Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4391


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In the open letter…

The new headquarters of the Moyang Clan is a reversal of the mob clan leaders who abandoned the Moyang Clan and chose to flee.

They did not take the initiative to escape, nor did they abandon the Demon Sheep Clan. They were driven out by Zhu Hengyu’s exclusion and framing.

No, did Zhu Hengyu become the Demon Sovereign?

The so-called, who benefits, who is the culprit.

From this reasoning, everything really makes sense.

From now on…

Zhu Hengyu has obviously been expelled, and he has clearly been demarcated, but he has to intervene in the things of the Demon Sheep clan, which is obviously not suitable.

The Demon Sheep choose Demon King or Demon Sovereign. What does it have to do with an External Race people?

Although Zhu Hengyu was once a member of the Moyang clan, the relationship between Zhu Hengyu and the Moyang clan is definitely thicker than water.

But I really want to say from the blood…

Does the monster demon family of Monster Race have a direct blood relationship with the demon sheep family?

According to this, can the Sheep Demon Clan also be able to dictate things about the Demon Sheep Clan?

Obviously, this is wrong…

Although everyone has the same Bloodline, simply is not a family.

Is it your turn to take care of the affairs of our family?

Have you eaten your rice?

Has your food been spoiled?

Are you in control?

On the contrary, it was Zhu Hengyu, who was clearly swept out by the Demon Sheep and cleared the boundaries.

But shamelessly, occupying the Goat Islands, Shepherd Islands, and Aries Islands, refused to return.

You are no longer in our family. Why do you still occupy our place?

I don’t know how to consciously, give it up, give it back to us?

All in all…

The election of the Moyang Clan is the business of the Moyang Clan. No one else has any reason or excuse to intervene.

As this open letter was sent out, the entire Demon Sheep clan suddenly cried uproar!

Is it really good to reverse black and white?

After all, this is the letterhead of the Demon Sheep’s military department. For ordinary Demon Sheep people, there are only two options.

One is to believe!

The second is unbelief!

However, whether they believe it or not, they can’t do anything.

Although the heads of the military are selected by them, they only have one vote among the hundreds of millions of votes.

Once people are elected, they have nothing to do with them.

Choose a letter, which does not help.

Choose not to believe or do anything.

At the same time, the Moyang Clan Army sent a large number of personnel to propagate and spread various rumors.

For a civilian…

They themselves are unable to touch and understand too much truth.

Their news channels can be controlled and misled.

So, with the ebbing of time…

More and more people believe the rumors of the Moyang clan army.

I really believe that everything the Moyang clan army said is true. In the past, people only had low levels and had no access to the inside of the high-level.

Now, the secrets of that year are finally fully exposed.

The truth, it’s finally daylight…

As for all this, whether it is reasonable or not, no one cares.

History is like this. There are more unreasonable places. Who cares?

The same thing is recorded in different stories in different countries, and the story in each story is very different.

For ordinary people…

They will only choose stories that are beneficial to their country and nation to believe.

Whether it is reasonable or not, does that matter?

Facing the upside-down of the black and white of the demon’s army, the demon’s clan uproar.

And within the Kingdom of Hengyu, it is even more furious!


We are throwing our heads and sprinkling blood for the devil sheep clan, are we all doing evil?

You say it in one sentence and wipe out all our credit?

In our opinion, is it possible that we have become weak and can’t be bullied?

Under the storm…

Three thousand Corps Head, rushed to Muyang Island, drove to Sword Sect, and met Sun Meiren!

As Zhu Hengyu fell into a deep coma, Sun Meiren became the de facto leader of the Demon Sheep Race.

Facing the three thousand Corps Head in anger and the six thousand deputy heads, Sun Meiren also lost a square inch…

Sun Meiren is not an option for the governing party.

But as Zhu Hengyu’s pillow person, her rank and status is undoubtedly the highest.

Everyone else, even the smart and capable Zheng Xiaoyu, absolutely cannot compare with her.

Zheng Xiaoyu is nothing more than Zhu Hengyu’s courtier.

On the rank and status, she and the three thousand Corps Head are on an equal footing.

They are not affiliated with each other and are in a parallel relationship. They are only responsible for Zhu Hengyu.

Zheng Xiaoyu cannot control them, nor can they control Zheng Xiaoyu.

Looking at the lobby below, everyone looks furious, and Sun Meiren doesn’t know what to do.

Many people even clamored!

Said to send the Demon Sheep Clan to kill all the Devil Sheep Clan’s Headquarters, but not one!

All those who dare to create rumours and discredit Zhu Hengyu’s existence must be wiped out!

Why dare Sun Meiren promise such a thing!

Zhu Hengyu said this before talking to Sun Meiren.

He must be worthy of his heart when doing things.

No shame on family and friends, no shame on the nation, no shame on the world…

Therefore, she absolutely refused to accept Zhu Hengyu’s application for these people’s applications.


If you can’t give everyone an explanation, then everyone’s emotions will basically calm down.

It is not just Zhu Hengyu who is defiled by the New Sheep of the Demon Sheep Clan.

As a subordinate of Zhu Hengyu…

They are also in the same class, and exist for the tiger.

If you don’t give them an explanation, then like Zhu Hengyu, they are going to be stinky for years!

The reputation of bad guys is more abominable than murder.

The children of the Great Sheep Clan Great Family and Great Influence have spared no effort to cleanse themselves.

And, if you let it go, you can really say that the black is white and the white is black.

This way…

After they all became Zhongliang!

And Zhu Hengyu and everyone have become evil.

Under the excitement…

All Corps Head, all bickering and thick neck, they would rather fight their lives than want to be stigmatized into a long-standing existence.

Facing this scene, Sun Meiren is really unable to handle it.

What can she do?

Do you agree?

Reject everyone?

However, without giving everyone an explanation, how could they be reconciled?


Just when Sun Meiren is in a dilemma!

A melodious cry rang from far and near…

A young woman in Tsing Yi rushed into the great hall.


In a muffled sound, the azure clothed woman, one-knee kneels, said crisply: “Devil Sheep Army, a negotiation letter has been sent!”

“Negotiation letter?”

Sun Meiren couldn’t help but look puzzled.

At this time, we have torn our faces between each other. What else can we negotiate?

Taking over the letter doubtfully, Sun Meiren looked at it carefully.

Look at this…

Sun Meiren instantly blushed.

Even by Sun Meiren’s good cultivation, he was aroused by the content of the letter.

Amidst the rage, Sun Meiren’s flowery face was flushed.

Shaking deeply exhaled…

Sun Meiren said in dismay: “The Devil Sheep clan has submitted a negotiation letter!”

The Demon Sheep Army has elected the new Demon Sovereign.

The newly appointed Demon Sovereign Your Majesty officially issued a negotiation letter to the Hengyu Kingdom.

The content of the letter is very long, but most of them are gorgeous, but meaningless wording.

It has within the body content…

In fact, let Zhu Hengyu immediately dissolve the Hengyu Kingdom, and within three months, return the Goat Islands, Shepherd Islands, and Aries Islands to the Demon Sheep.

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