Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4393


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Those guys dare to discredit Zhu Hengyu, wouldn’t that discredit Yin Linger too?

Jun worrys about his humiliation and humiliates his death. This is not fun.

Now, Zhu Hengyu has been humiliated, even insulted, planted and smeared!

If they do nothing, Zhu Hengyu really stinks for years.

Once things are really true…

Then she can really die!

After this happened, Yin Ling’er made a decision instantly.

If the Demon Sheep Clan can’t return Zhu Hengyu justly.

If Zhu Hengyu is really in the Demon Sheep Clan, it will really smell for thousands of years.


The entire Demon Sheep Clan cannot exist!

For the glory of the king, a trifling demon sheep clan will be destroyed when it is destroyed.

If Zhu Hengyu is awake, he will also miss each other being of the same race.

Yinlinger doesn’t have this feeling.

In the eyes of Yin Ling’er, killing 1,000,000 Demon Sheep Cultivator and killing 1,000,000 ants are not at all essential differences.

With the intervention of Yin Linger…

Three thousand Corps Head soon turned around and left the great hall.

After meeting their respective deputy heads, immediately rushed back to their station.

Although Zhu Hengyu entered a state of deep coma, they did not at all lose their backbone.

Zhu Hengyu is in a coma, isn’t Yin Ling’er still there?

Just listen to Yin Linger’s assignment.

Yinlinger let them do whatever they want!

The firmness of his heart, when he was awake than Zhu Hengyu, was more than that!

However, although she is extremely angry in her heart, when Yin Ling’er does something, she will eventually consider Zhu Hengyu’s identity and position.

The thing might not have been done by Zhu Hengyu, nor was it the order he gave, but outsiders will surely count all the faults on Zhu Hengyu.

Even in Yin Ling’er’s heart, she completely regards the Demon Sheep as ants.

But it really does work, but after all, Zhu Hengyu’s position and feelings must be considered.


Even if she does things perfectly, it is useless.

As long as Zhu Hengyu cannot accept it and cannot forgive her, she still has to take responsibility and even be punished.

Yinlinger appeases everyone. For the time being, don’t rush to resist the outbreak, wait quietly first, and see if the army chiefs of the Devil Clan can do more!

Of course…

While waiting so quietly, that won’t work either.

Three thousand Legion soldiers, as well as their families and relatives, also have to eat.

Everyone’s cultivation also requires a lot of resources and wealth.

The resources that everyone has in hand, we must grasp it.

In the beginning, in order to fight against Monster Race, Zhu Hengyu collected all resources, mines, and medicine fields of the Demon Sheep Clan for unified scheduling.

When Zhu Hengyu issued this order, he was in the throne moment.

As Demon Sovereign of the Demon Sheep Clan, Zhu Hengyu’s order is not so easy to change, even if the new emperor is in the upper rank, it is useless.

Everyone is Demon Sovereign, my order, why should you change it?

If it can be changed, Zhu Hengyu directly cancels the right of the people to impeach Demon Sovereign.

As a result, wouldn’t he be cast off the throne?

In fact, the system set by Demon Sovereign can hardly be changed.

Although in theory, there is indeed a changed probability, but the difficulty is really too great.

It is worth mentioning that…

The new Demon Sovereign can also force the order to change the old imperial system.

However, the status of the two royal orders is the same.

Under mutual offset, you can either abide or not.

Abiding by the decree of the new emperor violates the decree of the old emperor.

Following the orders of the old emperor violates the orders of the new emperor.

Generally speaking, the old emperor’s place was not impeached, but he wanted to go to the battlefield for further study.

If the new emperor is not stupid, he will not resist the decree of the old emperor.

Otherwise, if someone returns from the collapsed battlefield, wouldn’t it be bad luck?

At this moment…

All the resources, mines, and medicine field of the Devil Clan… are all in the hands of Zheng Xiaoyu’s Hengyu Chamber of Commerce.

It stands to reason that she should not be able to keep these resources.

Even if there is the decree of the old emperor Zhu Hengyu, as long as the new emperor has issued a new decree, they can cancel each other out.

At that time…

Whoever masters these resources depends on who is stronger and whose fists are bigger.

Although with the strength of Hengyu Chamber of Commerce, impossible confronts the entire Demon Sheep Race.


There is no absolute thing!

Since the Kingdom of Hengyu has been disbanded, all three thousand fleets of the Kingdom of Hengyu are homeless.

The three thousand fleets of the Hengyu Kingdom, together with Zhu Hengyu, have been expelled by the Demon Sheep.

Between each other, the line is clear.

Once the Kingdom of Hengyu was dissolved, the Goat Islands, Shepherd Islands, and Aries Islands were taken back. Then, the three thousand Legion became rootless duckweed and had nowhere to go.

Since that is the case…

So simply, they accepted Zheng Xiaoyu’s employment to protect those resources.

They are no longer part of the Demon Race, but they are still part of the Demon Race.

As a Demon Race, they are eligible to accept anyone’s employment.

Even if the person who hired them is Zheng Xiaoyu, there is no problem.

Under the arrangement of Yin Linger…

Three thousand Corps Head, accept the employment of Zheng Xiaoyu, station those resource points, mines, and medicine field.

As a result…

What if the new emperor of the Sheep Clan takes office?

Although you ordered your royal order to go, they obviously did not pay attention.

After all, they have the decree of the old emperor, enough to fight against the decree of the new emperor.

As long as all resources of the Demon Sheep are cut off, even if they no longer make trouble, there will be no tricks.

If there is ability, everyone will fight.

Look at who the fist is bigger and who is stronger!

2nd day early in the morning…

Sun Meiren officially represents Zhu Hengyu and announced the official dissolution of the Hengyu Kingdom!

Devil Sheep War Department, you can come to take over Sanyang Islands in 3 months later.

It was also a big surprise to see that Sun Meiren was so good at talking, so many gangsters from the New Army Department of the Demon Sheep Race.

But soon…

The gangsters of the new army department of the Demon Sheep have submitted the letter again.

Since the Kingdom of Hengyu is disbanded, then…

More than 300 shipyards that have been built on the Sanyang Islands must stay, and no one can be less, and they cannot be destroyed, otherwise, it will be judged by the family!

Facing with the orders of the Demon Sheep’s military department, Sun Meiren was also disinclined to pay attention to.

Since they have made a request, just stay.

Anyway, whether it is Zhu Hengyu or Sun Meiren, there is little interest in these.

The Kingdom of Hengyu said that it was thrown away, who still cares about trifling three hundred shipyards.

Therefore, Yin Ling’er without the slightest hesitation agreed.

Not only that, Yin Ling’er immediately expressed his position!

Not only the more than 300 shipyards will stay intact.

Even, everything else will be completely motionless and turned in.

Frankly speaking…

Zhu Hengyu, get out of the house!

Since then, there is no longer any relationship between Zhu Hengyu and the Devil Clan!

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