Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4386


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On the circular valley, all the squadrons of the Demon Cow tribe have rushed over.

Everyone was dumbfounded, looking at Zhu Hengyu above Divine Sun Furnace.

Under everyone’s watch…

The ground at the bottom of the circular valley is constantly emitting smoke.

The ground gradually changed from cyan-gray color to dark red, bright red……

Everyone shut their mouths nervously.


Finally, I don’t know how long it took.

In a roar, the flame of purple red rose from the ground, Divine Sun Furnace moved towards in midair jumped past!

Purgatory fire!

Looking at the purple flame, all the demon clan clan screamed out.


The flame of the purple red was very weak at the beginning, just Yuna’s, grilling the bottom of Divine Sun Furnace.

But with the ebbing of time…

The rising flames on the ground are getting stronger and more intense.

The roaring noise gradually grew louder.

huhuhu ……

In the fierce roar, the purple flame erupted violently.

A violent spray on Divine Sun Furnace.

The soaring flame even bypassed Divine Sun Furnace directly and sprayed to a height of three-four hundred meters!

Under the blazing heat…

Even the elders of the Demon Bull Clan’s Military Department had to retreat.

Except for a few Demon Sovereign Peak experts, no one can withstand such a high temperature!

Under the jet of fiery purgatory fire…

The flames in Divine Sun Furnace are growing stronger.

As more and more infernal fires flood in.

The golden mask of the three golden statues Monster Sovereign flashed violently.

The golden mask will flicker violently!

Because the reduction speed of the golden mask and the recovery speed have reached a balance.

Recovered immediately after being cut.

The interval between each other is very short, and there is a flickering phenomenon.

Zhu Hengyu is completely speechless.

Men clenched the teeth…

Zhu Hengyu knows that he must use his last power.

Zhu Hengyu harnessed the power of Sen Luo and injected into the Divine Sun Furnace at his feet!

Supreme-Yang True Fire, Purgatory True Fire, and the power of Senro!

The three forces can be perfectly integrated.


Supreme-Yang True Fire is the flame of Supreme Yang and Hardness in the world.

True Fire in Purgatory is the flame between the world and the darkest to softest.

Both are above the nine days, and one is below the ninth heaven, they are the two poles in the flame.

Yin-Yang can be fuse together perfectly.

As for the power of Senro, it can be merged with almost any attribute energy.


With the combination of the three forces, this is already Zhu Hengyu’s strongest means!

The golden light shields around Monster Sovereign, the three golden statues, finally disappeared.

For this…

The three golden monster Monster Sovereign finally screamed in fear.

Originally, when they wanted to come…

They came down from the collapsed battlefield.

In this mundane world, there is no power to hurt their cold hair.

But now, they are surprised to find out!

They are invincible world, and the golden light shield that should be invincible is a bit unsustainable!

Although, the speed of the golden light shield is very slow, and it can only be cut a little…

This cut is probably only 0.1% of the total energy of the golden light shield.

Unbearable, this reduction is continuous…

Almost every time a breath passes, it will be reduced by 0.1%.

If this continues, it won’t take long for this golden mask to be broken!

Face to the test of life and death, the three golden monster Monster Sovereign finally ran away completely.

No longer stingy energy, no longer afraid of the rigidity of the wall and the anti-shock force.

Waving a pair of sharp claws that were enough to crack the gold, he attacked desperately.

bang! hong long! Bang…

In the dramatic rumbling sound, the three golden monster Monster Sovereign are really crazy.

Two sharp claws constant strikes on the walls of the Soul Tower.

But unfortunately…

The Soul Tower is made from the soul crystal.

Any known power can’t cause any damage to it.

Thus, although the three golden eagles Monster Sovereign blasted the Soul Tower, in fact, they failed to cause any damage to the Soul Tower.

It stands to reason…

Facing such a situation, Zhu Hengyu should be happy.

However, Zhu Hengyu is brows tightly frowns, worried.

First of all…

Three thousand Supreme-Yang True Fire method inside the formation, the stored Supreme-Yang True Fire is limited after all, impossible unlimited eruption continues.

Once the Supreme-Yang True Fire accumulated in the 3,000 Supreme-Yang True Fire method inside the formation is exhausted, the 3,000-seat array will be turned off.

At that time, the recovery speed of the three golden monster Monster Sovereign golden masks is faster than the speed of cutting.

As a result, the defeat was completed.


The power of Zhu Hengyu’s purgatory is not infinite.

The True Fire of Purgatory is not infinitely inspiring.

If Zhu Hengyu ran out of energy before the three golden eagles Monster Sovereign were killed, it would have failed.


The temperature of the Divine Sun Furnace and the 3,000 Supreme-Yang True Fire array are now getting higher and higher.

Know that any metal has a melting point.

Once the temperature here is too high, it exceeds the limit that the anti-fire rune pattern can withstand!

So, whether it is the three thousand Supreme-Yang True Fire array around, or this Divine Sun Furnace, it is possible to melt.

Once the Divine Sun Furnace has melted, the entire formation will naturally collapse completely.


The three golden statues of Monster Sovereign, although they seem to be doing useless work, two sharp claws, all induced by the Eight Divinatory Array of the Nine Palaces.

But in fact, during the attack of the three statues of Monster Sovereign, the energy was surging and violent.

This wave of energy has also had a huge impact on the Eight Divinatory Array.

With the three golden eagles Monster Sovereign continue strikes! The energy in the Nine-Eight Eight Divinatory Array also gathers more and more.

Once the energy reaches a certain level, it will exceed the limit of the large array.

At that time, the Eight Divinatory Array in the Ninth House, and the Eight Divinatory Array in the First House, I’m afraid it will explode.

When! Bang…

Amidst Zhu Hengyu’s worries, a thunderous rumbling sound cleared the sky!

The 1st floor of the entire Soul Tower, the illusion space of the Eight Divinatory Array condense, fragmented!

Sure enough…

As Zhu Hengyu is worried!

The energy of Monster Sovereign, the three golden eagles, forcibly pushed the limit of Eight Divinatory Array.

The 1st floor of the Soul Tower, the large formation of the first house, completely exploded!

As the large burst exploded, the surrounding illusions naturally collapsed and collapsed, revealing their original appearance.

The whole Soul Tower is on the first floor, simply without a maze.

It is just a space with a diameter of about 100 meters and eight sides and eight corners.

A spiral staircase spirals upwards around the tower wall of the Soul Tower.

And Zhu Hengyu, sitting right on the back of the black girl, saw the three golden monster Monster Sovereign turned around and looked over, Zhu Hengyu could not help but sigh.

Then without a word, he shot the black girl’s shoulder and entered the 2nd floor of the Soul Tower!

Monster Sovereign with three golden eagles dared not be neglected…

At this moment…

Every time they breathe, their golden light shield will be cut by one point.

If you can’t rush out of the Soul Tower within a thousand breaths.

Then the three of them will probably die here!

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