Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4689


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Putting out his tongue secretly, Li Yun cautiously said: “Does all this money buy flowers?”

I clicked nodded, and Zhu Hengyu said: “Yes, buy all the flowers, and then send them to the golden bird to decorate the door.”

Shrinking his neck, Li Yun continued: “Can I take a few members of the team and act together?”

I looked at Li Yun suspiciously.

Zhu Hengyu looked puzzled.

Don’t you just buy bouquets?

If you can do it alone, why take someone with you?

However, it doesn’t really matter.

This old castle actually doesn’t need someone to guard it.

This old castle is located at Pinnacle in Yunding City.

Those who are criminals do not dare to come near here because of their courage.

even more how ……

In Zhu Hengyu’s view, there is nothing to be afraid of losing in this dilapidated castle.

Zhu Hengyu only pondered for a moment, and then categorically said: “Whatever, as long as you deliver the flowers before noon, you can take care of the others.”

Hearing Zhu Hengyu’s words, Li Yun suddenly relaxed.

Immediately turned around, Li Yun led the small team of the old castle, and rushed towards the flower shops in Yunding City at full speed.

speaking of which ……

There is obviously a misunderstanding in this.

The bag of Five Elements money that Zhu Hengyu took out was actually not at all wrong.

In Zhu Hengyu’s mind, that is just three hundred Five Elements money.

You can only buy a large bouquet of flowers at most.

But in fact…

When I was sorting out the huge amount of Five Elements money hoarded in the Qingqiucheng warehouse.

Something went wrong…

A bag of red diamond Five Elements money worth 3,000,000 mixed with ordinary Five Elements money and handed it to Zhu Hengyu.


Originally, Zhu Hengyu only planned to buy a bunch of bouquets worth three hundred dollars.

But now, it has become a flower of 3,000,000, and I have bought a lot of flowers.

The most important thing is…

Yunding City is located in the south of Five Elements Reversal.

The climate here is extremely warm, the most suitable for the growth of flowers and plants.

The flowers are not only long and lush, but also covering the mountains and plains.

Moreover, even if the flowers are picked, it only takes a few days to produce new flower bones again.

New buds are blooming…

Therefore, the price of flowers in Yunding City is very low.

You can buy one for one Five Elements money!

3,000,000 Five Elements money, you can buy 3,000,000 flowers!

I’m afraid to search all the flower shops in Yunding City.

Can’t make so many flowers…

To say, it was also Li Yun’s mistake.

He should ask clearly…

However, if Li Yun is to be blamed, it can’t be justified.

After all, Li Yun is actually nothing more than a tragedy.

Yesterday he always thought that the money Zhu Hengyu gave him was wrong.

But the result is not only correct…

Moreover, Zhu Hengyu also specially rewarded him with a bounty of 12 million.

Since he was so arrogant yesterday, I directly rewarded tens of millions.

So today, spend millions on flowers.

To pursue his favorite woman.

This is totally understandable!


Isn’t it true of the pampered young masters in Yunding City when they chase girls?

Although they don’t send flowers, but luxury carriage, or priceless and unique rare treasure, they spend only more than Zhu Hengyu, not less than Zhu Hengyu.

Especially for Zhu Hengyu, this is simply pediatrics.

Therefore, it is understandable that Li Yun misunderstood Zhu Hengyu.

Not to mention…

How Zhu Hengyu wandered around the castle, thinking about the decoration style of the castle.

On the other side…

Li Yun only left one team member to look after the house.

The other eight people rushed around with him at full speed.

Not just themselves…

Even, they called their family members and even relatives and friends to help.

Hurry to each flower shop and buy all their flowers.

Time goes by every minute and every second…

Finally, the sun rose high.

moved towards the highest place just in the sky, slowly climbing.

With the ebbing of time…

Soon, the florist girl in small groups began to deliver a lot of flowers to the gate decorated by the golden bird.

Golden Bird Decoration is a white three-story single-family building.

Its area is not large, only more than 300 square meters.

The third floor of the small white building is not the shop area decorated by Golden Birds, but the location of Golden Immortal’s boudoir…

Last night, Golden Immortal didn’t sleep all night.

I have been reminiscing about the contact with Jintai last night.

Every time I think of Jin Tae’s handsome face.

Golden Immortal could not help but blush.

Although I know that this face is just an afterthought of Jintai, I have to say…

Such a handsome guy is really charming and charming.

Especially his dreamlike vision, as if from the eyes of this vast Star Sea.

It’s even more profound, making people involuntarily addicted to it.

Don’t extricate yourself…

I haven’t slept all night…

It wasn’t until dawn that she fell asleep in a daze.

However, I just slept for two or three hours.

Golden Immortal was awakened by the noise outside the window.

Pushing open the crystal window suspiciously, Golden Immortal looked downstairs curiously.

What I saw…

The crowd in small groups, holding a lot of flowers, rushed over from various locations and directions.

Look at the gate downstairs…

All kinds of bright flowers have completely filled the entire gate.

Even some of the bouquets are already close to the road.

Swing further out will affect the traffic.

In desperation…

They had to surround the small building and put the bouquets on both sides of the gate.


Who is it that sent so many flowers here?

Is it him!

Under the gaze of Golden Immortal…

More and more people, holding a bouquet of flowers, rushed over from all around.

A lot of flowers completely surrounded the elegant little white building.

Between flowers…

That elegant white building, like a beautiful and independent beautiful girl.

A fresh and pleasant standing there……

Are there girls who don’t like flowers?

This does have…

Although there are very few girls allergic to pollen, they do exist after all.

Apart from this, a girl who doesn’t like flowers, can really be regarded as a rare animal.


Golden Immortal is not a rare animal.

She likes flowers very much.

In the heart of Golden Immortal, her white horse Prince is to give her many beautiful flowers.

But Jintai, never gave her a flower.

What else did you even say…

That is just the body of the flower.

Such a beautiful thing, being said by him, is really not beautiful at all.

Girl, it can’t be romantic.

Although Jintai is very pragmatic, all she gave her was luxurious carriage and precious jewelry…

But, that’s really not what Golden Immortal wanted.

She wanted to fall in love, not to sell herself.

Golden Immortal is not rich, but he is not short of money.

In any case, she will never betray herself for money.

It’s actually very easy to get her.

As long as she gets her heart, then everything she wants is given.

And if she can’t get her heart, even if it is as strong as Jintai, she will still to disdain as beneath contempt.

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