Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4384


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ka-cha! ka-cha! ka-cha ……

A window that was originally closed on the Soul Tower was opened one after another.

Through the window opened by the cave, you can clearly see the three golden monster Monster Sovereign in the tower!


With Li Hao’s order!

Three thousand purgatory guards have shot arrows in their hands.

in an instant ……

Thousands of ways are extremely sharp, mixed with the power of purgatory, and the arrows of Earth Fiendish Qi condensed by a large array of earthshakes, shouting and shattering void, and shot into the tower.

Uh, uh…

In the sharp sky-splitting sound, only a moment!

Three thousand sharp arrows followed the three cracks of the Three Thousand Void forbidden array, passed through the window of the Soul Tower, and shot towards the three golden eagle Monster Sovereign.

ding ding dong dong…

Intensive shooting!

Monster Sovereign, three golden eagles, clearly felt the sharpness of the arrows. Between the two claws flying, a senrow claw net was laid!

All the arrows were completely blocked by the Senrow claw net, and hit fly…


Zhu Hengyu couldn’t help but be dumbfounded!

Although it has been known for a long time, these three golden statues of Monster Sovereign are powerhouses that have returned from the real battlefield.

However, Zhu Hengyu was surprised by this strength.

Combining the powers of Zhu Hengyu, Yinlinger, and Black Girl, and using the Soul Tower to confine them in this Soul Tower, plus the power of 3,000 Purgatory Guards!

Under the union of so many people and powers, there is no reason why these three golden eagles Monster Sovereign!

This… this is too powerful!

However, even if you can resist these?


The magic crystal rockets of the hundred demon wolf gunners are about to arrive on the battlefield.

Under strikes you can kill, see if they can be so strong!

xiū xiū xiū ……

Between Zhu Hengyu thinking…

one after another sharp sky-splitting sound rang from the sky.

Look up…

On that day’s dome, countless meteor-like firelights are carrying sharp sky-splitting sound, dropping from the sky!

Although Zhu Hengyu knew that these meteor-like firelights were the magic crystal rockets fired by the demon wolf gunner!

But before, Zhu Hengyu had only seen the magic crystal rocket when it was launched, but never seen it when the magic crystal rocket was really powerful.

But obviously, now he is destined to witness it.

In the eyes that Zhu Hengyu looks forward to…

The magic crystal rockets roared dropping from the sky, followed the three gaps, and drilled straight into the window, moved towards the three golden eagles Monster Sovereign.

In fact, these are more than ten kilometers away, the demon wolf gunner is really not so accurate.

But don’t forget…

These magic crystal rockets are mixed with the power of Senrow.

Since the power of Senro is mixed, Yin Linger can guide and correct!

As long as they are not too biased, Yin Linger can urge the power of Senro to accurately guide the magic crystal rockets!

Don’t dare to say more…

It is absolutely possible to reduce the error to within one meter.

whiz whiz whiz ……

In the dense roar, rockets shot from the opening of the Soul Tower, and moved towards the three golden eagles Monster Sovereign fell.

You don’t have to aim too accurately!

The inner diameter of the Soul Tower is only 100 meters.

The most effective strikes area of ​​the magic crystal rocket is also 100 meters.

Therefore, as long as the magic crystal rocket penetrates into the Soul Tower, it is enough.

As long as you are within the first floor of the Soul Tower, you will be hit by magical energy.

There is no hiding, no hiding.

A large-scale regional strike is unavoidable…

bang! hong long! hong long long ……

A violent rumbling sound, rumbling loudly on the first floor of the Soul Tower.

Under the watch of three thousand purgatory guards…

On the sky dome, there are hundreds of rockets, with a piercing shriek, like a red river, dropping from the sky……

And accurately, he got into the window of the Soul Tower.

Listening to the deafening rumbling sound in the Soul Tower, everyone was amazed.

So intensive, under such a terrible blow…

The three golden eagle Monster Sovereign, even if they are the body of steel, I am afraid they must be smashed into iron slag!

Hundreds of demon wolf gunners, each with a multi-barrel rocket launcher, can shoot up to ten magic crystal rockets in a row!

Once the demon wolf gunner attacks, it is like a volcanic eruption.

In a short period of 20-30 hours, divided into ten batches, thousands of magic crystal rockets were launched.

There is no doubt…

The combination of hundreds of ten-barrel multiple rocket launchers is enough to destroy a city in an instant.

But now…

Hundreds of ten multi-barrel rocket launchers are simultaneously aimed at an area for precise guidance and bombardment!

In addition to the unique bombing effect of magic bombing.

Including Zhu Hengyu…

Everyone thinks that the three golden monster Monster Sovereign will definitely die!

But is this really the case?

Thousands of magic crystal rockets, in 20-30 seconds, like a red river of heaven, dropping from the sky.

One after another, they got into the first floor of the Soul Relief Tower and burst out instantly.

Finally, more than twenty years of interest have passed.

Thousands of magic crystal rockets on the sky dome also fell down.

Hundreds of demon wolf gunners have also completely fallen into a state of weakness. In a short time, they have been unable to fight anymore.

After launching the last Magic Crystal Rocket!

Hundreds of demon wolf gunners, immediately retracted the magic crystal rocket artillery, jumped into the Thunderbolt and left quickly.

On top of the mountain range around the circular valley!

Three thousand purgatory guards also stopped shooting. All eyes were on the first floor of the Soul Tower, waiting for the moment when the flames dissipated.

Flames that filled the entire first floor of the Soul Tower finally dissipated slowly.

Zhu Hengyu’s eyes widened suddenly, his face unbelievable!

Look at it!

In the very center of the first floor of the Soul Tower, three golden eagles Monster Sovereign are leaning on each other.

The golden masks of the three of them are fused together!

ten thousand zhang golden light Between the shining, Monster Sovereign of the three golden statues turned out to be unscathed!

Thousands of magic crystal rockets, coupled with the sky-throwing rain of three thousand purgatory guards, failed to penetrate this golden light shield!

Even Law Power, which can be killed by magic, is completely immunized.

This! This is too scary!

Is this the expert from the real collapse of the battlefield?

Obviously, these three golden eagles Monster Sovereign have been trapped in the Soul Tower, but Zhu Hengyu has no means to kill him!

The gap between them is too big!

Even if people lie there and sleep, if you attack at will, you can’t hurt the other person’s cold hair!

Zhu Hengyu knows that he can’t keep any more and must take out all his cards!

Otherwise, once these three golden eagles Monster Sovereign break the array and go out, no one can stop them.

During thinking, Zhu Hengyu closed his eyes and set up quickly.

According to Zhu Hengyu’s settings, in the Eight Divinatory Array of the Nine Palaces, the shape and structure of the maze will change every 365 intervals.

This change does not require human manipulation.

When the time is up, it will be executed automatically.

After setting up…

Without a word, Zhu Hengyu instantly detached from the Soul Tower and appeared at the exit of the Soul Tower.

Zhu Hengyu has understood three gaps from the three thousand purgatory guards.

As soon as he appeared at the exit of the Soul Tower, Zhu Hengyu drove the black girl and followed a gap in it to jump out of the circular valley…

Facing Zhu Hengyu, three thousand purgatory guards at the same time one-knee kneels, and meet Hengyu Demon King!

Zhu Hengyu waved his hand lightly, beckoning them to be rude.


Zhu Hengyu turned around and waved at the towering Soul Tower in the circular valley.

Under everyone’s watch…

The gigantic tower of Soul Requisition suddenly rose into the air.

In midair, the town soul tower is getting smaller and smaller…

When the town soul tower finally appeared in front of Zhu Hengyu, it had become only palm-size.

Zhu Hengyu urged the black girl to instantly break the space barrier and enter the anti-space.

Under the guard of the Black Girl’s Primal Chaos Sword Gang…

Zhu Hengyu walked all the way through the collapsed storm!

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