Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4390

Although Zhu Hengyu has entered a state of deep coma, he cannot lead the kingdom of Hengyu, but the three thousand Corps Heads are still alive.

each and everyone live is extremely moisturizing, healthy and jealous.

The Demon Sheep tribe wants to select the devil, then choose it, it has nothing to do with everyone.

The Moyang Clan wants to select the Moshuai, so choose it. Anyway, the commander of the three thousand Hengyu Fleet is also the Moshuai, everyone’s status is the same.

The Demon Sheep wants to select Demon King, that’s all right!

Although Demon King’s identity has already surpassed those of them.

However, the Devil Clan wants to choose, that is their right, and that is their freedom. Choose it if you like it. No one cares…


When the Demon Sheep tribe wants to select three Demon Sovereigns from the 300 Demon Kings.

Hengyu Legion is gone!

Zhu Hengyu did so much for the Demon Sheep Clan, but he still drove off the Demon Sovereign throne.

Why are these people who are running for Demon Sovereign running for Demon Sovereign!

Moreover, the most unbearable thing for everyone is:

Once someone succeeds in taking the Demon Sovereign throne, his rank and status will override Zhu Hengyu!

As a member of the Demon Sheep Clan, in any case, you must not violate the instructions of the Demon Sovereign.

Even if Demon Sovereign comes down with a decree to let Zhu Hengyu disband the Kingdom of Hengyu, he will have to follow suit!


The commander of the Three Thousand Hengyu Fleet and the two Vice Commanders are not unreasonable.

The three hundred Demon King came up, and they endured…

Even as Demon King, they have already put their heads on the Hengyu Fleet Commander and Vice Commander, and they endured it.

But now…

They even want to press on Zhu Hengyu’s head. Can this be tolerated?

If Zhu Hengyu is not worthy of being the Devil Sheep Emperor, then in this world, no one can do it.

Zhu Hengyu is now in a deep coma, unable to speak for himself.

So as Zhu Hengyu’s courtiers, they must preside over this justice for Zhu Hengyu!

Zhu Hengyu is bringing the storm to an end, a great hero who saves the demon sheep and the annihilation, a great hero!

Even if you are cast off the throne!

Even if they were expelled from the Demon Sheep Race!

But from start to finish, Zhu Hengyu has no complaints or regrets.

In order to protect the Demon Sheep Clan, Zhu Hengyu is definitely striving to the utmost, and died!

Why did Zhu Hengyu fall into a deep coma this time?

Isn’t it to protect the Demon Sheep?

How did these guys treat Zhu Hengyu?

Is this really fair?

Soon, the commander of the three thousand Hengyu fleet, as well as the left and right deputy commanders, jointly signed a letter and submitted it to the headquarters of the Moyang clan.

The letter is very clear…

If Zhu Hengyu is not worthy of the devil sheep emperor, then in this world, no one is worthy of it!

Face Hengyu’s protest!

The newly formed army chiefs of the Moyang clan not only did not think deeply, but were furious!

As a member of the Moyang Clan, everything that Zhu Hengyu has done for the Moyang Clan is due.

Baojiawei family, his Wei family is not to protect his small family?

Zhu Hengyu has been expelled from the Demon Sheep Clan and is no longer a member of the Demon Sheep Clan.

What right does he have to interfere with the major event of the devil’s militarism!


The newly formed military headquarters of the Devil Sheep Race are also extremely disturbed.

The so-called magic handsomes are in fact only promoted by the magic, and their strength is only more than sixty.

And speaking of which…

The newly formed military headquarters of the Moyang clan actually change soups and medicines.

It is the descendants of the Great Family and Great Influence who formed the new military department. Between them and Zhu Hengyu, they actually have a deep hatred.

The reason why the Devil Sheep Clan chose those who had abandoned them, the Great Sheep Clan Great Family, the descendants of Great Influence, to form a new army.

Actually speaking of which, the reason is very realistic and very pitiful…

Because of the lack of resources, it is difficult for civilian children to become magicians.

As for the realm above Moshuai, that’s even not thinking about it.

If you don’t choose these people, then the Devil Sheep tribe has no one to choose from.

Did you say that you want to choose a group of people with no power to sit in the military department?

Once this is done, what is the result?

Will anyone obey the military orders?

Not to mention anything else, just those Great Family, Great Influence, just ignore it.

If there is no strength, no details, the so-called military department is just a joke.

If the army of a country sees the evil forces and detours directly…

Can you count on such a country and army, can there be any future at all?

Is it possible for such a military department to save the Demon Sheep?

It is not that the Moyang clan wants to choose these people, but only these people, which meet the standards and requirements.

After the formation of the new army headquarters of the Devil Sheep Race, it is necessary to weaken Zhu Hengyu’s influence as much as possible.

Otherwise, who would listen to their assignments and arrangements?

These children of Great Influence, Great Family, and their ancestors all died under the conspiracy of Zhu Hengyu.

Under the altar of resentment, it was burned into a resentful skull.

The wealth and wealth of their families and forces, and the resources they occupied, were all confiscated.

There is a bloody enmity between them and Zhu Hengyu.

Whether they are in public or private, they must target Zhu Hengyu or even attack Zhu Hengyu.


The new army department of the Demon Sheep issued an open letter!

In the letterhead, the Demon Sheep’s army turned black and white upside down, describing Monster Race’s invasion as a disaster caused by Zhu Hengyu.

No… The Demon Sheep expelled Zhu Hengyu, and after clearing the line with Zhu Hengyu, didn’t Monster Race sign a 3000-year truce agreement, right?

As for saying, Zhu Hengyu’s rescue of the Demon Sheep Clan is nothing more.

If it weren’t for his design that framed the mobs of the Moyang Clan’s army and expelled them, the Moyang Clan doesn’t know how prosperous or prosperous it is now.

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