Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4400


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Under the command of the Golden Eagle Monster King, the Monster Race army is not at all anxious, but chose to play steadily and advance step by step!

One after another, the islands of the Devil Sheep tribe have hardly formed any decent resistance, and one after another fell.

Without fighting, the golden eagle Monster King will occupy island after island.

In the whole process, they did not suffer any resistance at sea.

As for land…

Sorry, when it comes to land battles, Monster Race is the master!

Especially the monster air force of Monster Race simply ignores the city wall and directly jumps over the city wall to start the street battle.

Inside and outside together…

In addition to the strength of each other, the gap is too large, there is a gap of 20-30 segments.

A battle like this is actually a battle.


This time it’s not the others who command the soldiers, but the Golden Eagle Monster King, the former Golden Eagle demon handsome!

As a puppet under the control of Zhu Hengyu, the golden eagle Monster King is also subject to Zhu Hengyu’s ban.

Zhu Hengyu’s ban is not too much.

However, the first one is that it is not allowed to slaughter the people of the Devil Race!

Therefore, even if the island was captured, the Golden Eagle Monster King did not kill, but all the people of the Devil Sheep clan in the city were slashed into slaves.

Every day, follow the tasks assigned by Monster Race and engage in heavy labor.

As for salary, that is absolutely impossible.

It’s already high-smell to give you a full meal.

Have to say…

The ban issued by Zhu Hengyu is still flawed.

Zhu Hengyu didn’t think about the current practice of the Golden Eagle Monster King.

Monster King, although he is not willing to enter the Devil Sheep’s people, but has no psychological pressure to enslave them.

You can’t always say that you are feeding them in vain!

After countless searches by the teams under Zhu Hengyu, the wealth on the islands has been emptied.

If the people of the Moyang tribe refuse to work, there will be no food to eat and no clothes to wear.

Do you want them to starve to death or freeze to death?

Under the strategy of the Golden Eagle Monster King playing steadily and step by step…

The islands of the Demon Sheep tribe are falling one after another.

It took a full three years, which is the fifteenth year of Zhu Hengyu’s coma.

Monster King, the golden eagle, captured the last island of the Demon Sheep.

That’s it…

The once-famous Devil Sheep tribe is destroyed!

The Golden Eagle Monster King, with only 3,000 battle armored ships, completely recovered the lost territory of Monster Race, and captured the entire territory of the Demon Sheep Race, completely destroying the Demon Sheep Race.

The prosperity of its military achievements can be called against the sky!

After the destruction of the Demon Sheep Clan, the Golden Eagle Monster King is based on the Three Thousand Islands of the Demon Sheep Clan.

Over 70,000 islands are integrated between the Magic Sheep Islands and the Monster Race coastline.

Establish a huge country-Golden Eagle King!

The golden eagle Monster King is the king!

In the face of all this sudden, Monster Race is shocked, Demon Race is also shocked.

Especially the Demon Wolf Clan and the Demon Cow clan near the Devil Sheep Kingdom have immediately entered the first-level combat readiness!

until now, it seems to other branches of Demon Race that the Devil Race will not be destroyed.

After all, the battleship construction technology of the Devil Race is far ahead of Monster Race.

In this case, even if Monster Race is destroyed, it is not a short time.

If you don’t saw it for hundreds of years, or even thousands of years, it is impossible.

But who would have thought that the Devil Sheep Clan actually fell to this point.

The entire Demon Sheep Clan can’t find a battleship, and can’t find an army that can fight against Monster Race.

In just three years, with only three thousand battle armored ships, the Demon Sheep was completely destroyed.

The Demon Sheep has been destroyed!

Then next, Monster Race will naturally set its sights on the Devil Cow Clan and Demon Wolf Clan.

With the fall of the Demon Sheep, a huge crack was torn in Demon Race’s territory.

In addition to the Demon Race, other branches of Demon Race, not at all strong battleship construction technology.

Although Jiang Family, eventually went to Demon Wolf Clan.

However, Demon Wolf Clan’s cultivator is more suitable for horseback archery, but not for navy.

Demon Wolf Clan’s cultivator is also more suitable to be a warrior than a craftsman.

This is a gap in intelligence, and it cannot be made up by hard work.

Although, Jiang Family retains the construction technology and craftsmanship of battleship, and all kinds of drawings are available, and more than a dozen warehouses are installed.

But all this is in vain.

Without enough craftsmen and enough soldiers in the navy, it is already the limit to build and maintain one hundred battleships a year at the current size of the Jiang Family.

If you want to continue to increase the scale, you must have a large number of Devil sheep artisans.

However, the Demon Sheep Clan has been destroyed.

Jiang Family alone cannot expand the scale at all.

Of course, it is not only the Demon Sheep who can build battleships.

Other branches of Demon Race can also build battleships.

It’s just that, in terms of advanced level, in terms of construction technology and construction craftsmanship, it is, after all, inferior to the Moyang clan for many generations.

Basically, it stays the same as Monster Race.

Demon Race’s population is not dominant, and its advantage in battleship has been smoothed out.

As a result, as far as the sea power is concerned, between Monster Race and Demon Race, it is even!

There is no doubt…

The next battle will be extremely difficult.

After the Golden Eagle Monster King successfully established the Golden Eagle King nation.

With all efforts within the Demon Sheep Islands, choose the most suitable location and establish three thousand shipyards.

Golden eagle Monster King used his Imperial Family identity to mobilize a large amount of materials from the rear of Monster Race to be transported to the territory of the Demon Sheep Race.

Of course…

All of this is not free.

The golden eagle Monster King is generous, the Demon Sheep Islands, and originally belonged to Monster Race, but later all fell, and finally recovered by the golden eagle Monster King on those islands…

All the magic stone pits, metal pits, and precious stones, jade, jade stone…

Many valuable mines, resources, medicine field…

All prices are mortgaged.

With these mineral resources, the mining rights for the next 30,000,000 years.

A large amount of various materials and resources were exchanged.

In order to enable Monster Race’s great families and forces to cooperate actively.

And give a suitable, super low price……

The golden eagle Monster King rushed back to Monster Race, convened the top level of Monster Race military department, and held more than thirty consecutive meetings.

At the meeting, the Golden Eagle Monster King displayed his grand blueprint.

With the destruction of the Demon Sheep Clan…

Next, Monster Race will face Demon Wolf Clan and the Devil Clan.

In order to win the next war, you must hoard a lot of materials and build a lot of battleships.

To win the next war!

The golden eagle demon takes all the exploitation rights of all resources within the Golden Eagle King country to trade.

In exchange for the Monster Race, the Great Family, and the resources controlled by the Great Influence.

In the face of the generosity and generosity of Monster King…

Monster Race The Military Department naturally supports it vigorously, and has mandated the Monster Race, the Great Family, and the Great Influence!

All the materials and materials will not let them go in vain.

But if anyone wants to make a fortune, it is also a delusion.

Not to mention selling high prices.

In fact, even the parity cannot be sold.

Must be supplied to the Golden Eagle Monster King at a price 30% lower than the market price!

Obtained the massive resources of Monster Race…

Golden eagle Monster King works hard to build, develop and develop Demon Sheep Islands crazy.

The golden eagle Monster King has no pity for the people of the Demon Sheep.

If it were not for Zhu Hengyu’s ban…

I am afraid that all the people of the Moyang tribe have already become Chinese dishes and will be served on the Monster Race table.

Now, Monster King not only saved their lives, but also allowed them to eat full and dress warmly, which is already done.

Every devil sheep people, every day has to do complicated and heavy work, and no salary.

Due to the hard work of the people of the Moyang tribe, the development of the Golden Eagle King country can be described as changing with each passing day.

When Zhu Hengyu finally woke up from endless drowsiness…

Time has passed 100 years!

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