Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4389


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Zhu Hengyu experienced many things.

In the dream, he is not called Zhu Hengyu, but Chu Xingyun!

In his dream, he even traveled through time and space and returned to Ancient Desolate Era.

And established Demon Race in one hand!

Become the ancestor of Demon Race!

And then…

Chu Xingyun traveled through time and space and successfully returned…

And, all the way to the high ancient Battlefield.

When entering Advanced Battlefield, the ancient too, Chu Xingyun encountered a strong enemy-Di Tianyi!

The gap between the two sides is too great, and Chu Xingyun is not an opponent at all.

Unfortunately forced to do so, he had to take a golden Cicada shell, control the black ancient bell, and crashed into the core area of ​​the ancient battlefield of the senior too-the collapsed battlefield.

And then, Chu Xingyun’s memory disappeared completely, replaced by Zhu Hengyu’s memory.

The time that Zhu Hengyu has memories is actually not very long, which is just the last few decades.

All memories are still fresh, there is nothing to say.


Zhu Hengyu has understood it.

Zhu Hengyu is actually Chu Xingyun.

Chu Xingyun is actually Zhu Hengyu.

Zhu Hengyu did not lose his memory, his memory is always there.

It’s just that the original Chu Xingyun was too clever.

His intelligence has been developed to the limit, and the knowledge in his mind is too complicated.

Chu Xingyun has taken Dao of Alchemy, comprehend to the extreme!

Although it is still far from the realm proved by Dan, it is not far behind.

From now on, refining continues…

And only a little over 30% completed.

At this moment… this is not the time to condense the ancient bell dharma body.

But there is no way! Zhu Hengyu had fallen into a desperate situation when he played against the three golden statue Monster Sovereign!

Once the three golden eagles Monster Sovereign break out, everyone will die.

Zhu Hengyu at that time was in a very bad situation.

Forcibly mobilize the power of Thunder Dragon’s broken tail in the black ancient bell, where can Zhu Hengyu now bear?

Zhu Hengyu’s own Fleshy body was also on the verge of destruction while killing the three golden eagles Monster Sovereign.

Fleshy body is damaged and can be repaired, but once Zhu Hengyu’s soul is damaged, it is really over.

And this tribulation thunder, it happens to hurt the divine sense and hurt the soul.

In desperation…

Zhu Hengyu’s subconscious mind can only condense the black ancient bell dharma body in advance to protect Zhu Hengyu’s soul…

This way…

Zhu Hengyu’s Fleshy body not only suffered huge damage, but Divine Soul was gone.

On the surface alone, it is naturally in a deep coma.

This battle is really dangerous.

Only one step away, Zhu Hengyu and Golden Eagle Monster Sovereign perish together.

Fortunately, at the last moment, Zhu Hengyu’s subconscious mind controlled the black ancient bell, and condense the ancient bell dharma body to protect Zhu Hengyu’s soul.

And Zhu Hengyu’s fleshy body, although seriously damaged, is not fatal.

Within the fleshy body, Zhu Hengyu has the power of purgatory.

A war body with the power of purgatory is not easy to destroy.

Within the ancient bell dharma body…

Zhu Hengyu’s divine sense regained memories of the past in his sleep.

Originally, under a dream, Zhu Hengyu should wake up.

But there is no way!

When Zhu Hengyu forcibly used the power of Thunder Dragon’s tail-breaking, his soul was inevitable and suffered tremendous damage. He could not be recovered without training for a period of time.

Zhu Hengyu in his sleep, after recovering all his memories, not at all woke up and entered a deeper sleep.

This sleep has been a full sleep for 100 years!

As Zhu Hengyu fell into a coma, the kingdom of Hengyu suddenly became headless.

First of all, there are sixty-four black-gold battleships in the Aquila Islands. Under the control of Zhu Hengyu, they won precious time.

As expected, strangled all the soldiers in the Aquila Islands.

After that, the black-gold battleship entered the stealth state, unknowingly, without knowing it, leaving the Sea Territory of the Aquila.

One hundred demon wolf gunners, also boarded the platinum battleship, without knowing where to go.

So far…

The North Sea Fleet of Monster Race is completely destroyed!

All shipyards are destroyed.

All the naval reserve soldiers are wiped out!

At least within 100 years, Monster Race is unable to launch an offensive against the Devil Race!

In the next time…

Three thousand Legion of the Kingdom of Hengyu, attacking from all sides, constantly recovering the lost ground, completely occupying all the islands in the North Sea area of ​​Monster Race!

Monster Race hates its teeth, but it can’t help.

They simply can’t get enough power to fight the Hengyu Fleet.

Even so, Monster Race did not dare to anger the Hengyu Fleet too much.

I’m afraid they rely on sea control to attack the coastal cities of Monster Race.

Although within the major coastal cities, Monster Race has deployed heavy soldiers and a large number of experts to sit in to protect the safety of the city.

But don’t forget that within the Hengyu Kingdom, there are also super experts.

Once the Hengyu Kingdom is completely angered, no one knows what the result will be.

Just as the Hengyu Kingdom conquered the East and the West, and the Northern War, the Demon Sheep finally recovered some strength…

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