Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4388


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ka-cha ……

In the thunderous thunder, the lightning of three purples instantly crossed the distance of several dozen meters and split on the body of the three golden eagle Monster Sovereign.

Under the purple sky, the golden mask of the three statues of Monster Sovereign collapsed instantly.

The body of Monster Sovereign, the three golden eagles, also suddenly stopped at the same place, between the trembling of the whole body, falling into a paralysis state…

Shattered with golden mask!

The violent Supreme-Yang True Fire, mixed with Purgatory True Fire…

Under the urging of Zhu Hengyu’s power of Sen Luo, the three golden statues of Monster Sovereign swept away like a river.

La La La…

The crackling sound!

The three purple thunders in Zhu Hengyu’s eyebrows and vertical pupils are not flashed, but like three chains, they are always connected to Zhu Hengyu and the body of the three golden monster Monster Sovereign on.

Therefore, after the golden mask of the three golden monster Monster Sovereign is broken, it has been kept in a state of paralysis…

Under Supreme-Yang True Fire, and Infernal True Fire, Yin-Yang fire burning.

Even if they have the Golden Line, the Bloodline carved by Dapeng, they still can’t fight it.

Where the fire swept…

The body of Monster Sovereign, the three golden eagles, was completely burned to ashes in only a dozen breaths.

The three gigantic bodies turned into flying ash and floated in the space inside the tower.

Only three drops of fist sized blood essence were left, which turned into three Golden Wings Great Peng carvings. In midair, under the three purple thunders, trembling trembling.

With the ebbing of time, Zhu Hengyu’s consciousness has gradually dispersed.

At this moment, Zhu Hengyu forcibly used the power of the Thunder Dragon’s broken tail within the black ancient bell.

Although the golden masks of the three statues of Monster Sovereign were successfully defeated, Zhu Hengyu’s Fleshy body and Divine Consciousness are actually under tremendous pressure.

This Thunder Dragon has a broken tail, and the formidable power is too powerful.

Even if you only release 1,000 1/10000th of the power, it is enough to instantly kill the three golden monster Monster Sovereign.

With such a huge power, Zhu Hengyu will naturally be under huge pressure as a carrier.

Zhu Hengyu’s Divine Consciousness is actually completely chaotic.

The entire Sea of ​​Knowledge was completely flooded with purple thunder.

Purple tribulation thunder swept through the sea, Zhu Hengyu’s knowledge of the sea, fragmented……

Zhu Hengyu’s divine sense, like a candle in the wind, may go out at any time.


Looking at Zhu Hengyu, he is about to be buried in the boundless tribulation thunder.

A faint sigh echoed from Zhu Hengyu’s sea of ​​knowledge.

The black ancient bell of Gao Xuan and in midair turned leisurely.

With the rotation of the black ancient bell!

Slices of black color, from the black ancient bell, fell off like fish scales.

crack crack ka-cha…

Within Zhu Hengyu’s Sea of ​​Consciousness Space, one after another scale-like black ancient bell fragments, pieced together one after another.

The scales of ancient bells are superimposed together one by one, forming a tall and strong body!

hong long!

When the last piece of ancient bell is superimposed on that majestic body.

Within Zhu Hai’s knowledge of the sea, a tall and vigorous silhouette appeared in midair.

That is a perfect body!

The skin is bronze, the limbs are slender and powerful, and the muscles around the body are sharp and angular, that is, it will not appear too exaggerated, nor will it appear too thin.

Use the sentence as the saying goes ……

That is, one point is too fat, one point is too thin!

Especially the sculptural face is enough to make all the Huaichun girls’ hearts spring and sleepless at night.


That perfect battle body slowly opened its eyes.

Two Yingying rays of light shot from the eyes of the war body.

Looking blankly around, Zhu Hengyu stretched his limbs subconsciously.

Everything in front of me made Zhu Hengyu completely unclear what happened.

Under Zhu Hengyu’s doubts…

A torrent of memory flooded from the corner of memory…

Hugging his head violently, Zhu Hengyu only felt the world spinning, his brain dizzy.

With the influx of a large amount of memory, one after another memory and clear comprehension, constantly surging out in Zhu Hengyu’s mind.

Not to mention…

Zhu Hengyu’s divine sense, everything he encountered.

The other side…

Three thousand Supreme-Yang True Fire array around Divine Sun Furnace, after the energy is exhausted, the jet flames have been stopped one after another.

Without Zhu Hengyu’s enthusiasm, the True Fire under the earth no longer swells, but gradually calms down and sinks into the earth.

Seeing this scene, the Devil Bull tribe’s military gangsters, white beard and black beard, immediately jumped into Divine Sun Furnace and into the soul-killing tower that had lost its glory.

The three golden statues of Monster Sovereign have been burned to ashes.

There are only three palm-size gold golden carvings circling around Zhu Hengyu.

Look at that Zhu Hengyu…

At this moment, he has lost all consciousness and is in a deep coma.

Blackbeard and Whitebeard did not dare to neglect, immediately picked up Zhu Hengyu and moved out of the Soul Tower.

Seeing this scene, the black girl is not at all blocked, she is also wise, she knows that the friends of these people Zhu Hengyu are to save him.

The black girl also followed the entire group and left the Town Soul Tower.

After walking out of the Soul Tower, the black girl turned around, between the golden light flashed on her forehead, and the huge Soul Tower rose into the air, fell on the black girl’s forehead, and became a black girl The single horn at the center of the forehead…

This battle…

It’s pinnacle’s battle!

In order to kill Zhu Hengyu, Monster Race recalled three gold eagle Monster Sovereign from the collapsed battlefield!

The three golden eagle Monster Sovereigns, although they have not officially set foot on Primal Chaos Battle Body, but with the Bloodline carved by Golden Wings Great Peng, it is enough to exert the primal strength of Primal Chaos Battle Body.

Originally, the three golden monster Monster Sovereign should have been unrivaled.

Unfortunately, they met Zhu Hengyu.

Under the blow of tribulation thunder, destroy both body and soul, only three drops of blood essence remain, and three little golden eagles are transformed.

However, at this moment, the three little golden eagles have been completely refined by the fire of Yin-Yang and become the Tower Spirit of the Soul Tower……

From this moment…

Once someone is trapped inside the Soul Tower, they will be attacked by three golden eagles.

It is worth mentioning that…

These three drops of blood essence are exactly the blood essence carved by Golden Wings Great Peng.

These three drops of blood essence contain Force of Eternal.

It cannot be destroyed in any way.

However, although these three drops of blood essence are indestructible, but within the blood essence, they do not at all contain any divine sense and consciousness.

Therefore, under the refining of Supreme-Yang True Fire, True Fire of Purgatory, and the strength of the Sunro, three drops of Golden Wings Great Peng’s blood essence has been completely refined and has become the black girl’s left arm and right arm. !

Under World War I…

The three golden eagles Monster Sovereign all fell, and even the life-saving one, with the blood essence of Force of Eternal, was completely lost.

However, in order to kill these three golden eagles Monster Sovereign, Zhu Hengyu also paid a heavy price.

After this battle, Zhu Hengyu fell into a deep coma. I don’t know when I would wake up.

Within Zhu Hengyu’s knowledge of the sea…

That is within the perfect body!

Zhu Hengyu was not at all comatose, but fell asleep.

Drowning, he seems to have a dream!

A ridiculous but unreasonable dream.

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