Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4399


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no no no ……

Where is this!

What’s more cruel is that immediately after Zheng Xiaoyu and Yin Ling’er, the Fang Pirate Group arrived.

All resource islands are the targets of their plunder.

The ore mined from the pit, the resources produced by the resource field, and even the magic energy stone produced in the magic energy stone pit…

All are the targets of pirates!

According to the agreement with Zhu Hengyu…

30% of all income is turned over to Zhu Hengyu, 30% is allocated as income, and 30% is used for development.

The remaining 10% will be used as a bounty for those meritorious officials!

With this allocation, everyone is very satisfied.

The 30% allocated to Zhu Hengyu is not Zhu Hengyu’s own pocket.

Azure Ox Islands, Ice Demon Heavy Industry, don’t you need to spend money?

Especially research on weapons, armor, battleship, medicine pill refining, acquisition of medicine ingredients…

Astronomical money is invested every year to maintain research and development.

Don’t everyone take advantage of these advantages today?

This is 30% of Zhu Hengyu’s income, everyone is willing.

Even, everyone still thinks it’s missing.

Leading in technology can ensure that they get the most benefit with the least loss.

Especially everything that has happened since this time proves this.

Because of the loss of development funds provided by Zhu Hengyu, all teams can only find funds by themselves.

And exactly, the big men of the Devil’s Clan’s army are turning the black and white upside down and smearing Zhu Hengyu.

By combining the two, not only did everyone do something, but they also found the source of funds.

On the basis of not killing people as much as possible, the major teams under Zhu Hengyu almost scratched the Sheep Race for three feet!

The cruelest thing is…

The team just finished shaving and turned away.

The next team came over again and continued to scrape…

The team under Zhu Hengyu is too much.

You scrape it again, I scrape it on one side, it’s almost three feet away!

But don’t really say…

Under this search, not only did everyone avenge Zhu Hengyu and get justice, but the most important thing is that each team has acquired a lot of wealth and resources.

The demon sheep family, the folk have accumulated hundreds of millions of years of wealth, and they have almost been searched thoroughly.

Especially the Hengyu Pirates under the command of Fang Tooth, the people’s blood, sweat and tears that were searched are too much to hold.

Many expensive materials and ores are piled up in the open air and piled up into mountains.

Everything is really unsearchable and unshakable, so everyone has to stop.

From now on, everyone’s anger is almost the same.

If you want to continue, you can only kill it.

If Zhu Hengyu is awake, he will not be allowed to happen even if he dies.

But the problem is, he is now in a state of deep coma, and the personnel is unknown…

After a thorough search…

The major teams under Zhu Hengyu have all satisfied with their troops.

What they should do, what they can do, they have already done it.

Each team, after the pot is full of scrapes, they turned around and left to develop.

At this time, the golden eagle demon commander commanded 3,000 battle armored ships and arrived at the Sea Territory.

In the face of the invasion of Monster Race, the Demon Sheep Clan is just silly…

What to do…

None of the shipyards of the Moyang tribe have been established.

The shipyard that was about to be built was completely destroyed by pirates.

And, what if the shipyard is built?

The Moyang tribe has hoarded hundreds of millions of years of resources and wealth, and it has been cleaned up.

Jiang Family is really helpless when there is no material.

No way, use mud to build battleships, right?

When the Monster Race army arrives at the Sea Territory, the Jiang Family turns around and leaves.

If they don’t leave, they will probably be trapped on the island and die under the butcher’s knife of Monster Race.

With Zhu Hengyu’s Legion successively leaving…

The whole Devil Sheep family is like a naked lamb, but it is defenseless.

It’s not just that there is no battleship, even the armor and weapons are extremely scarce!

In the face of 30,000,000 armed to the monster Monster Race, the Demon Sheep completely fell into a desperate situation.

As for the major teams under Zhu Hengyu…

They are impossible to intervene…

Slay them, they are impossible to intervene.

It is not to say how much the soldiers of the Legion do not miss the feelings of the same race.

The key point is that the commanders of Legion are also involuntarily.

The commander and deputy commander of the Three Thousand Hengyu Fleet are controlled by Yin Ling’er.

Yin Ling’er is not a member of the Demon Sheep Clan…

Since Yin Ling’er said no, no one could disobey her opinion.

Like Yin Ling’er, Fangfang is not a member of the Demon Sheep.

Yin Ling’er is the spirit of a tree.

The fangs are simply a very poisonous cold-blooded sea snake.

Both of these guys will never care about the existence of Devil Sheep.

And purgatory guards, after completing the mission, they have now returned to the core of purgatory, and the secluded bitter cultivation is gone.

They don’t know what happened to the world outside.

What can they do without their knowledge?

According to Zhu Hengyu’s order, unless they have a mission, they are not allowed to leave the core of purgatory without permission.

And this side…

The golden eagle is handsome, this time it’s awesome.

Three thousand Monster Race battleships were divided into thirty invincible fleets by him.

Scattered all the way, what you have been through is unbelievable!

The big brothers of the Demon Sheep’s military department did not try to resist at all.

It’s not that they are timid, but that they don’t want to sacrifice fearlessly.

The newly appointed Demon Sovereign is just the initial cultivator of Demon King.

Three hundred Demon Kings, the true strength is nothing more than a magical realm.

As for those magic handsomes, they are actually the former ones.

One Demon King, plus three hundred demon kings, three thousand demon kings!

What kind of strength and power do you want to fight against Monster Race?

Golden Monster King When he took office this time, he requested a team of Imperial Family guards from the Monster Race Military Department!

Although the number is not large, it is only 3,000. However, in terms of individual strength, they are all first-level experts in Monster Sovereign.

The commander of the Three Thousand Fleet is also an expert in the first stage of Demon Sovereign.

In the face of such a horrible Monster Race fleet, the so-called gangsters of the military department once again chose the path that their ancestors once chose.

Not even an explanation…

Overnight, everyone was thoroughly.

Even more, this time is more exaggerated than the last time!

Last time, I only ran Demon King, the devil was handsome.

This time, even the new Demon Sovereign, ran away.

The people of the Demon Sheep are completely dumbfounded.

What’s going on?


Why did the entire military completely lose their voice overnight?

Did you say…

At this time, will the Devil Clan fall into the scourge of destruction again?

Did you say…

This time, will Zhu Hengyu pull strongly against a crazy tide to save everyone from fire and water?

Unfortunately, at this time, Zhu Hengyu couldn’t save them.

At this moment, Zhu Hengyu is still in a deep coma and cannot wake up at all for a short time.

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