.

Without blasting this eggshell, I would like to hurt the Golden Eagle Monster Sovereign!

All methods of Zhu Hengyu have been tried.

But helplessly, Zhu Hengyu couldn’t help but the three golden monster Monster Sovereign!

Thunder Tribulation is useless!

The Black Girl’s Primal Chaos Sword is not enough for formal power.

Although these three golden eagles Monster Sovereign have been successfully trapped, Zhu Hengyu found bitterly that he could not take these three golden eagles Monster Sovereign!

Maybe someone will say…

Don’t strikes and stop!

The Black Girl’s Primal Chaos Sword has unlimited energy!

Zhu Hengyu’s tribulation thunder also fell in a row.

Even if the opponent is a big piece of iron, it can be smashed sooner or later!

But in fact, this idea is undoubtedly naive.

The three golden statues of Monster Sovereign’s golden mask are their Bloodline innate talent.

Unless you have the ability to destroy it completely with a short burst.

Otherwise, as long as you wait a little bit of time, the golden mask will be restored as before.

No need to doubt, this golden mask is the same level of power as the power of Senrow and the power of purgatory.

Counting on the exhaustion of the golden mask, it was pure blindness.

If it is really like an eggshell, it cannot be repaired if it is broken.

What is it called absolute protection?

Dignified golden wings Dapeng carving, how could it be that only with such a level and ability?

At the moment when Thunder Tribulation was in contact with the golden mask, Zhu Hengyu had already passed the contact between the laws and learned about the characteristics of the golden mask.

Golden mask can isolate all damage, it can be said that there is no way to violate!

Every time you take an attack, the golden mask will be weakened.

The stronger the attack power and the stronger the destructive power, the more the golden mask will weaken.

Moreover, every breath of the golden mask can restore 10%!

If the total destructive power is greater than the restoring power of the golden mask, the golden mask may be broken.

If the total destructive power is less than the restoring power of the golden mask, then the golden mask is invincible!


The combined destructive power of Black Girl and Zhu Hengyu is far from enough.

The three golden statues of Monster Sovereign are, after all, qualified to destroy the core of the battlefield and have the power of galloping.

The strength of their defensive power and the huge amount of energy is simply appalling.

With Zhu Hengyu and the black girl, they can only weaken the golden mask by less than 1%.

It’s pointless to fight like this, and at a loss…

Zhu Hengyu sat tightly frowns on the black girl’s body without saying a word.

“Let me try it!” Yin Linger said crisply.

You try it?

Zhu Hengyu happily gave the position of the formation eye to Yin Ling’er.

Under the control of Yin Linger…

The form in the Nine-Eight Eight Divinatory Array has undergone dramatic changes in an instant.

Two of the golden eagles were suddenly found not far away, and the silhouette of Zhu Hengyu appeared there.

Under ecstasy…

The two golden eagle Monster Sovereign flapped their wings and rushed towards Zhu Hengyu.

bang! hong long! ka-cha ………

In the fierce clang, the three golden eagles Monster Sovereign are in a ball!

In the eyes of the two golden eagles Monster Sovereign, the third golden eagle Monster Sovereign has become Zhu Hengyu’s appearance.

In order to break the array and go out, they will naturally attack Zhu Hengyu with all their strength.

Facing the two chaotic partners, the third golden monster Monster Sovereign is also extremely helpless.

After an awkward resistance, he turned and ran.

No way…

His strength alone is not enough to contend with two partners at the same time.

If the battle continues, his golden mask will probably be broken.

One escape and two chases…

Three golden shadows are spinning wildly inside the Soul Tower.

After the golden mask was restored, that golden eagle Monster Sovereign stopped again.

On the one hand, he screamed sharply against two chaotic partners.

Trying to awaken the two partners…

Unfortunately, under the control of Yinling’er, the two golden eagle demon handsomes saw and heard another scene.

In their eyes…

Zhu Hengyu looked mocking, shouting at them and provoking…

The two golden eagles are crazy.

The attack became more violent and more intense.

What makes Zhu Hengyu and Yinlinger depressed is…

Even if the two Golden Eagle Monster Sovereign teamed up to attack, they still could not break the golden light shield of the third Golden Eagle Monster Sovereign.

Just hit a little bit, but the opponent turned and ran.

After the golden light shield is restored, stop again and continue the battle.

If you continue this way, this simply is an infinite loop!


Yinlinger had to stop.

Similar useless work, don’t do it if you can.

But Zhu Hengyu is not discouraged: “Don’t worry, I’ve figured out a way.”

Between talking…

Zhu Hengyu’s eyes widened violently!

Through the soul chain, the order was quickly issued.

After receiving Zhu Hengyu’s order, on an island more than ten kilometers away.

Hundreds of demon wolf gunners have already set up the magic crystal fire god cannon and adjusted the quasi-center to the extreme!

In a static state, the target is attacked by a static target. The distance between each other is only about ten kilometers. Hundreds of demon wolf gunners are absolutely sure.

After receiving Zhu Hengyu’s order…

Hundreds of magic crystal cannons fire at the same time!

In the fierce rumbling sound, a magic crystal rocket fired and sent to the sky with a roar.

xiū xiū xiū ……

In the shrill roar, hundreds of magic crystal rockets roared and pierced the air, dragging a long flame, and moved towards the direction of the circular valley.

At the same time…

On top of the mountain range around the circular valley!

Three thousand purgatory guards, all took out the strongest platinum arrow, bend bow and place arrow, aimed at the soul-relieving tower below.

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