Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4394


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In the face of Sun Meiren’s warning, the devil army chiefs did not all care.

If Sun Meiren really has the ability, how could it be so easy to speak.

Which could be so weak to make another one?

In the words of the demon sheep army chiefs, you give in, you are weak, you are incompetent!

You deserve grievance, deserve sorrow, deserve to be wronged, discredit…

The old saying is good, all bully the good person, all lay load on the willing horse.

This is the unbreakable truth since ancient times!

However, now is the best time to take back Sanyang Islands.

Especially those three hundred shipyards, if they can be fully recovered.

That’s really important for the rise of the Demon Sheep Clan.

Therefore, don’t do anything about rumoring and discrediting it for the time being, otherwise, it will really anger Sun Meiren.

Once this woman is crazy, she can do everything.

In the next three months…

The Demon Sheep sent 13 batches of people in succession and arrived at the Sanyang Islands successively to inspect various industries in the Hengyu Kingdom.

Look if they are handed over to the Demon Sheep Race like Sun Meiren promised.

While the spare no effort of the Demon Sheep’s army department is trying to bring the Sanyang Islands back.

The Hengyu Kingdom Three Thousand Fleet, as well as the soldiers and their relatives…

Over 600 million people have been dispersed.

Residing in the Magic Sheep Islands, each resource point, mine, medicine field……

It took a whole year, and the Devil Clan finally recovered the Sanyang Islands.

And if you wish, the Sanyang Islands, 300 shipyards, will be owned by the Moyang Clan.

Sun Meiren did exactly what she promised.

In the three hundred shipyards, a nail was not taken away, and everything was completely handed over to the Demon Sheep Army.

After successfully obtaining three hundred shipyards, the big brothers of the Moyang Clan’s military headquarters immediately rubbed their hands together.

A wholehearted effort…

The big brothers of the Moyang clan army sent elite children of the family one after another and settled in 300 shipyards. They quickly took over the 300 shipyards and put them into production as soon as possible.

Also within a year.

Under the scheduling and arrangement of Yin Ling’er, the process of privatizing all resources of the Demon Sheep has also been completed.

Speaking legally…

All the magic stone mine pits, metal mine pits, medicine field and timber field of the Devil Sheep Clan…

All have been attributed to three thousand different forces.

Although Sun Meiren was forced to send everything out of Sanyang Islands for Zhu Hengyu’s reputation!

Yin Linger secretly shot, monopolizing 80% of all resources of the Devil Clan!

This is equivalent to saying…

With three sesame seeds, I switched to three huge watermelons.

If you are not the bosses of the Moyang clan army, under the concentration attention completely, all your energy is concentrated on the Sanyang Islands and the 300 shipyards, this plan is really not so easy. achieve.

Once the other party is aware of it, then the whole plan is probably going to die.

The most incredible thing is…

Within the Three Thousand Islands, there are more than three thousand large magic stone pits, as well as the ownership of many gems, jade stone, and precious metal pits. They have also obtained the permission of the new emperor and are covered with the imperial seal!

At this point, Hengyu Chamber of Commerce can really be said to be rich and enemies.

The resources in the hands of Hengyu Chamber of Commerce add up, accounting for more than 80% of the total wealth of the Devil Clan Thousand Islands!

That new Demon Sovereign can agree with this kind of thing, which is not surprising.

If you want to blame, just blame the new bosses of the Demon Sheep’s military department, whose strength is too low.

Yin Ling’er didn’t have any effort at all, so he controlled a lot of spies through the Senro Yin snake.

Incorporate various approval documents into various documents and submit them to the new Demon Sovereign for review, approval, and stamping.

The so-called new emperor was chosen in a hurry.

Although he has certain abilities, he is still the first emperor.

With thousands of twists and turns every day, there is a huge amount of tunes that need to be reformed.

Before the morning, the corrections must be started, and the corrections will continue until midnight…

In most cases, his censorship is actually a quick glance.

Even he himself did not know what was written above.

Swipe your eyes casually, and then put a large seal on it, and you’re done.

The new emperor took office, and he was already dying.

Yin Ling’er also added a lot of files and chapters artificially with the help of the puppets in his hands.

After being busy for 3 months later, the new emperor will soon collapse.

All of the tens of thousands of documents, mixed in a large number of chapters.

All were stamped by the new emperor and approved.

These industries have not only been approved by the imperial decree of the old emperor, but even the new Demon Sovereign has been approved, sealed, and officially signed.

As a result, even if someone wants to change it, I am afraid it cannot be changed.

The so-called monarch does not go back on his words ……

You are no longer a language, but written in text and stamped!

If all of this can be changed, the rules and regulations of Demon Race will completely collapse…

In a blink of an eye, a year has passed!

After successfully reclaiming the Sanyang Islands, the gangsters of the Moyang Clan Army began to regain their old ways!

Many Moyang clan warlords have once again publicly degraded Zhu Hengyu on different occasions.

Sun Meiren was furious, and immediately protested strongly, condemning the Moyang clan for not speaking credit.

It’s all done…

As long as the Sanyang Islands and the 300 shipyards are handed over to the Moyang tribe intact, they will not continue to stigmatize and discredit Zhu Hengyu.

But now, all the dues have been handed in, but the Demon Sheep clan openly renounced the agreement.

Facing Sun Meiren’s protest…

The big brothers of the Demon Sheep’s army are indifferent.

Free speech, they can’t control everyone’s mouth.

The only thing the Demon Sheep Army can do is to ensure that the Demon Sheep Army will not publicly express its position.

As for what everyone says in private, this is everyone’s freedom, and they really can’t control it, and they have no right to control it.

Facing the perfunctory blame of the Demon Sheep’s military department, Sun Meiren was almost exploding.

However, she has no solution at all.

From the standpoint of bystanders, the Demon Sheep’s military department is very reasonable!

The Demon Sheep can only guarantee that they will not discredit Zhu Hengyu from the perspective and stand of the military department.

But the Demon Sheep’s military headquarters can’t hide the world’s secret crowd!

It’s impossible for them to stop everyone’s mouth!

This World, do you even have the right to speak?

So far, Sun Meiren has given up everything, as he said, and walked out of the house.

Hengyu Kingdom is no longer there.

Sun Meiren itself has no influence on the entire Demon Sheep.

Therefore, no matter how she is angry or depressed, no one cares.

In one breath, Sun Meiren returned to Azure Ox Island without closing the door.

The only thing that still belongs to Zhu Hengyu is the Demon Cow Islands.

This matter, Sun Meiren knew that she had done something wrong, and she couldn’t handle everything.

The only wish of Sun Meiren is to help Zhu Hengyu and be optimistic about the industry of Azure Ox Islands.

In any case, Zhu Hengyu will eventually have a place to stand up to the cone?

As for everything about the Demon Sheep, let them go.

Sun Meiren can’t control, and doesn’t want to control…

On this side, Sun Meiren let go.

On that side, Yin Ling’er is also left unmoved.

It’s not that she doesn’t want to resist, but that she has already resisted.

Don’t look at the Demon Sheep’s headquarters is now very lively.

Yin Ling’er believes that the day they cry!

Also, that day was not not far…

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