Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4686


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The 36 demon saints of the Golden Eagle tribe, and the 36 demon saints who are recovering with all their strength, have actually been very hard.

Resources are always impossible.

Monster Race has a large population, so how many can be allocated to the Golden Eagle Clan?

In the past few years…

Why don’t the golden eagles have a demon saint anymore?

Not because all the resources are allocated to 36 demon saints.

And 36 other demon saints who have temporarily lost their mana and are recovering with all their strength?

Without enough resources, how can I become the Lord?

Speak truthfully…

Every deity is piled up with resources.

In short…

The current situation of the Golden Eagles is very difficult.

Because too many people need resources, the 36 demon saints of the Golden Eagle tribe don’t allocate much resources.

After all, those 36 fallen.

The demon saints who are recovering at full speed are all the elders of their grandfather generation.

The true power of the Golden Eagles is actually in their hands.

Golden Eagle Demon Saint…

That is Jintai’s Ancestral Grandfather-Jin Yu.

His strength is actually only the first level of Primal Chaos Battle Body.

And among the demon saints of the older generation, there is no lack of high-level Primal Chaos Battle Body.

Compared with the demon saints of the older generation, he is still tender.

In Peak state, people can slap him into the air with a slap.

There is no way to fight…

As the old saying goes, under Saint, all are ants.

But there are actually differences between Saints.


The current problem of the Golden Eagles is that they have too limited resources.

The middle generation does not get enough cultivation resources at all.

The existing 36 demon saints, the resources for cultivation are also limited.

Compared with the demon saints of the same generation, their entry is really too slow.

In the whole Monster Race…

The situation of the Golden Eagle tribe is getting more and more difficult.

Especially with the fall of a large number of middle generation backbones.

At this moment, the golden eagle clan is already dead.

Facing this situation…

The 36 Great Saints of the Golden Eagle tribe, of course, must unite and join the public.


36 Great Saints are all trying their best to maintain their relationship.

It is also from this perspective…

The Old Ancestor of Golden Immortal will never destroy the stability and unity of the Golden Eagle tribe just because she is alone.

From the perspective of Old Ancestor of Golden Immortal…

Golden Immortal is perfect if you can make a pair with Jintai.

If not, then she would rather die alone, and never offend Jintai’s Ancestral Grandfather.

Listen to the truthful statements of Small Captain.

Combined with the information I got.

Zhu Hengyu quickly analyzed the current situation.


Even people all over the world forget who Jintai is and what he looks like.

Golden Immortal is absolutely impossible to forget.

For Golden Immortal, Jintai is simply her nightmare!

How can I forget?

But now…

Zhu Hengyu’s appearance is not Jin Tae’s appearance.

In terms of figure, it is not Jintai’s figure.

To be exact…

Now Zhu Hengyu actually has the figure and appearance of Chu Xingyun.

In this way…

Golden Immortal, how can you not doubt, how can you not fear?

Take a long breath…

Zhu Hengyu knows that he must find ways to overcome this difficulty.

If you can’t even pass the Golden Immortal level.

Then, his big plan of imposter, I am afraid it will be shelved.

And if you can hide from Golden Immortal…

Then, even if others suspect it, it might not work.

The brain is thinking quickly…

Soon, Zhu Hengyu thought of an explanation.

Looking at the Small Captain, Zhu Hengyu coldly said: “What you know is pretty detailed.”

“But don’t you think that this is not appropriate?”

Faced with Zhu Hengyu’s question…

Small Captain wiped the sweat from his forehead, and said nervously: “I think your acting style is simple, and very domineering.”

“Since I’m back now, of course it is immediate, and I will see her, so…”

Hearing what Small Captain said, Zhu Hengyu couldn’t help sighing.


If he is really Jintai.

So, according to Jintai’s habits.

This time I come back, I really will immediately, and I will see Golden Immortal.

He doesn’t care at all.

The problem now is that he is not Jintai.

He is just an imposter.

Zhu Hengyu waved his hand and said: “Well, you don’t know, I don’t blame you, this matter will stop here.”

While speaking, Zhu Hengyu turned around and walked towards the door.

Opening the door, Zhu Hengyu walked towards the top of the stairs.

Go down the stairs…

Zhu Hengyu thought quickly as he walked down.

From now on…

The only way he can think of is to make the mistakes and make all the changes to Golden Immortal.

Apart from this, any explanation lacks sufficient persuasiveness and credibility.

Between thinking…

Zhu Hengyu walked all the way into the hall.

Looking around, Golden Immortal is standing at the door stiffly.

He wanted to leave, but hesitated.


Golden Immortal has already begun to suspect Zhu Hengyu.

Zhu Hengyu is suspected of imposting Jintai.

After all, there is a huge gap between Zhu Hengyu and Jintai.

Whether it is temperament or charm.

Whether it is body shape or appearance.

In everything, Heaven and Earth turning upside down has changed.

How could this be the same person?

Go head on in the direction of Golden Immortal.

Zhu Hengyu knew that he had to pass the Golden Immortal level.

If you can’t even conceal Golden Immortal.

Then the plan at this time can be officially announced as aborted.

Walk all the way to Golden Immortal…

Zhu Hengyu stood still.

Extending his arms, Zhu Hengyu said: “How… I can’t recognize me at all, right?”

You! I…

Faced with Zhu Hengyu’s question.

Golden Immortal squeezed both fists nervously, with a look of panic and hesitation.

Looking at Golden Immortal deeply, Zhu Hengyu’s eyes are full of affection…

For you, I changed my appearance.

For you, I read and write and become what you like.


Please look at me.

Is there anything else that can’t satisfy you.


Please look at me.

There is something else that doesn’t fit your fantasy.

For you, I can change…

Faced with Zhu Hengyu’s affectionate confession.

Golden Immortal’s eyes widened suddenly.


Golden Immortal didn’t know much about Jintai.

No one will waste too much energy and energy for people who don’t like it.

The stronger Jintai is, the more Golden Immortal hates him.


Although Jintai can chase heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, in fact, Golden Immortal doesn’t even want to look at him.

Looking at Zhu Hengyu up close…

This is a handsome man with red lips and white teeth.

Golden Immortal, no matter what, he can’t feel the slightest ill feeling towards him like this.

At this moment…

The man in front of Golden Immortal is the type she admires most and loves most.

But, in any case, Golden Immortal couldn’t imagine it.

That vulgar, wild man turned out to be like this.

This is too unreal…

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