Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4385


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After more than thirty years, Zhu Hengyu broke through the space barrier and appeared in the positive space.

The surrounding scenery is also a circular valley.

However, the difference is that this circular valley is not made by the impact of meteorites.

Exactly, this is a super active volcanic crater!

In the middle of the circular valley, a Divine Sun Furnace with a diameter of 36 meters suspended in midair is floating there.

The blazing flames are rising and burning on the Divine Sun Furnace, burning…

Seeing Zhu Hengyu appear…

All the craftsmen around Divine Sun Furnace are one-knee kneels and respectfully salute.

Zhu Hengyu waved his hand, beckoning everyone to be courteous.


Zhu Hengyu leaned out with his left hand, and pulling and pulling, the entrance of Divine Sun Furnace opened instantly.

Zhu Hengyu’s right hand sent the sacred soul tower on the right hand into Divine Sun Furnace.

With the Supreme-Yang True Fire of the Condense in the Three Thousand Supreme-Yang True Fire array, attack the three golden monster Monster Sovereign!

This circular valley is more then 300 meters deep and more than 3,000 meters in diameter.

The whole valley is like a giant bowl. The inner wall of the giant bowl is inlaid with a block of rune patterns, and a total of 3,000 Supreme-Yang True Fire arrays are placed!

Each Supreme-Yang True Fire array can condense and accumulate massive Supreme-Yang True Fire arrays, providing enough firepower for Divine Sun Furnace in the center of the circular valley.

Zhu Hengyu did not rely on his own power to fight the three golden eagle Monster Sovereign.

He attacked with the help of the 3,000 Supreme-Yang True Fire arrays laid in advance!


With the Soul Tower being thrown into Divine Sun Furnace…

in an instant!

Thousands of Supreme-Yang True Fire, along the windows of the Soul Tower, roared into the Soul Tower.

For a while!

Within the entire Divine Sun Furnace, the fire is skyrocketing!

The blazing Supreme-Yang True Fire, covering every inch of space in the Soul Tower!

Changed to an ordinary cultivator, even if he owns the cultivation base of white light Saint Physique Peak, he will definitely be burned to ashes in a very short time!


The three statues of Monster Sovereign, but Great Desolate is different!

Within his body, there is a line of Bloodline carved by Golden Wings Great Peng.

Under the protection of the golden mask, even the blazing Supreme-Yang True Fire will not hurt them.

Under the burning of the blazing Supreme-Yang True Fire, the golden mask of the three golden statues Monster Sovereign continues to decay.

It’s just…

Even though it has been decaying all the time, the speed and amplitude of the decay are not satisfactory.

The speed of its decay is still not as fast as that of the golden mask!

Zhu Hengyu is speechless.

What kind of existence is at the core of the collapsed battlefield.

The cultivator that came out there is so arrogant!

This is Supreme-Yang True Fire! Can’t you burn that golden mask?

Zhu Hengyu drove the black girl and jumped on the Divine Sun Furnace 36 meters in diameter.

Zhu Hengyu quickly twitched his fingertips to activate the 3,000 Supreme-Yang True Fire!

The three thousand Supreme-Yang True Fire are not just drawing from Supreme-Yang True Fire.

In addition to drawing, you can also accumulate a large amount of Supreme-Yang True Fire, stored in Supreme-Yang True Fire inside the formation.

At this moment…

Zhu Hengyu simultaneously opened the 3,000 Supreme-Yang True Fire large array, and sent all the Supreme-Yang True Fire stored in the large array into the Divine Sun Furnace.

Hoo! call! Call…

With Zhu Hengyu’s inspiration!

Pillars of fire erupted from the large array of Supreme-Yang True Fire.

All the pillars of fire were shot directly at Divine Sun Furnace with a diameter of 36 meters.

And quickly absorbed by Divine Sun Furnace…

With the Supreme-Yang True Fire blockbuster fired up!

In the entire Divine Sun Furnace, the flames are empty!

In the space inside the Soul Tower, there is even more fire!

The three golden statues of Monster Sovereign’s golden masks are cutting faster and faster…

boom~ boom~ ……

Under the urging of Zhu Hengyu, one after another Supreme-Yang True Fire, one after another, sprayed from the top of the Supreme-Yang True Fire array.

one after another fell on the Divine Sun Furnace floating in the midair, in midair.

Every time Supreme-Yang True Fire is injected, Supreme-Yang True Fire in Divine Sun Furnace will flourish.

Every time Supreme-Yang True Fire is injected, the temperature of Supreme-Yang True Fire in Divine Sun Furnace increases by one degree.

The opposite…

The golden mask around the body of the three golden monster Monster Sovereign, the speed of reduction, also increased.

With the one after another Supreme-Yang True Fire column projected on the Divine Sun Furnace, the temperature in the entire circular valley has increased dramatically…

The platinum panels inlaid on the mountain walls around the valley have been burned red!

If it weren’t for Zhu Hengyu’s consideration that the firepower was fully on, he would anti-fire rune lines on the formation diagram in advance.

I’m afraid these platinum positions have melted.

However, even if the anti-fire rune pattern is portrayed, it will certainly not resist such a blazing flame.

Three thousand Supreme-Yang True Fire arrays, a total of three thousand Supreme-Yang True Fire arrays are ejected.

At this moment…

The Divine Sun Furnace, 36 meters in diameter, has been burnt red, even red and white.

The fiery rays of light, sprayed from Divine Sun Furnace.

The dazzling rays of light are thousands of times brighter than the sun in the sky.

But even so…

Within Divine Sun Furnace!

In the space of the Soul Tower.

The three golden monster Monster Sovereign are still stubbornly resisting.

The recovery speed of the golden mask is still greater than the speed of reduction!

Zhu Hengyu held breath cold air.


As your strength improves!

Especially after entering the first stage of Demon Sovereign, Zhu Hengyu already thinks that he is already a super expert.

Even if it’s not invincible in the whole world, there’s no one to fear him.

But I never thought…

Monster Race just called back the three great experts from the collapsed battlefield, and pushed Zhu Hengyu to this point.

Three thousand Supreme-Yang True Fire teams were used!

Divine Sun Furnace used!

However, these three golden eagles Monster Sovereign still have no choice.

This is really terrifying, so terrifying, Zhu Hengyu simply doubted that he was dreaming.


This golden light shield not only has super high strength.

Moreover, the energy in the golden light shield is also full to the extreme!

The most important thing is that this golden light shield is inviolable.

Law Power like the Magic Can Bomb, simply why not.


Zhu Hengyu has only one last move!

If this move, you still can’t help these three golden eagles Monster Sovereign.

That Zhu Hengyu is helpless!

Zhu Hengyu silently closed his eyes!

Zhu Hengyu Divine Consciousness, entered the sea of ​​knowledge, entered the center of the sea of ​​knowledge, in the temple of purgatory!

Zhu Hengyu sat down calmly on the throne of purgatory.

The arms are gently resting on the throne armrests.

Hands, slowly pressed on the left and right armrests, above the two dark red magic crystals.

hong long! hong long long ……

In an instant, the mountain shakes, Sun and Moon lost radiance!

The ground in the whole valley quickly became hot.

Fortunately, all the craftsmen in the valley have already evacuated the valley.

Although green smoke has risen from the ground, it does not at all hurt anyone.

At this moment…

Zhu Hengyu unleashes the power of purgatory within his body, inducing the True Fire under the super active volcanic crater, following the vein of the super active volcano, spreading all the way up…

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