Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4694


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It’s a pity…

High realm, of course there is a good side, but the bad side also exists.

Because Zhu Hengyu’s magic pattern is too profound mystery.

So, now Zhu Hengyu, simply can’t play the true formidable power of these magic patterns.

I want to give full play to the formidable power of this magic pattern.

At the very least, Zhu Hengyu must first upgrade his realm to the holy realm, right?

How can the real formidable power of the World Destroying Mage Weave be exerted without even reaching the Holy Land?

So, until now, Zhu Hengyu has only been building Divine Pagoda for Purgatory Guards.

As well as for the demon wolf archer, when he built the magic arrow tower, he exerted his magic patterns.

Other times, it’s not that you don’t want to use it, but you don’t use it at all.

The Return of the Book…

Have the way of the magic pattern instilled by the Demon Ancestor of World Exterminator.

Every stroke Zhu Hengyu goes down, he has the charm of the great road.

Every word exudes the mysterious Dao Rhyme.

Time goes by one minute after another…

Soon, eloquently, with a single wave of words.

Afterwards, Zhu Hengyu took the envelope and put the letterhead in it.

Give the letterhead to Li Yun and ask him to send the letterhead to Golden Bird for decoration.

Faced with Zhu Hengyu’s order, Li Yun did not dare to neglect.

Immediately turned and left, personally sent the letterhead to the golden bird decoration.

At the same time…

Golden Golden Bird decorates the third floor.

Golden Immortal’s eyes are red and swollen from crying, tears have soaked through his sleeves.

In between her grievances and grief.

The door was pushed open.

Golden Immortal’s personal maid, walked in gently.

“Leave me alone…”

Without waiting for the maid to approach, Golden Immortal choked.

Hear the words of Young Lady…

The attendant didn’t shrink back at all.

Don’t look at Golden Immortal’s face to Jintai. They always have eyebrows cold and unyielding.

But in fact…

Their Young Lady is not only beautiful, but also has a very good personality.

Especially treat the next person, just like that sister.

Even if they did something wrong, she never beat them.

Therefore, they have respect and love for Young Lady, but they have no fear!

Walking gently to Golden Immortal’s side, the maid whispered: “Young Lady, then Jintai…a letter came.”


A letter from Jintai?

Hearing the maid’s words, Golden Immortal suddenly raised his head and moved towards the letter paper in the maid’s hand.

next moment ……

Golden Immortal’s child impatient’s extend the hand, grabbed the letterhead from the maid’s hand.

Opening the envelope, Golden Immortal took out the letter paper and looked eagerly.

The letterhead isn’t long, but it’s definitely not short.

The eloquence is full of thousands of words.

The content is mainly hope that Golden Immortal can satisfy his last wish.

From now on…

Jintai has let go of Golden Immortal.

As long as Golden Immortal can be happy, he can do anything.


Now that he is destined, he has no relationship with Golden Immortal.

Then he hopes that Golden Immortal can build a castle for him to pay homage to this love.

It can also be regarded as Golden Immortal, the only gift and comfort for Jintai.

Of course…

Golden Bird Decoration is not a construction company.

Golden Immortal has no ability to build a luxurious castle from nothing.

But it doesn’t matter…

Zhu Hengyu’s castle is readily available.

Golden Immortal only needs to decorate on the basis of the old castle.

As long as this ancient castle is condensed with Golden Immortal’s effort and energy.

For Jintai, it was enough to comfort his life.

Looking at the letterhead in my hand…

Golden Immortal’s jade hand, trembling tremblingly.

She never thought that Jintai would be so affectionate for her.

It really flattered her a bit.


In the eyes of Golden Immortal.

Jin Tae is passionate and ruthless towards her.

He is just innocent, greedy for her beauty, and wants to possess her.

Such Jintai would only make her feel sick.

But it turns out that Jintai is not what she thought.

His love for her has surpassed everything.

Don’t ask for results, don’t ask for peers, don’t ask for once possessed, or even ask her to love him.

As long as she can be happy, he can do anything…


Jin Tai has nothing to ask for her.

The only thing he thought about was that Golden Immortal helped him decorate a castle.

In this way…

Even in this life, I am destined to miss Golden Immortal.

He can also be satisfied…

He has loved so humblely.

What he asked for was already so small.

Just ask, how can she bear to refuse?

Especially at the end of the letterhead…

Zhu Hengyu left a poem.

The heartstring is broken, and the three thousand entanglements are broken.

Falling flowers, oblivious to the wind ripples.

The flower is pitiful, at whose fingertips?

This poem is not poetry, but words and sentences are very bleak and sad…

Different people will have different feelings and interpretations in different environments.

However, as far as Golden Immortal is concerned, she has only one understanding…

Zhu Hengyu expressed his heartfelt voice through these words and sentences.

“The heartstrings are broken, and the three thousand entanglements are broken.”

The three thousand sentiments in Zhu Hengyu’s heart broke with the string.

Expressed a decisive and sad emotion.

The heartstrings are broken, and the obsession is broken.

“Falling flowers, obliterating the wind ripples for a while.”

Luohua is sentimentally with the flowing water.

Flowing water has no intention of falling in love with flowers.

The flower can only be powerless, submerged in the ripples.

“The flower is pitiful, at whose fingertips.”

This sentence expresses Jintai’s melancholy.

Such a beautiful Golden Immortal.

I don’t know who I will marry in the future, and whose wife I will be…

The deep melancholy made Golden Immortal’s eyes hazy again in an instant.

Between choking…

Golden Immortal gently held the letterhead, turned his head and said to the maid: “Go reply to him, I will take this request.”

After sobbing, Golden Immortal continued: “I will use all my energy and enthusiasm to help him decorate the most perfect castle!”

For this, thank him for his wrong love for me

After receiving a reply from Golden Immortal.

Zhu Hengyu couldn’t help being greatly relaxed.

Fortunately, this matter is completely over.

Once, the relationship between him and Golden Immortal was completely broken.

Secondly, Golden Immortal agreed, spare no effort, to help him decorate the castle.

Thirdly, this matter itself, if it is spread out, will greatly increase Zhu Hengyu’s reputation.

Value emotion, value friendship of infatuated men…

But he also possesses the wealth of a wealthy country, and the heroism of spending money.

But the next step is crucial.

If the next decoration of the castle is not luxurious enough, and not grandiose enough…

Then everything we did before is meaningless.

It can be said…

The more money spent on the decoration of the castle, the greater the increase for Zhu Hengyu.

If we say that all of this is just a multiplicand.

Next, the money spent on decorating the castle is the multiplier.

The more money spent, the higher Zhu Hengyu’s final reputation will be.

And most importantly…

No matter how much Zhu Hengyu spent, the money is still his own.

not at all was lost, nor did it fall into the hands of outsiders.

Even if Zhu Hengyu is short of money one day, he must sell the castle.

Then he can also multiply all the expenses spent by ten and then sell it.

In this way, Zhu Hengyu is enjoying while…

This in itself is actually the most cost-effective investment.

It’s like a must-win gamble.

You can win a thousand by pressing a hundred.

You can win ten thousand by pressing one thousand.

So, it’s you instead, how much do you plan to press?

Of course, it’s worth mentioning!

Not all properties have such potential.

You can go to the wilderness, the deserted desolate place, and spend money to build a castle.

No matter how much you spend, it is difficult to sell.

Value is one thing.

Whether anyone needs it, and whether anyone wants to buy it is another matter.

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