Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4387


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Under the danger of life, the three golden monster Monster Sovereign have realized all their potential.

Struggling to flap his wings and chasing behind Zhu Hengyu, he rushed to the 2nd floor of the Soul Tower!

The three statues of Monster Sovereign are actually three martial artists.

I was obsessed with martial arts and ignored everything else.

Especially for Dao of Array, I have never understood it at all.


As long as you are a little bit proficient in Dao of Array, breaking the battlefield is definitely twice the results for half the effort!

Unfortunately, this World has no if, no if, only reality…

The reality is…

They just don’t understand Dao of Array!

If you want to break the formation, you can only use the most stupid way to force the array to burst with energy.


Three statues of Monster Sovereign, rushed all the way to the Soul Tower 2-Layer!

As soon as they entered the 2-Layer of the Soul Tower, Monster Sovereign, the three golden statues, fell into the illusion again.

The 2nd floor of the Soul Tower is a dense jungle!

In the jungle, densely packed countless giant trees grow tall and tall.

Looking at this dense and dark forest…

Monster Sovereign, the three golden eagles, didn’t talk too much nonsense!

Great array and so on, they don’t understand.

There is only one way for them to break the formation violently!

forcibly use your own energy to propel the big burst!

bang! Bang Bang…

Among the violent rumbling sound, the three golden monster Monster Sovereigns, regardless of their disregard, face the primitive jungle in front of them, striking up with all their strength.

Time is passing by every minute…

The three golden monster Monster Sovereign looks a bit silly, a bit stupid, but there is no way, their strength is really too strong.

It is so powerful that Zhu Hengyu still has no choice but to use the power of Heaven and Earth.

It is so powerful that even with the most stupid and clumsy methods, it can still break the most exquisite, most mysterious, the most huge and complicated large array under Zhu Hengyu.

In contrast…

The three statues of Monster Sovereign are like three tall and strong Hercules, fighting champions!

And Zhu Hengyu is like a child who has just learned to walk.

Even if Zhu Hengyu is brilliant, it is difficult to hurt the other party.

In the face of absolute strength, all crafty plots and machinations and all subtle means are just a joke.

With the ebbing of time…

The three golden eagles Monster Sovereign desperately, like a hot knife through butter all the way, burst upward.

One floor! 2-Layer, three layers…

When the three golden statues Monster Sovereign finally reached the 9th floor of the Soul Tower.

Only their golden light shields have less than 10% left!

Looking at the three statues of Monster Sovereign, they are about to be beheaded…

I saw Monster Sovereign, three gold eagles, and at the same time, I detected the right hand and removed a red jade bottle from the belt.

Open the bottle stopper, and the three of them looked up and poured the red liquid from the jade bottle into the mouth.

Under Zhu Hengyu’s horrifying gaze!

The golden mask of Monster Sovereign, the three golden statues, was quickly raised at the speed visible with naked eyes.

10%! 20%! 30% ……

Only for ten breaths of continuous duration, the golden mask of the three statues of Monster Sovereign has returned to Peak’s ten times state!

Facing this scene…

Zhu Hengyu couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

The gap in strength is still too large…

Even if he has done everything he can, he still can’t help each other.

In the case of occupying the weather, geographical conditions, and harmony.

In the case of Monster Sovereign, the three golden eagles can only be beaten, not returned.

It takes so long, but there is still no way to take the other party.

Zhu Hengyu can’t think of any way to deal with these three golden eagles Monster Sovereign.

At this moment…

Three thousand Supreme-Yang True Fire array, and Zhu Hengyu’s True Fire for purgatory, are almost exhausted.

If they can’t kill them, then Zhu Hengyu is already unsustainable.



In a series of laughter from the three golden eagles Monster Sovereign.

The Eight Divinatory Array on the 9th floor collapsed and burst instantly, completely collapsed.

In a moment…

Within the huge space, everyone’s figure appeared.

Looking at Zhu Hengyu mockingly, the three golden eagles Monster Sovereign said contemptuously:

“How about…we are realistic enough!”

“Do you really think that we are forced to desperate situation?”

Following the enquiries of Monster Sovereign, the three golden statues, Zhu Hengyu pressed his lips tightly without saying a word.

“You have never been to a real battlefield, and you never know how powerful and terrifying the cultivator that the battlefield has been refined is!” one of the golden sculpture Monster Sovereign laughed said.

Between talking…

That golden eagle Monster Sovereign reaches into his arms.

When the other party took out his hand again, he already had a dozen red jade bottles in his hand.

oh la la…

Right hand was thrown at random, a dozen red jade bottles suddenly dropped on the ground.


That golden eagle Monster Sovereign keeps reaching into his arms, digging out.

More than three hundred small red jade bottles were pulled out, and this stopped.

shrugged man…

That Golden Eagle Monster Sovereign said with a laugh: “It’s not impossible to beat us.”

But it takes a short time, with a powerful explosion, to instantly destroy their golden mask.

If you want to rely on consumption, it is almost impossible to kill them.

As a cultivator that came out of the collapsed battlefield, who doesn’t carry thousands of healing potions on his body?

There is a recovery potion in them, and they are almost impossible dead.


Zhu Hengyu gave a long sigh.

Zhu Hengyu, there is no way to fight against these three golden eagle Monster Sovereign.

All the means and all the cards have been exhausted.

However, it is not uncommon to say that Zhu Hengyu has been put to death.

Although Zhu Hengyu does not have any way to take these three golden statues of Monster Sovereign, in fact, these three golden statues of Monster Sovereign are not necessarily invincible.

Silently closed his eyes…

On the surface, Zhu Hengyu seems to have given up struggling, closing his eyes and waiting to die.

But Zhu Hengyu’s divine sense has already entered the sea of ​​knowledge.

moved towards the sky dome, that black ancient bell, spread quickly…

hong long!

Due to Zhu Hengyu’s divine sense, the huge black ancient bell shook violently.

next moment ……

Zhu Hengyu slowly opened his eyes.

Under the watch of the three golden eagles Monster Sovereign.

In Zhu Hengyu’s eyes, there was chaos.

In the chaotic clouds, one after another purple thunder roared silently, shining.

At Zhu Hengyu’s eyebrows, an upright purple eye opened slowly.

The purple eyes are full of one after another shining purple electricity.

An indescribable coercion spread from Zhu Hengyu’s forehead to the erect purple eyes.

Not good!

Feel the terrifying pressure described without words.

Monster Sovereign with three golden statues can’t help but be surprised!

In a cry, the three golden monster Monster Sovereign spread their wings in an instant, and they planned to fly out from the exit of the 9th floor of the Soul Tower…


The speed of the three Golden Eagles is really surprisingly fast.

The distance of 100 meters can be crossed in an instant.

But faster than them, it is the thunder of three purples…

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