Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4688


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Just when Golden Immortal was feeling like a deer.

Zhu Hengyu sighed lightly, and sprayed it on Golden Immortal’s pearly ears at a close range.

Only one in an instant ……

Golden Immortal was involuntarily and shivered.

The cold hair all over the body is erected.

I raised my head in trepidation and looked at Zhu Hengyu.

As far as I can see, Zhu Hengyu’s face is already close to her.

in an instant ……

Golden Immortal just felt a blank in his mind.

The brain has completely lost the ability to think…

In a daze, Golden Immortal closed his eyes subconsciously.

Long eyelashes, shaking violently.


Wait a minute…

In this way, wouldn’t it be the acquiescence of this guy to kiss him?

This won’t work!

She should hate him!

Opened his eyes sharply, but instantly met Jin Tae’s star-like eyes.

Only for a moment…

Golden Immortal was completely lost.

In the feeling of Golden Immortal.

In Jintai’s eyes, there are thousands of starlights shining.

Golden Immortal fell into the boundless Star Sea like a butterfly.

I can’t escape anymore…

No! No…

This is not right…

In a panic, Golden Immortal violently stretched out his arms and pushed Zhu Hengyu away forcefully.


Golden Immortal opened his legs and ran towards the gate at full speed.

Now, she really doesn’t dare to stay.


Even she herself cannot guarantee what she will do next.

Watching Golden Immortal run away quickly…

Zhu Hengyu suddenly smiled.

Fortunately, I finally scared this little girl away.

To be honest…

When Golden Immortal closed his eyes just now.

Zhu Hengyu is stupid.

What’s the matter?

Is this acquiescing him to kiss her?

Although the time is short, Zhu Hengyu’s inner struggle is fierce.

Facing that situation…

It’s wrong for him not to kiss.

You have been pursuing it for so long, and everything you dream of is in front of you, there is no reason why he will not kiss.

But if you really kiss, wouldn’t it be playing with other people’s feelings?

If you don’t love her, how can you kiss her?

Zhu Hengyu couldn’t do such a beastly thing.


Zhu Hengyu has already planned to give up.


Although Golden Immortal closed his eyes, he looked like he was picking it.

But soon, she opened her eyes.

Obviously, she means not at all in her heart.

However, when the matter is here, it is not completely over.

In order to make everyone believe, he is Jintai.

Next, he must catch up with the door.

Public launching a love offensive against Golden Immortal.

He tried his best to learn from Jintai back then.

Try to follow Golden Immortal’s most disgusting, domineering, arrogant, and unreasonable way.

Initiate a pursuit of her…

In this way, his identity can be confirmed.

Never fall in love with Golden Immortal.

It is the best of both worlds.

Of course…

Since Golden Immortal has been tortured because of him.

Then, he will also give Golden Immortal enough remuneration.

While thinking about it, Zhu Hengyu watched Golden Immortal run away all the way, but not at all chased it.

After sending away Golden Immortal…

Zhu Hengyu also turned and left the castle.

Although this is his current home, obviously…

Everything here is too old.

I don’t know how many years, no one has lived.

So Zhu Hengyu left the castle.

And stayed at the peak of Yunding City, a nine-star hotel, Yunding Hotel.

From now on…

Based on Zhu Hengyu’s rank and status.

It’s no longer a matter of finding a random place, you can make do with all night.

even more how, Zhu Hengyu is not short of money now.

Monster Race cultivator is to learn the murderous aura in the metal for cultivation.

So, silver, gold, platinum, black gold…

These precious metals are not enough for Monster Race.

Monster Race’s desire for gold and silver originates from the bone marrow, even in the depth of one’s soul…

But for Zhu Hengyu.

The so-called gold and silver are piled up in his Ice Emperor bracelet.


Here is a pile of mountains, not a pile of mountains!

Not to mention…

Zhu Hengyu’s Ice Emperor bracelet contains a large amount of precious metals.

For now…

Underground City seventy two In the town of purgatory.

everyday all will smelt huge amounts of precious metals.

The so-called gold and silver in Underground World are nothing more than ordinary mineral deposits.

Of course…

If you divide these gold and silver into tens of millions and then divide them evenly.

On average for everyone, there is not much.

But the problem now is…

No one is separated from Zhu Hengyu at all.

The underground seventy two are around the town of purgatory.

All metal ores mined by more than 30,000 Chuanshan miners.

All belong to Zhu Hengyu.

Only he can use it.

It does not need to be distributed to anyone.

After all, as a Demon Race, these precious metals are actually useless.

Demon Race cannot absorb the murderous aura in the metal for cultivation.

Responded all night at Yunding Hotel…

At dawn, Zhu Hengyu finally woke up…

Leaning against the bed, Zhu Hengyu couldn’t help thinking.

According to Zhu Hengyu’s understanding, there is actually no way for Jin Tae to chase Golden Immortal.

First, he ran to Golden Immortal and told her that he liked her.

Then, after speaking out, Golden Immortal is her woman.

From now on, whoever dares to approach her again will be his enemy Jintai.

The so-called, the hatred of killing the father and the hatred of taking the wife, it is absolutely irreconcilable.

So, everyone told me to stay away from Golden Immortal!

Faced with such a rude and aggressive pursuit.

How could Golden Immortal like it?

It doesn’t matter if you chase me…

You have to ask me if I like you?

You have to think about how I feel, right?

I haven’t promised yet, you just let it go.

What else said I am your woman.

Aren’t you a bad name festival?

En en en en…

Between thinking, Zhu Hengyu repeatedly nodded.

Jintai’s approach is indeed odious.

If he is a girl, he will never like such a rude person.

However, since Golden Immortal would definitely not like it.

So, he just wants to use this method.

That sentence…

He wants to pursue Golden Immortal and establish himself, but he can’t let Golden Immortal really like him.

After thinking, Zhu Hengyu stood up and got up.

After washing, he rushed towards the castle.

It’s still early, so I don’t rush to Golden Immortal to find Golden Immortal.

Enter the castle all the way…

Zhu Hengyu found Small Captain.

It is worth mentioning that the Small Captain’s last name is Li Mingyun.

Take out a bag of Five Elements money, Zhu Hengyu threw it to Li Yun, and confessed: “You take the money, buy some flowers, and send it to the golden bird decorated door to wait for me.”

Hearing Zhu Hengyu’s order, Li Yun clicked nodded and whispered: “Um… are you pursuing the Golden Immortal Young Lady?”

Faced with Zhao Yun’s inquiry, Zhu Hengyu had nothing to hide.

Furthermore, without explaining clearly.

In case Li Yun made a mistake, it would be a big joke.

“Yes, I will be there at noon…”

Before I arrive, you must send all the flowers.

“En en…”

After confirming what Zhu Hengyu will do.

Li Yun opened the mouth of the bag and looked inside.

As you can see, the pockets are all Five Elements money!

Moreover, for every Five Elements money, a big red diamond is condoned!

This Red Diamond Five Elements is worth ten thousand!

This pocket of Five Elements money contains more than 300 pieces.

The total value is more than three million!

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