Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4685

As a result, Jintai was completely abandoned.


Dare to approach Golden Immortal boldly after Jintai speaks out.

Which one does not have both status and status?

The pampered young masters that Jintai abolished, all have the demon saints behind them.

Therefore, although Jintai shot very ruthless, at the same time, he also made countless enemies.

Especially the demon saints behind the pampered young master quit.

Slapped my grandson, then you have to give me an explanation.

The so-called, fair ladies, gentlemen are so beautiful.


Just allow your child to chase girl, but not our child?

In desperation…

The Golden Eagle Demon Saint had to make a choice.

Take Jin Taefa to the middle area of ​​the battlefield collapse.

Abandon him completely…

However, although Jintai was indeed dealt with, Golden Immortal was not at all relieved.

Because of her…

Several descendants of the demon saint have been abolished.

Jintai was completely distributed.

Although Jintai is gone, no one dares to chase Golden Immortal anymore.

The Old Ancestor of Golden Immortal’s family is for the good of the two and to ease the relationship with the Golden Eagle Old Ancestor.

I have to say something…

Golden Immortal, I have no intention of getting married at the moment.

If anyone comes to pester again, it will be harassment.


Although time has passed several countless years, to this day, Golden Immortal is still alone.

Don’t even talk about getting married, I haven’t even had a boyfriend.


Every Great Family, every young talent from Great Influence, all walk around her.

For fear of getting too close, it will anger the Jin Family.

Once the demon saint gets angry, he will kill them lightly.

Foremost, it will start the war of the Two Great Influences of the Golden Eagle Clan.

In recent years, the golden eagles have not been very good in form.

Until now, the Golden Eagle clan is the most powerful clan among the three Great Imperial Families of Monster Race.

Monster Race Among the three thousand races, the Golden Eagle race has 36 demon saints.

The total number of monsters in Monster Race is only more than three hundred and sixty.

Moreover, even if they are both demon saints.

The demon sage of the Golden Eagle Clan is superior in strength.


Although the Golden Eagle Clan is really strong, but the old saying goes well…

The rafters in their early days rot first!

millions and millions years, the golden eagle tribe has been beautiful for too long.

For a long time, the other races had to unite to restrict the Golden Eagle tribe.

Any hard work must be done by the Golden Eagle Clan.

In its place…

The golden eagles cannot refuse.

You can’t say that you have to sit in a high position without doing things, right?

However, over the years, the middle generation of the Golden Eagle tribe has experienced a gap in talent.

A large number of middle generation cultivators died in battle…

Causing the demon saint of the Golden Eagle Clan to stagnate at 36.

There have been millions and millions of years, and there are no new demon saints.

In contrast to other races…

Because of the dangerous work, the golden eagles were all taken care of.

Therefore, their middle generation loss is relatively small.

From now on, the number of demon saints in each Great Influence is rapidly increasing.

From Great Ancient Era Middle-Stage…

After the battle with Immortal Sect.

Monster Race only had 108 demon saints left at the time.

Among these 108 demon students, the Golden Eagle tribe accounts for 36 seats.

millions and millions years time passed…

There are more than three hundred and sixty demon saints of Monster Race.

However, there are still only 36 demon saints of the Golden Eagle Clan.

The gap between these is the biggest problem facing the Golden Eagles.

Of course…

The 36 demon saints now are not the 36 demon saints back then.

You must know that although the demon saint will not die, he will fall.

Once you fall, you need to reincarnate and recultivate to restore the strength of the demon saint.

Although, Demon Saint’s recovery speed is very fast.

But, after all, it is Saint-Tier’s power.

No matter how fast the recovery is, it will eventually take a long time.

I said before…

Because of Heavenly Dao’s broken relationship.

The Lord cannot pin the True Spirit on Heavenly Dao.

Therefore, the so-called demon saint is actually nothing more than a false saint.

Having Saint’s realm, but cannot rely on Power of Heaven and Earth.

Not to control the Huanghuang Heavenly Dao and fight with opponents.

Therefore, the demon saint will also fall.

After the fall, it will take a long time to recover…

There must be a clear concept…

For the cultivator below white light Saint Physique.

The time of cultivation is in years.

But for the cultivator above Primal Chaos Battle Body.

The time of cultivation is based on Yuanhui.

One Yuanhui means 120,000 nine thousand six hundred years…

Because the energy of the Lord is too huge.

Therefore, even if the Lord wants to restore his strength, it is not an easy task.

I want to explain here…

The true Saint can entrust the True Spirit in Heavenly Dao.

It’s like archiving.

Even if the deity is killed in battle, you can read files instantly to restore Peak’s strength.

As for the false saint, there is no way to pin the True Spirit on Heavenly Dao.

There is no way to archive instantly…

So, once the battle is dead, it can only start again.

Although the realm is still there, and the insights of the Dao are still there, the accumulation of energy is not achieved overnight.

The current Xuantian Dharma Body is actually equivalent to the rebuilt Lord!

To restore energy, you need to obtain massive chaotic crystals.

Then, it takes a lot of time to digest and absorb.

Even if you have unlimited resources…

It also takes a very long time to condense Saint Venerable Realm’s mana and cultivation base.

On the surface of the Golden Eagle Clan, there are 36 demon saints.

But in fact, secretly…

The Golden Eagle Clan also has 36 veteran demon saints, who are recovering at full speed.

Once the 36 old brands are going to be promoted, they really regain their strength.

Then, the number of demon saints of the Golden Eagle Race will reach seventy two!

It’s a pity…

The resources that the demon saint wants to restore to his strength are too terrifying.

From a certain angle…

The golden eagles are equivalent to possess seventy two mysterious worlds.

Each Xuantian world must extract massive amounts of chaotic crystals to extract energy.

Such a heavy burden made the Golden Eagle Monster Race almost unable to breathe.

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