Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4690


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Secretly crawling on the windowsill…

Looking at the surrounding Bailou, there are more and more flowers.

For a while, Golden Immortal seemed calm on the surface.

But in fact, her heart is already soft like a ball of cotton.

To be honest…

There are no women, and they don’t like men crazy about love.

But the point is, you must be crazy.

You are crazy, be crazy enough to be romantic…

Like the original Jintai, crazy is crazy, but too domineering, too scary, right?

It’s so good like now…

Looking at the sea of ​​flowers gradually converging into an ocean.

Even if Golden Immortal’s heart is as hard as iron.

But her heart is, after all, fleshy.

Now Jintai is really different.

Although I’m crazy about love as I was back then.

But now he is really too romantic.

It’s so romantic…

Any girl, can she not be happy in the face of such a scene?

Such a pursuit is overbearing, but also romantic.

Even if you don’t like each other…

But in the face of such a romantic pursuit, it’s hard to hate it.

Is there a saying?

You can dislike anyone.

But there is no right to not allow others to like you.

Time is passing by a little bit…

Small Captain Li Yun’s ability is indeed strong enough.

Inspired by the three-inch tongue, I invited the little girls from various flower shops to specially rush to the white building to arrange the sea of ​​flowers.

The originally scattered sea of ​​flowers is gradually stacked neatly.

A huge heart shape was formed, and the white building surrounded Chari.

The scene in front of the white building slowly attracted the attention of more and more people.

The passers-by around could not help but stop and watch.

When Zhu Hengyu finally rushed over from the old castle and arrived in front of the white building.

Look around…

The entire white building has been completely submerged in a sea of ​​flowers.

More than three million beautiful flowers set off the elegant little white building.

One after another, the fragrance of flowers can be smelled across three streets.


Looking at the blooming sea of ​​flowers.

Suddenly, Zhu Hengyu was stupid.

What’s the matter?

How could it become like this!

He didn’t really want to chase Golden Immortal.

Originally, he just wanted to buy a bunch of flowers.

But now, how come a sea of ​​flowers has appeared here!

What if Golden Immortal is really moved?

However, this is the end of the matter, and it is not Zhu Hengyu’s character to retreat now.

Take a long breath…

Zhu Hengyu took a bunch of flame flowers symbolizing love from Li Yun’s hand, and walked towards Xiaobailou.

Walk all the way to the gate of the white building…

Originally, Zhu Hengyu intended to walk in all the way.

But look around…

The entire doorway of the Bailou was completely blocked by flowers.

Simply did not leave a passage for entry and exit.

Zhu Hengyu can only give up his original plan.

Between his feet, he stopped in front of the sea of ​​flowers.

Due to the relationship between height and angle…

Zhu Hengyu cannot see the overall shape of the sea of ​​flowers.

In Zhu Hengyu’s view, it was just a bunch of flowers placed together.

But condescending, looking down from the white building.

Zhu Hengyu’s position is very positive.

It is the heart-shaped flower sea, where the apex of the heart is.

He holds a bunch of flame flowers that symbolize love.

Zhu Hengyu looks around…

As far as I can see, thousands of people have gathered around!

In order to confirm his identity, Zhu Hengyu can’t hold back anyway.

As for how to prevent Golden Immortal from falling in love with yourself, it is actually very simple.

Go after her in the way she hates most.

In this way, there is no need to worry.

Between thinking…

Zhu Hengyu stood up straight and looked up at the third floor of the white building.

Subconsciously, Zhu Hengyu can clearly feel…

In the crystal window on the third floor.

A water-like eye is looking at him.

Not surprisingly, it would be Golden Immortal.

Take a long breath…

Zhu Hengyu looked up at the window on the third floor of the white building and shouted: “Golden Immortal, I am Jintai!”

“Please open the window and let me see you, okay?”

Faced with Zhu Hengyu’s call…

Golden Immortal subconsciously extended the hand and pushed towards the window.


Just when the jade hand of Golden Immortal touched the window.

But it was violently returned, like an electric shock.


Can’t open the window!

Otherwise, wouldn’t it mean accepting his courtship?

This man…

After so many years, he is still so domineering.

In any case, this window must not be opened!

On the other side…

When I saw Golden Immortal, I refused to open the window.

Although Zhu Hengyu is extremely disappointed on the surface, and even a little sad, in his heart, he is greatly relaxed.

Fortunately, the Golden Immortal is still the Golden Immortal.

She is as always, hating Jintai!

In that case, he doesn’t need to worry so much.

You can completely open up and sway…

Only in this way, can we emphasize the true nature of love and obsession.

Only in this way can everyone believe that he is Jintai!

As long as Zhu Hengyu sat down to confirm the identity of Jintai.

No matter how many Chuanshan miners he recruits, no one will interfere with him.

Within the sphere of influence of the Golden Eagle Clan, he can act wilfully

And if he can’t sit as Jintai.

It was absolutely difficult to get started.

It’s a little bit out of style, I’m afraid it will be targeted.

The brain is thinking quickly…

Zhu Hengyu put aside his worry and made an impassioned statement…

Golden Immortal, I know my existence.

And what I did has caused you a lot of trouble.

But, as a man…

There should be at least one time in your life, for the one you love, and never turn back.

I once had everything…

But for you, I lost everything, nothing.

But even so, I still have no regrets.

Listening to Zhu Hengyu’s generous speech…

Above the white building, Golden Immortal was dumbfounded.

until now, Golden Immortal has only hatred for Jintai, not a hint of love.

Until now, Golden Immortal only thinks that Jintai is bullying her and forcing her.

But now, she suddenly found out.

Jin Tae is the worst person…

Once, he used to be Heaven’s Chosen Child of aloof and remote.

Even the Golden Eagle Demon Saint chose him as his successor.

But, for her…

Jintai bet everything, but in the end he lost terribly.

As Jintai said…

He had everything.

For her, he lost nothing.

But even so crazy, she didn’t get a trace of love for her.

All he gained was endless hatred and disgust.

He is just too infatuated and loves her too much.

Is this an unforgivable mistake?

This is really cruel…

Looking at the white downstairs…

The silhouette that stands proudly.

For a while, Golden Immortal couldn’t help but flushed his eyes.

Think about it now, although Jintai is domineering, he actually doesn’t at all treat her.

Until now, he hasn’t even touched her with a finger.

She made him so miserable, so miserable that he lost everything, and fell into the dust.

But even so, he never hated her.

Never regret it…

From now on, he has gone through vicissitudes and hardships.

Finally got another chance and stood in front of her.

She doesn’t like such a man.

But in any case, she should never hate him.

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