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Just as the Devil Clan revolved around the Jiang Family and rebuilt the shipbuilding industry.

Yin Ling'er and Zheng Xiaoyu joined forces to get all the overseas assets of the Devil Sheep's Great Family and forces into the hands, and completely cut their backs!

With the efforts of Zheng Xiaoyu...

Hengyu Chamber of Commerce, completely separated from the Demon Sheep Clan.

With the help of the Great Family and forces of the Devil Race, located in the major branches of Demon Race, Zheng Xiaoyu expanded Hengyu Chamber of Commerce to the entire Demon Race!

Not to mention, under the control of Zheng Xiaoyu, how does the Hengyu Chamber of Commerce develop at a high speed, how to make daily progress in fighting gold, and how to be prosperous to the enemy.

The other side...

There are a lot of pirates around the Magic Sheep Islands!

These pirates are not unknown people!

The oldest pirate has been on this sea for 10,000,000 years.

Their names are well-known to women and children, and can stop crying children at night!

It’s just...

The previous pirates were very afraid of the Devil's Army.

Only dare to move in the outer circle area of ​​the Demon Sheep Clan and rob the passing ships.

But now, the guts of these pirates are getting bigger and bigger.

They not only dare enter the Sea Territory!

Dare to even rob villages and cities on the island!

Moreover, these pirates are no longer the old and worn battleships.

It's the latest, Monster Race battleship.

Its speed and defensive power are even ahead of the most advanced battleship of the Devil Race. I don’t know how many generations!

Facing the invasion of pirates...

It’s not that no one doubts Zhu Hengyu or the Kingdom of Hengyu.

However, these islands are so famous.

Thousands of 10,000 years ago before Zhu Hengyu’s birth, they had spread all over the world.

No matter how far-fetched it is, there is no way to relate them to Zhu Hengyu.

But in fact...

These pirates really have something to do with Zhu Hengyu.

As Zhu Hengyu fell into a coma...

Fangfang was riding a platinum battleship, commanding sixty-four black gold battleships, and rushed to the pirate's nest.

One Piece on One Piece Island is the only recipe for Fangfang-Roger!

As Zhu Hengyu’s best left arm and right arm!

The Demon Sheep trifled Zhu Hengyu in such a disgrace, and his fangs could only watch, but did nothing?

Obviously, Fangfang is not such a person.

He doesn’t care what other people do.

After all, racially speaking, fangs are part of the sea snake family.

For the poisonous tooth, he didn’t feel anything about the Demon Sheep.

This is like humans eating beef and mutton. Who cares about the thoughts and feelings of cattle and sheep?

Since these meat eaters dare to smear Zhu Hengyu, the fangs must do something.

With an order...

Fangfang directly requested three thousand Monster Race battleships from the three thousand Corps Head.

All of these battleships were handed over to Roger to let him form a pirate fleet.

As for the target of robbery, it is determined to be the demon sheep tribe...

From a biological point of view...

The Demon Sheep is the food of the Sea Serpent.

Therefore, venomous teeth have no psychological burden to revenge.

In order to prevent the pirates, they are beheaded by the expert of the Demon Sheep.

Fangfang also sent eight avatars to sit in the major fleets.

Whenever the super sheep clan has a super expert, the Fangfang's avatar will appear blatantly, killing!

At the same time...

Monster Race’s military department, after more than a dozen consecutive meetings.

Finally made a decision!

Re-enable the original commander of the North Sea Fleet-Golden Eagle Demon Commander!

The golden eagle demon handsome regained his command and returned to the Beihai Fleet.

Of course...

It is impossible to go back so easily.

If it weren’t for the Golden Eagle Legend that he refused to agree, I am afraid that he would return to the North Sea ten years ago.

The request of the golden eagle is very simple...

I can go home!

However, I don’t want to continue to be a golden eagle!

I want to be a Monster King!

Monster Race has hesitated for ten years for this request!

Until the end, there was indeed no one available, so I had to agree to the request of the Golden Eagle.

Officially enshrined the Golden Eagle Monsters, the new Golden King Monster King!

I just took office...

Monster King, the golden eagle, moved at full speed.

The humble maggot maggots dare to discredit Zhu Hengyu.

Monster King is also a response.

Want to survive 3000 years?


I let you connect for 300 years!

Oh no...

I made you guys unable to sustain even for 30 years!

Now, the Demon Sheep Race does not have a battleship.

As long as they can mobilize some battleships to the North Sea as soon as possible, they can immediately attack the Demon Sheep.

As for how to mobilize battleship, the golden eagle demon also has thoughts.

To mobilize battleship directly from the West Sea and join the North Sea Fleet.

The battleship lacking in the West China Sea Fleet is directly directed to the South China Sea Fleet.

As for the problem of battleship repair and reinforcement, it can't be considered at all.

Just build a few repair shops on the route quickly.

After sailing for a distance, drive into the repair shop to reinforce it, and then continue sailing.

In the North Sea, there is no need to build a shipyard.

It’s enough to build a repair shop directly...

Anyway, there is no battleship for the Moyang Clan. What can I worry about?

No shipbuilding at all...

Can only repair the ship, it can already meet the requirements.

A ship repair yard is very easy to build.

As long as a few years, you can quickly build and improve.

As for the navy soldier...

Just from the West Sea, and even bring people to the boat, just transfer them.

You don’t need too much battleship anyway...

There are about 2,000-3,000 ships, which is enough.

If you change to another commander, you will certainly be afraid of a large number of battleships under Zhu Hengyu.

But Monster King is not worried about this...

Yin Ling'er has promised him.

More than 10,000 battleships in the Hengyu Kingdom will never attack them.

Although Yin Ling'er didn't make it clear, the Golden Eagle Monster King can feel Yin Ling's intention.

Inwardly, Yin Ling'er has already betrayed the death penalty of the Demon Sheep Race!

Moreover, Yin Ling'er is still very anxious and very hurry...

In any case, she must finish before Zhu Hengyu wakes up.


Once Zhu Hengyu wakes up, he will definitely stop it!

Zhu Hengyu opened his mouth, everyone can only take orders.

Those who wantonly reversed black and white and discredited Zhu Hengyu can be at ease.

This kind of thing is absolutely not allowed by Yin Ling'er.

With the full support of Monster Race.

The Golden Eagle Monster King took full action as soon as he took office.

First, several repair plants were set up on the route from the West Sea to the South China Sea.

Hundreds of repair shops were built in the North Sea of ​​Monster Race.

It only took three years...

Three thousand Monster Race battleships sailed from the West Sea of ​​Monster Race to the North Sea.

At the same time, hundreds of repair shops in Monster Race Beihai have also been officially completed and put into use.

At the same time...

With the strong support of the Moyang Clan Army, Jiang Family has built hundreds of shipyards.

Unfortunately, the project is progressing smoothly!

The abominable pirates have come to the door and destroyed the infrastructure of hundreds of shipyards scattered all over the place.

In the words of pirates...

If you want to build a battleship in the Magic Sheep Islands, it will inevitably threaten the safety of the pirates.

Before, it was the navy of your army that bullied us pirates.

Now, it is finally our turn, the pirates, to collect debts!

Until we get our consent, you would like to build a battleship out.

Even if you make it, you will be immediately hit, and you will all be sunk!

In the face of such a bold and arrogant pirate, the Demon Sheep’s army is also full of anger.

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