Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4691


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The thing that moved Golden Immortal the most was the words Jin Tae said…

A man should have at least once in his life, for the one he loves, and never hesitate.

Jin Tae is in love, he is desperate, and he has no hesitation.

But what he got in exchange was partial bruises.

Is it a wrong to love someone?

Now I want to come…

Although the methods he pursued were a little overbearing, from start to finish, he didn’t do anything excessive.

Especially to her, he has not done anything bad.

How can she bear the heart to let a man so infatuated, after paying so much for her, still suffer from everyone’s spurn and abuse?

Extend the hand trembling……

Golden Immortal slowly opened the crystal window in front of him.

Love him or not…

By his infatuation.

Only by his persistence.

She shouldn’t even let him see her.

Even if you want to reject him, you must give him enough respect!


This is a respectable man.


With a light sound, the crystal window on the third floor was slowly pushed open.

The flowery beauty of Golden Immortal appeared in the window.


Seeing this scene, the surrounding crowd suddenly made a cry out in surprise.

No one thought that Golden Immortal actually opened the window.

Could it be that…

Is she planning to accept Jintai’s pursuit?

At the same time…

Zhu Hengyu was even more surprised than the crowds around.

He absolutely didn’t expect that Golden Immortal actually opened the window.

What about…

If she agrees to his pursuit in public, what should I do next?

In any case, he doesn’t love her.

Since you don’t love her, you shouldn’t play with other people’s feelings.

Thoughts are revolving between…

Zhu Hengyu dare not continue playing with fire.

And most importantly, his performance has been sufficient maturity.

After this time, I believe everyone and will not doubt his identity.

Now that the play is full…

Then then, it’s time to finish.

In any case, never give Golden Immortal any false hints.

Between thinking…

Zhu Hengyu held the bright red flame flower in his arms and bowed deeply to the Golden Immortal who was standing by the window on the third floor.

Stand up slowly…

Zhu Hengyu said very sincerely: “I’m sorry, I sincerely apologize for everything I have done before and all the troubles I have caused you.”

Apologize for Zhu Hengyu’s bow.

Golden Immortal suddenly turned sideways, not receiving the bow.

At the same time…

There was an old saying in Golden Immortal’s heart.

In the world of love, no one is sorry for anyone, only who does not cherish whom.

Obviously, although Zhu Hengyu’s pursuit is too overbearing, in fact, he did not at all do something wrong.

If must say something is wrong.

It’s also that she doesn’t cherish his love…

In this case, how could she be bowed by Zhu Hengyu?

Looking up at the Golden Immortal standing by the third floor window of the white building.

Zhu Hengyu’s apology just now was really sincere.

In order to confirm his identity, he did cause a lot of trouble for this girl.

Fortunately, everything will be over soon.

Between thinking…

Zhu Hengyu took a long breath and continued: “I have experienced a lot over the years.”

In order to become what you like…

I changed my appearance.

I changed my figure.

Even, in order to make you like it.

I go to read and write poetry…

Do everything you like.

But in the process of learning, gradually, I realized what love is…

I used to think I loved you very much.

But in fact, that is not true love!

A man who truly loves a woman should never be what I once did.

A man…

At least once in a lifetime, forget yourself for someone.

Don’t ask for results, don’t ask for peers, don’t ask for once you have, or even ask you to love me.

Just ask to meet you in my most beautiful years!

Now, since I have met you in my most beautiful years.

So, what regrets do I have?

Listening to Zhu Hengyu’s affectionate and beautiful love words.

For a while, Golden Immortal only felt his heart, and he slammed.

An electric current surged from the heart and instantly filled the whole body.

What a beautiful love story……

This is the love she dreams of.

Even if this sentence is just a lie.

She is also willing to be happy, sleep forever in this timeless lie, and never wake up.

From now on, he has loved so humble…

For her, he forgot about himself.

He doesn’t ask for results, doesn’t ask for peers, doesn’t ask for once possessed, or even asks her to love him.

The only thing he asked for was to meet her.

If a man loves a woman, love this kind of realm.

So, what can you expect as a woman?

Looking at Jintai downstairs…

Golden Immortal’s eyes are red.

The crystal tears condensed quickly.

As the wings of the nose are moving, I look like weeping…

Seeing this scene, Zhu Hengyu was completely panicked.

What do you mean?

Isn’t what I said is not clear enough?

I don’t ask for results, no peers, no possessions, or even your love.

Just say from now on, you and I are cut off.

But looking at him, how can you be moved like this?


The matter must be thoroughly explained and explained clearly.

In any case, she must not be misunderstood.

Between thinking…

Zhu Hengyu continued his impassioned saying:

Golden Immortal…

Please put away your tears.

I don’t need your sympathy!

I admit that I love you, but it has nothing to do with you.

Even the endless thoughts of the night belong only to me.

I admit that I love you, but it has nothing to do with you.

Even if I miss you, I can choose to go to sleep and meet you in my dream.

I admit that I love you, but it has nothing to do with you.


It only belongs to my heart, as long as you can be happy.

You don’t need to worry about my sadness.

After speaking…

Zhu Hengyu didn’t dare to stay anymore.

Otherwise, in case Golden Immortal rushed down desperately and plunged into his arms.

What should he do next?

By now, Zhu Hengyu has almost understood the girl’s psychology.


Golden Immortal was completely moved by his love words.

So-called, girly feelings are always dreams.

Obviously, for what he said, Golden Immortal had fallen into the dream of her own weaving.

Under this big court.

A lot of things, Zhu Hengyu can’t say too clearly.

Even if you want to say it, you can only say it implicitly, have hidden meaning.

For example…

Don’t ask for results, don’t ask for peers, don’t ask for once you have, or even ask you to love me.

This sentence, you are listening, it is really romantic.

But listening in reverse, isn’t it just trying to break up?

Many girls have said similar things.

Translate it into Mandarin…

Actually-you are a good person, but I don’t think I deserve you.

Of course, Zhu Hengyu also admitted that he did speak a little bit about art.

But then, it’s not literary at all.

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