Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4395


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After successfully taking over the Sanyang Islands and 300 shipyards.

The big brothers of the Moyang clan army divided 300 shipyards.

Although nominally, it is owned by Moyang Clan Department.

But in fact…

The ownership is indeed vested in the Moyang Clan, but the management rights are all divided by the 300 new Demon Kings of the Moyang Clan.

Since everyone takes the new emperor to the throne, he will always make a return.

The three hundred shipyards are the first returns.


The resources, mines, and medicine fields that originally belonged to the Great Family, the resources of the Great Influence, and one after another will all go back.

It is worth mentioning that…

This management right has a time limit.

Although the Moyang Clan Army owns the ownership of these 300 shipyards, the management rights for the next 30,000,000 years have been owned by the 300 Demon Kings of the Moyang Clan.

The three hundred shipyards can be directly attributed to the Great Family and forces.

As a result, they have no excuses and reasons to take back the major resource points, mines… and many other industries…


It’s here!

Next, everything that Yin Linger has done should be exposed.

After all, after owning the operating rights of the shipyard, the next step is to obtain various resources and ores, carry out smelting and processing, and start building ships.

Yin Ling’er has already prepared everything.

Ready to respond to emergencies at any time.

But I never thought…

Just after one year has passed.

At the Demon King of the Demon Sheep’s Army, it succeeded in holding all 300 shipyards in their hands.

A situation that everyone did not expect was discovered!

Three hundred shipyards in the Sanyang Archipelago were built very hastily.

In the beginning, only one hundred shipyards were planned.

But the Three Thousand Hengyu Fleet seized Monster Race battleship, which is too much.

Relying on a hundred shipyards alone, simply cannot be transformed, but repairs are not possible.

Unfortunately, one hundred shipyards had to be expanded to three hundred shipyards.

With such haste, so many shipyards have been built in such a short time.

Do you need to count on its specific shipbuilding capabilities?

In fact, these three hundred shipyards, simply are not used to build ships.

To be precise, when these three hundred shipyards were established, they never considered building ships.

Strictly speaking!

The three hundred shipyards will only repair the battleship and modify the battleship.

The repair does not go to him, the key is to modify the battleship!

Remove the armor of Monster Race battleship and replace it with the colorful alloy armor produced by Azure Ox Islands.

Replace the key parts of the battleship’s stress parts with colorful alloy parts produced by Azure Ox Islands.

Whether it is to change armor or accessories, there is no technical content.

As long as they are not stupid, as long as their IQ is normal, they can be mastered after a little training.

That is to change the external armor, disassemble and install some accessories, and do not need them to make any products. Who wouldn’t this?

Although the three hundred shipyards are very large in size and occupy a large area, they are very vast. They can extend 10 li along the coastline.

However, they will only repair the battleship and modify the battleship.

As for building a battleship!

How can a group of amateur craftsmen create a battleship?

There are not even one design drawing in the 300 shipyards.

What if there are drawings?

Without a sufficient number of excellent craftsmen, how could it be possible to build sophisticated battle armored ships?

After learning the news…

The Demon Sheep Military Headquarters is completely dumbfounded!

What a joke!

Three hundred shipyards will never ship!

After repeated understanding and confirmation.

The gangsters of the Demon Sheep’s military department are really speechless.

Not to mention the construction of battle armored ships. These three hundred shipyards cannot even build a qualified sampan.

They will do the demolition work.

But if you insist on making something…

Perhaps, it is possible to build two benches and a dining table.

As for ships?

Forget it, they haven’t learned it!

Under the rage…

The Moyang Clan Army immediately raised a strong protest against Sun Meiren.

As agreed at the time…

Sun Meiren will leave the 300 shipyards intact, and transfer them to the Moyang Clan Army.

But what’s going on now?

Three hundred shipyards can’t even make a sampan.

What kind of shipyard is this?

Facing the question of the Moyang clan, Sun Meiren finally let out a bad breath.

Let’s talk, and deserve it!

However, although the heart is dark, outside, Sun Meiren must maintain the image of Zhu Hengyu.

Facing the question of the Demon Sheep’s army, Sun Meiren gave a perfect answer.

The three hundred shipyards have never built a battleship.

Hengyu Kingdom, there are not enough senior craftsmen to build a battleship.

The battleship of the Hengyu Kingdom was all seized from Monster Race.

The three hundred shipyards are only responsible for the modification and repair of the battleship, not the construction of the battleship.

Sun Meiren has delivered everything intact in accordance with the requirements of the Moyang Clan Army.

Even the craftsmen of the shipyard haven’t taken one person out. They have already achieved this level. What else?

The Moyang Clan forced them to come up with something that never existed before. Who can take it?

The Demon Sheep’s Military Department is completely dumbfounded.

What they value most is the shipbuilding technology that these three hundred shipyards are likely to master, and senior craftsmen.

However, it was discovered that these all are not present as soon as they take over.

The three hundred shipyards will only repair and change ships, but will not build ships.

The most embarrassing thing about the Demon Sheep’s military department is…

There is not even a battleship in the whole Demon Sheep Race!

Without battleship, what modification? What to repair?

This is just a joke…

In desperation…

The Demon Sheep Military Department had to look at his family and forces where Jiang Hai once fled.

To this day, the entire Moyang clan has been searched. Probably only Jiang Family, who once took charge of the shipbuilding of the Moyang clan, has a full set of shipbuilding technology and shipbuilding technology.

The descendants of Jiang Family have a large number of skilled craftsmen.

As long as they are willing to come back, they can immediately rebuild the shipbuilding industry of the Moyang clan.

Not to mention…

How to communicate with the Jiang Family of the New Army Department of the Moyang Clan.

The other side…

Yin Ling’er found that things seemed a bit boring.

With the ebbing of time, three years have passed.

But no one found out that the mineral resources of the Devil’s Clan were all monopolized!

As a result, they clearly made a revenge, but nobody noticed it.

The big brothers of the Moyang clan’s military department also mistakenly thought that the soldiers under Zhu Hengyu’s army were all weak and deceitful, and everyone was torn by them.

This is absolutely impossible…

Because Zhu Hengyu’s sergeant, from start to finish did not make any resistance.

Therefore, the big brothers of the Moyang Clan’s military department are becoming more and more unscrupulous in private occasions.

Even at the meeting of the Moyang Clan’s Military Department, they all talked about it and vilified Zhu Hengyu.

In fact…

Yin Linger really did not do it.

Instead, she did it too secretly.

Her opponent didn’t even notice it.

This misunderstanding really embarrasses Yin Ling’er.

Since those guys haven’t been taught repeatedly, they still think they are weak.

And after three years, Zhu Hengyu has been deeply rooted in the discredit, it is difficult to reverse it again…

Yin Ling’er didn’t tell anyone, but in her heart, she had decided in secret.

This Demon Sheep clan seems to be unretainable!

Now that I have made up my mind, I will wipe out the Demon Sheep Clan…

So, the various retaliation measures made earlier are really unnecessary.

Before they are extinct, let them be proud for a while.

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