Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4697


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Don’t dare to neglect…

Li Yun opened the mouth and said: “My demon king said, these materials are not ordinary gold!”

Not ordinary gold?

Hearing Li Yun’s words, Golden Immortal couldn’t help but curl one’s lip and said: “Not ordinary gold? Is it chaotic gold?”

But so what?

“This is not chaotic gold, but condensed from chaotic gold-chaotic fine gold!”

Whether it is ordinary gold or chaotic gold.

Even if the purity reaches 99%, ninety-nine…

After all, it contains impurities.

Even if there are few impurities, existence means existence, and there is no reason to justify it.

This Chaos Adamantite is different.

After ten million temperings.

There is no impurity in this chaotic fine gold.

Its purity is as high as 100%!

In Five Elements Reversal.

Describes a strong and unbreakable relationship between a man and a woman.

Usually, I like to use love to describe it.

Its meaning, there is a total of Third Level.

The First Level is their feelings, which will not be defeated by money.

Second Level is their feelings, as strong as fine gold.

The Third Level is their feelings, as pure as fine gold, without a trace of impurities.

It’s just…

This fine gold is so precious.

Only one kilogram of fine gold can be extracted from one ton of chaotic gold.

Even the super rich can only create a fine gold ring as a wedding ring.

So, Golden Immortal was impossible to think of anyway.

Hundreds of carts are loaded with Chaos Adamantite!

This is too crazy, too extravagant…


He looked at the wooden boxes on the hundreds of carts hesitantly.

Even if it’s installed here, it’s all Chaos Adamantite.

But, is it necessary to use Chaos Adamantite to wrap up the entire castle?

Although it is said that love is better than fine gold… But this is too earthy, right?

And most importantly, these materials do not seem to be enough to cover the entire castle.

After thinking about it, Golden Immortal opened the mouth and said: “Are all the decorations made of chaotic fine gold this time? But this doesn’t seem to be enough…”

Faced with Golden Immortal’s inquiry.

Li Yun respectfully replied: “Reporting back to Jin Young Lady, this time the decoration, the main material is chaotic spirit jade.”

Pointing to the big box on the carriage…

Li Yun continued: “These chaotic fine golds are just for decoration.”


Hearing Li Yun’s words, Golden Immortal was completely speechless.

Are you kidding me?

Chaos spirit jade is used as main material to decorate a castle?

Is she crazy?

This world is crazy!


Just over three months ago.

Golden Immortal spent more than three million Chaos Crystals.

I bought a spirit jade bracelet.

She almost emptied her family property for this bracelet.

But now…

Jintai actually intends to decorate an entire castle with chaos spirit jade!

Which way are you kidding me!

Spirit jade is more than expensive.

The point is, even if you can afford it, you can’t buy it at all!

The spirit jade of chaos is the Supreme Treasure that can be met but not sought!

But, so Supreme Treasure……

This Jintai turned out to be used as a decorative material to decorate his castle!

No matter how extravagant it is, there must be a limit, okay…

I opened my mouth…

Golden Immortal looked at Li Yun and said: “You mean… he wants to use chaotic spirit jade, cut into plates to cover the outer wall of the castle?”

Definitely nodded.

Li Yun said: “Yes, a total of three hundred boxes of plates are now in Transmission Array.”

“However, as my demon king said, those boards have been cut and can be directly mounted on the outer wall.”

“So, there is no need to ship here for finishing.”

After speaking, Li Yun hugged the cup one fist in the other hand to Golden Immortal and said: “If there is nothing else, I will go back and return to my demon king.”

Hearing Li Yun’s words, Golden Immortal said blankly: “This…there is so much fine gold, is it so easy to hand over to me? Isn’t he afraid of my greed?”

“This is how the demon king Your Majesty ordered. I don’t know what he thinks.”

After speaking, Li Yun never stayed.

After facing the Golden Immortal with a cup one fist in the other hand, he turned around and hurried towards the Transmission Array.

Watch Li Yun leave…

Golden Immortal’s face was blank.

Then Jintai, do you trust her like that?

You know, if all of these 100 carriages are equipped with chaotic fine gold.

Chaotic Fine Gold, only the Lord can condense it out of chaotic gold.

Only one ton of chaotic gold can be condensed into one kilogram of chaotic fine gold!

If you say…

Chaos spirit jade, can tempering and purify the Bloodline of Monster Race, improve its bloodline quality, enhance its potential and cultivation speed.


This chaotic fine gold can be directly used for cultivation.

Extract the aura of Adamantite from Chaos Adamantite and condense it on the tip of the claw or the sharp mouth.

Grab this paw down.

Peck down with this mouth…

With the ethnic innate talent of Golden Wings Great Peng carving, it is really gods block then kill gods, Buddha should kill Buddha!

Say responsible!

It’s crazy to regard such precious treasures as decorative materials!

This is simply not paying for the life!

Such a crazy treasure, Jintai is not used for cultivation, but used to decorate an old castle.

All he did was to pay homage to his true love for Golden Immortal.


This is really…

Although, Golden Immortal thinks that she is not a material girl, let alone a super gold worshiper.

But, I have to say…

If Jintai gave these chaotic fine gold and chaotic spirit jade as gifts to her.

She really didn’t mind following him and being his little wife.

Of course…

There is a premise here.

That must be Jintai now.

Rather than thousands of 10,000 years ago, that rude Jintai.


If it was Jintai now.

In fact, even if you don’t give her so much, only 10%…

It’s really not good, 1%, 0.1%, 1/10000th…

Maybe, she just…

shook the head, Golden Immortal dare not think about it anymore.

By now, Jintai has given her freedom.

She couldn’t courting death by herself, and ran back to him by herself.

Although she also admitted that in her heart…she has been deeply moved by Jintai.

I even wanted to agree to his pursuit in my heart.

But in contrast…

In the past countless years, she has been eager to be free.

Be free and like the man you like.

Associate with the men you like.

In the past, such freedom was impossible to achieve.

Now, with Jintai letting go.

Such freedom, she finally has it.

So she must calm down.

You can’t make a decision just as your brain gets hot.

At the very least, make a final decision after comparing.

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