Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4693


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Those who have money but no taste will never be able to integrate into the real wealthy circle.

And this cloud top city…

Golden bird decoration is the absolute number one in the decoration world!

If you don’t use the golden bird, the more Zhu Hengyu spends, the more despised it will be.

It’s just a nouveau riche, who will put you in the eyes?

It must be expensive and good, that is the real luxury.

The lack of either is definitely a disaster.

If it’s just for living comfort.

Or if starting from Zhu Hengyu’s heart…

This old castle does not actually need to be decorated at all.

Anyway, he basically doesn’t have much time to live in this castle.

However, Zhu Hengyu must show his financial resources now.

It is necessary to show financial strength, but not to show off wealth in vulgarity.

This is more sophisticated…

The best way Zhu Hengyu can think of is to decorate his castle with the highest specifications.

Not only the money spent, if it is an absolute sky-high price.

Moreover, the craftsman responsible for decoration must also be the highest and the most artistic.

The two are indispensable…

But now, Zhu Hengyu has left a message.

Farewell to Golden Immortal completely.

And publicly announced that he would never pester Golden Immortal again.

He even took back what he had said.

Allow anyone to pursue Golden Immortal.

As long as it can bring happiness to Golden Immortal, Zhu Hengyu is willing to send blessings.



After thinking about it, Zhu Hengyu’s eyes suddenly lit up.

You must know that although Zhu Hengyu has bid farewell to Golden Immortal, Zhu Hengyu’s attitude does not mean that he does not love Golden Immortal anymore.

On the contrary…

Because of her deep love, she is not willing to embarrass her.

As Zhu Hengyu said at the end.

As long as you can be happy.

My sorrow, you don’t need to worry about it.

Since he still loves her, Zhu Hengyu can naturally find excuses.

He can use the homage to this love as an excuse.

Re-decorate this luxurious castle.

In this way, it can be said to kill three birds with one stone!

First win:

Take this opportunity to completely cut off the fate between Zhu Hengyu and Golden Immortal.

Second win:

Take this opportunity to show the terrifying financial power he wants to show.

Third win:

Take this opportunity to show his value emotion, value friendship.

Such love is true, value emotion, value friendship ……

For a person who is rich in the world, why worry about those talents not being used by him?

Between thinking…

Under Zhu Hengyu’s order, Small Captain Li Yun quickly found paper and pen.

Outside the old castle, on the stone table inside the old pavilion.

After Zhu Hengyu pondered for a while, he quickly started writing.

How Zhu Hengyu’s handwriting is, I won’t say more here.

A Great Grandmaster who has mastered three thousand runes, three thousand magic lines, and various Formations.

His words, every word is invaluable.

Every word he writes is a note of the great road.

Don’t look at Zhu Hengyu, for the time being, it is only white light Saint Physique.

But in fact, his attainments in runes and magic patterns are enough to crush everything!

The way of runes, let’s not talk about it for the time being, he learned it personally.

But those three thousand magic patterns are completely different.

That is the future self, traveling through time and space, instilled in him.

In terms of three thousand magic lines alone…

Zhu Hengyu’s attainments are really too deep.

That is Zhu Hengyu in the future, cultivated billions of years later, and mastered the way of runes.


I must explain the difference between the way of runes and the way of magic patterns.

The way of runes is the ancestor of all ways.

Magic pattern, monster pattern, Dragon Mark, Phoenix pattern…

All are born out of runes.

Simply put…

If you compare the Tao of Rune to a big cart.


The way of runes is powered by the energy of Five Elements.

The way of magic lines is driven by magic power.

The way of Dragon Mark is driven by Dragon Power.

To put it plainly…

Whether it is magic pattern, Dragon Mark, or demon pattern…

They are all developed step by step based on runes.

The fundamental difference lies in the different power sources, and there is no high or low.

Demon Race, the most suitable for them is the magic pattern.

Only the way of magic lines can exert their magic power.

And if it’s a monster pattern…

In the body of Demon Race, there is no monster qi at all, how can it drive the monster pattern?

For the same reason, Monster Race has no magic power and cannot drive the magic pattern.

To put it plainly…

The car is the same car.

However, according to the different fuels, it is natural to distinguish the monster pattern, dragon mark, magic pattern, phoenix pattern……

So, the so-called magic pattern…

In fact, it is a rune driven by magic.

The rune pattern is good, but the magic pattern is not necessarily good.

But on the other hand, the magic pattern is good, but the rune pattern is not bad.

Runes are the foundation of magic patterns.

Magic lines are transformed from runes.

And Zhu Hengyu, got it from that grievance battleship.

The magic pattern instilled by the future self is too profound and superb.

Speaking of which…

Many people may have been confused.

Now Zhu Hengyu, why can he always get gifts from himself in the future?


To understand this truth, you must first understand where the current star universe came from.

Billion trillion trillion trillion trillion…years ago.

But as a result, everyone is very clear.

Everyone, all are perish together.

Even the entire deserted ancient continent was shattered.

From this perspective…

Zhu Hengyu in the Peak period can fight against the entire world with one person.

Just imagine…

A person who can fight against the whole world and break the whole world with strength of oneself.

What realm will he achieve with the way of magic lines?

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