Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4398


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The Pirates own more than three thousand battle armored ships, it is said that…

These battleships were robbed by the chaos in the battle between Monster Race and the Kingdom of Hengyu.

Because there are too many battleships, the Hengyu Kingdom can’t drag off as much in a short time.

The battleships that are too late to drag away are cheaper for pirates.

These battleships were not given to them by Zhu Hengyu.


They can get these battleships, but they inherit Zhu Hengyu’s favor.

Now, the demon sheep clan turned black and white upside down and smeared Zhu Hengyu.

As affectionate and true pirates, they must come forward for Zhu Hengyu!

Unless, they can set things right anyway and restore Zhu Hengyu’s reputation!

Otherwise, as long as the pirate group still exists for a day, the Demon Sheep tribe wants to build a battleship!

Not only that…

The pirates will also carry out unlimited looting against the major resource islands of the Devil Clan.

All of this will continue until the Devil Sheep’s military headquarters, chaos for Zhu Hengyu anyway, the day when he restores his reputation, it will stop…

Otherwise, there is no need for the Demon Sheep to survive.

So filthy, so filthy race, not worthy of living in this world!

Have to say…

The method of fangs is really straightforward, tough enough, and vicious!

He doesn’t care how others face this matter, or whatever way others choose to respond to it.

For fangs, if you dare to provoke me, I will get you!

Just put the famous horses and horses in front of you…

If there is ability, everyone will stick to it and see who can’t resist it first!

In the face of such a brutal pirate, the Demon Sheep’s military department also tried to be emotional and reasonable.

Once the Demon Sheep is destroyed, don’t they want to die?

But the pirates don’t think so…

They are simply fearless!

What kind of pirate are you afraid of dying? How safe is it to go home and sleep with your wife child?

Moreover, what if the Devil Sheep Clan is destroyed?

The pirates have no homes, and the world is home.

Monster Race, even if they want to find them, I am afraid they are nowhere to be found.

For pirates…

The Demon Sheep Clan is indestructible, and it has nothing to do with whether they can continue to survive.

As Zhu Hengyu fell into a deep coma, all the subordinates of Zhu Hengyu were filled with indignation and spontaneously sought justice for Zhu Hengyu.

In a short while, the Demon Sheep’s new army department, which can be described as internal trouble and outside aggression, was completely chaotic.

Internally, all resources have been monopolized.

These resources are all from the Great Family and the Great Influence. They are exchanged for all the family property. If you want them to hand them over in vain, it is absolutely impossible.

But if it is not handed over, the Demon Sheep simply does not have the resources to recover and develop.

Externally, hostile forces from all sides can be described as one after another.

For a while, the Demon Sheep Army Headquarters has no thought of discrediting Zhu Hengyu.

Just at this time!

Monster Race The new commander of the North Sea Fleet has officially issued a notice to all races on the battlefield through the six-sided magic monument!

The new commander of the North Sea Fleet-Golden Eagle Monster King!

Tear down the armistice agreement by yourself!

And officially declare war on the Demon Sheep Race!

Monster Race three thousand battleships, all the way to siege and plunder, recovered a large number of lost islands, all the way moved towards the direction of the demon sheep killed…

The battle of the Destruction of the Demon Sheep Race is about to start…

Zhu Hengyu’s employment has always been suspected, but not suspicious.

Zhu Hengyu’s commanders at all levels are basically solely responsible for Zhu Hengyu.

The purgatory guard is like this, the Xuanbing guard is like this, and the Demon guard is also like this.

Then convert to the small team of Zheng Xiaoyu, Zhu Xiaomei, Gao Pengyi, and Jian He, too.

Even Zhu Hengyu promised to set up for the Demon Ox Clan, and now the same is true for the Devil Clan Navy commanded by Su Ziyun and Su Xiaowan.

The golden eagle is handsome, which is now the golden eagle Monster King.

Three thousand Hengyu fleet, as well as the sixty-four black-gold battleships of Fangfang and his command.

The major teams are juxtaposed with each other and are not affiliated with each other.

As Zhu Hengyu fell into a deep coma…

All major teams cut off all connections instantly.

Because they are only responsible for Zhu Hengyu, once Zhu Hengyu cannot command them, they have almost unlimited rights and freedoms.

As long as they do not violate the series of rules and regulations formulated by Zhu Hengyu, they will do whatever they want.

After Zhu Hengyu was in a coma…

In fact, everyone has lost a little bit of their backbone, and I don’t know what to do.

Especially after the dissolution of the Hengyu Kingdom, everyone even lost their base.

Even though everyone is not distracted, it is definitely people were alarmed.

If there is no external stimulus, no one knows how long they will be chaotic.

But I never thought…

The big brothers of the Demon Sheep’s army, played a tricky game!

In order to clean up the black history of their families and forces, they also played down Zhu Hengyu’s influence on the Moyang clan.

Only reverse the black and white and discredit Zhu Hengyu.

Whether they are willing or not, they must do so.

But I never thought that it was this practice that completely angered the commanders under Zhu Hengyu.

People were alarmed, but now they are immediately irritated!

Everyone has found a common goal. If they are united, they should discuss a statement and be fair for their king!

The light is so, there is no terrifying, but the key point is…

There is no connection between the teams.

Even the teams don’t know about each other’s existence.

For example, Purgatory Guard, Xuan Bing Guard, and Double Sword Demon Rider!

There are really few people who know these three Legion.

Probably only they know that they exist.

I don’t even know. How do I get in touch?

Respecting each other separately, fighting under each other…

Each team will follow Zhu Hengyu’s justice in accordance with his own style and his own methods.

The Hengyu Kingdom is disbanded, and each team must continue to survive and continue to cultivate.

Therefore, they must find ways to obtain a lot of resources and wealth.

As for the means and methods, there are no restrictions.

Zhu Hengyu, who can restrict them, is now in a coma!

The major teams under Zhu Hengyu’s group are headless, and they want to do what they want.

Among the major teams, the most vicious and ruthless are also fangs!

This guy is simply a cold-blooded animal!

The cold-blooded animals here are not scolding him.

As a child of the sea snake, he is a cold-blooded animal.

For fangs, things like feelings actually exist.

It’s just that he has long been accustomed to life and death.

Under the command of the fangs, those pirates are extremely fierce.

Finally, Fangfang still remembers Zhu Hengyu’s order prohibiting him from slaughtering the Demon Sheep Race!

Otherwise, the Demon Sheep are already blood flowing into a river.

The major teams under Zhu Hengyu attacked the Demon Sheep from all directions and all angles.

This side…

Yin Ling’er and Zheng Xiaoyu first converted 80% of the resources and minerals of the Moyang tribe legally into private property.

Then they used these resources and minerals in private to trade with the Great Family and Great Influence of the Devil Sheep.

Basically exchanged all the great families and forces of the Moyang clan and all industries located overseas.

These great families, Great Influence, have been completely cut off.

Is this the end?

Yin Ling’er and Zheng Xiaoyu have returned with satisfaction, even if it is the end?

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