Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4396


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Yinglinger ordered!

All mines and mines are fully exploited and fully exploited.

Once one day, the Demon Sheep Army found all this and wanted to take it back, then go back.

Yinlinger would like to see what they can do!

However, sending these precious resources back in vain is obviously impossible.

Since those guys don’t have virtue on their lips, they repeatedly turn black and white upside down, slandering Zhu Hengyu.

Yinlinger doesn’t mind giving them a deep lesson!

Time is passing day by day…

Finally, ten years after the fierce Zhu Hengyu fell into a deep coma!

Jiang Family was finally invited again and again by the Moyang Clan Army and promised many benefits.

Back to the Demon Sheep Race again…

According to the previous promise…

Many Magic Stone Mine pits and metal deposits of the Devil Sheep Clan will be attributed to Jiang Family.

However, Jiang Family decides which mineral deposits he wants, and Jiang Family also has to choose.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t choose…

With one choice, trouble comes up.

Jiang Family has selected several mineral deposits one after another, but a little investigation revealed that these mineral deposits belonged to the bosses of the Moyang clan army.

The Great Family and the Great Influence that belong to the tradition of the Devil.

Although they are not members of the direct Bloodline, aren’t the bloodlines of the same ancestor flowing in the body of the branch?

In the face of this situation, the bosses of the Demon Sheep’s military headquarters are also at a loss.


In recent years, almost every military chief has bought some mines and resources at ultra-low prices.

However, no one takes this seriously.

After all, the other party’s price is very low, and they don’t want to miss such a good opportunity.

The representative of Jiang Family immediately stopped.

What do you mean?

You have divided all the resources first.

Even the resources that originally belonged to the Demon Sheep’s army have been invaded.

What else to play!

This kind of Demon Sheep Clan has already rotted to its roots and has not been saved!

All resources belong to the Great Family and forces.

The Moyang Clan wants to build a battleship. Do they always need materials and resources?

But where do these materials and resources come from?

You can only spend money on these military gangsters.

But where does the money come from?

All the magic stone pits are in the hands of the Great Family and forces.

The Demon Sheep’s Army Department can’t afford the money.

In the case of dead end, even if Jiang Family is stupid, it remains impossible.

At this moment…

Jiang Family will never stay even if someone comes forward and gives up their resources.

This kind of Devil Sheep Clan is simply not saved.

After the resources are completely occupied, everything is locked.

Lost room and room for development.

Even if Jiang Family comes back, he can’t save the Demon Sheep.

Several years later, once Monster Race once again fights against the Devil Race.

At that time…

What does the Demon Sheep do to fight Monster Race?

Since everything is destined to be destroyed, how busy are you?

It’s like building a sand castle on the beach.

When the big wave came, it immediately broke down.

It’s okay to play with nothing.

But no one will spend hundreds of millions of dollars to build a sand castle that will be washed down by the waves at any time.

Although Jiang Family does not at all say anything on the surface, it only means to go back and think about it…

But in fact, on that night, a group of key figures from the Jiang Family left the Demon Sheep Clan overnight.

Only some staff members have been left, and continue to pretend to be polite with the Demon Sheep Army.

Jiang Family has decided not to return to the Moyang Clan, but this kind of thing, there is no need to tell the Moyang Clan Military Department?

Continue to pretend to be polite, can you be cheated if you are not sure?

Really don’t say…

Jiang Family pretend to be polite.

Taking advantage of the desperate desire of the shipbuilding industry by the Moyang tribe, it really extracts a lot of benefits.

Jiang Family also pretends to be some, and sends some craftsmen to start the reconstruction of the shipyard of the Devil’s Army.

Jiang Family doesn’t care about whether the Demon Sheep can be revived.

Jiang Family’s only concern is to use all means to search for money before the Demon Sheep Clan has been destroyed.

Anyway, the destruction of the Demon Sheep Race is imminent. Even if they search hard, there will be no worries.

Once the Demon Sheep is destroyed, who can trouble them?

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