Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4392


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Sun Meiren was really angry.

Other people may not understand Zhu Hengyu and may misunderstand Zhu Hengyu.

But as Zhu Hengyu’s pillow person, her understanding of Zhu Hengyu is really too deep and too clear.

If Zhu Hengyu did not fall into a deep coma, but stayed sober.

What will he do in the face of the decree of the new Demon Sovereign?

No need to doubt…

Zhu Hengyu had no intention of being the Demon Sovereign throne.

I have no interest in so-called competing for profits.

What Zhu Hengyu did was to save the Demon Sheep Clan.

In Zhu Hengyu’s plan, he is to save the Demon Sheep.

However, since the new Demon Sovereign has been ordered, as a member of the Demon Sheep Clan, he is absolutely impossible!

And to be honest…

As Zhu Hengyu fell into a deep coma…

Sun Meiren really cannot control such a huge kingdom.

Since the imperial decree has been issued, then she will obey.

Others, Sun Meiren may not be sure, but at this point, Sun Meiren can take his life to guarantee, even if Zhu Hengyu is awake, he will definitely follow Demon Sovereign’s decree.

If so, what else can you hesitate?


Sun Meiren stood up.

Under the watch of the three thousand Hengyu fleet commanders.

Sun Meiren raised Yang’s letter and said crisply: “The new Demon Sovereign has officially taken office, and the first Demon Sovereign order has been issued…”

“According to the purpose of Demon Sovereign Your Majesty, we must immediately dissolve the Kingdom of Hengyu and return the Goat Islands, Shepherd Islands, and Aries Islands to the Devil Race within three months!”

Everyone heard the words of Sun Meiren, everyone was furious!

However, waiting for everyone to break out, Sun Meiren snapped: “Quiet!”

“I know, everyone is very angry.

However, even if Hengyu Your Majesty stays awake, she will never disobey Demon Sovereign’s order! “


In the face of Sun Meiren, everyone fell into silence.


Zhu Hengyu will not be disrespectful anyway.

In the beginning, even if Zhu Hengyu was driven off the Demon Sovereign throne, did he resist it?

In the beginning, even if Zhu Hengyu was cleared of boundaries and expelled from the Sheep Clan, did he resist it?

even more how ……

The decree of the new Demon Sovereign of the Demon Sheep is reasonable and legal.

Since Zhu Hengyu is no longer a member of the Moyang Clan, the Goat Islands, Shepherd Islands, and Aries Islands should naturally be returned to the Moyang Clan.

You are no longer the Demon Sheep, how can you continue to occupy the Demon Sheep’s territory?

If they represent Zhu Hengyu and disobedience, they will trap Zhu Hengyu in injustice…

In silence…

Sun Meiren sighed: “Okay, now I officially announce that the Kingdom of Hengyu will be dissolved!”

What! This…

Everyone heard Sun Meiren’s words, everyone was more at a loss.

Hengyu Kingdom is disbanded, so what should everyone do?

“What should we do if the Kingdom of Hengyu is dissolved?” Ganing opened the mouth and said.

Sun Meiren shrugged, “I will not understood this anyway, anyway… I can confirm that Hengyu Your Majesty will not disobey Demon Sovereign’s will.”

“This Hengyu Kingdom must be disbanded in accordance with the purpose.”

“As for everyone here, what should I do, then I am not understood, you are free…”

After speaking, Sun Meiren stopped, turned around, moved towards the back door.

Under everyone’s watch…

Sun Meiren’s beautiful silhouette entered the back door all the way and disappeared.

Everyone is completely at a loss.

The Kingdom of Hengyu was dissolved…

Everyone present lost their dependence in an instant.

Next, where should they go?

“he he he…”

Being in a daze for everyone…

In the mind of the three thousand Corps Head, a series of eerie laughter suddenly sounded.

This laugh is familiar to everyone.


This laugh is just Yinling’er.

At this moment…

Although Zhu Hengyu was caught in a deep coma, Yin Ling’er was not at all comatose, but rather sober.

For Yinlinger…

There is no distinction between you and me between Zhu Hengyu and Zhu Hengyu.

Between her and Zhu Hengyu, if one prospers, all prospers, if one suffers, all suffers.

Different from Sun Meiren…

Sun Meiren is indecisive and has no courage. When encountering things, she is easily panicked and unwilling.

Yinlinger is completely different.

This is an inhumane existence!

Yinlinger itself is actually the tree spirit of Yinshabaoshu, simply not human.

Later merged with the power of Senro and turned into a Sero Yin snake.

Senro Yin snake is extremely yin to poisonous.

In Yin Linger’s in mind, apart from Zhu Hengyu, the other demon sheep people are nothing but ants.

After all, Yin Ling’er and Zhu Hengyu are originally one.

Those guys smearing Zhu Hengyu are actually smearing Yinling.

Zhu Hengyu is now in a state of deep coma.

Since this is the case, Zhu Hengyu’s affairs can only be solved by Yin Ling’er.

And the most important thing is…

Yin Ling’er is also the only one who can command and control these three thousand commanders besides Zhu Hengyu and Sun Meiren.

The three thousand Corps Head and six thousand Corps Heads, the reason why they obey Zhu Hengyu is not because of Zhu Hengyu’s personal charm.

The reason why they are loyal to Zhu Hengyu is because of their knowledge of the sea, they have planted the Sen Luo Yin snake.

They are controlled by Yinlinger.

The three thousand commanders, and the six thousand Vice Commander, are truly loyal.

If Yin Ling’er orders them not to listen to Zhu Hengyu, and to be loyal to others, they will never resist.

It’s just…

Yinlinger will not be so stupid.

She and Zhu Hengyu are two in one, how could she betray herself?

Specific points…

The origin of the power of Sen Luo belongs to Zhu Hengyu and is under the complete control of Zhu Hengyu.

Yin Ling’er, but a soul, merged with the power of Sen Luo, instead of Zhu Hengyu, in charge of the power of Sen Luo!

In the final analysis, the power of Sen Luo belongs to Zhu Hengyu.

After Zhu Hengyu’s permission, Yin Ling’er can merge with it, and then he can control the power of Sen Luo.

If Zhu Hengyu does not allow it…

Then, as long as Zhu Hengyu is thinking, Yin Ling’er’s soul will be expelled.

After losing the carrier, Yin Ling’er was naturally disappeared and vanished into nothingness.

Regardless of whether Yin Ling’er is dead or alive, the power of Senrow will not change.

It’s just that if there is no Yinlinger, the power of Sen Luo will require Zhu Hengyu to control it himself.

The relationship between Zhu Hengyu, Yin Ling’er, and Three Thousand Corps Head is actually a chain.

Zhu Hengyu is in charge of Yin Ling’er, and Yin Ling’er is in charge of 3,000 Corps Head.

If Zhu Hengyu’s deity is regarded as a collection.

Then Zhu Hengyu is the king of this collection!

Yinlinger is the humerus minister under Zhu Hengyu.

The old saying is good, the emperor is worried about the humiliation, and the emperor is humiliated!

Now, Zhu Hengyu has been discredited like this, how could Yin Ling’er sit idly by?

As Zhu Hengyu’s left arm and right arm, the humerus, if this cannot be solved.

Once Zhu Hengyu wakes up one day, it’s hard to explain.

Even if he does not anger and punish Yin Ling’er, he will be disappointed in his heart.

And this is precisely Yin Linger, the most feared!

An incapable existence, how could Zhu Hengyu rest assured that she would control such important things as the power of Sen Luo?

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