Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4699


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After billions of trillions of years…

Especially after experiencing the war of collapse, the destruction of the world and the destruction of the ancient continent.

Inside the metal mountain formed by the three chaotic fine gold!

A strength of Destruction was learned and stored separately!

Sharp Metal Qi combined with Chaos Adamantite……

After billions of trillions of years of gestation and cohesion.

In these three chaotic fine gold peaks, there is a ray of sharp gold to the extreme!

This underground storage area…

There are hundreds of various metal mountains.

However, only within these three peaks of chaotic fine gold, there are three strands of Sharp Metal Qi containing the strength of Destruction.

This Sharp Metal Qi is too sharp.

Under the test of Zhu Hengyu cautiously…

These three strands of Sharp Metal Qi can easily penetrate all objects.

Even the wall of the black ancient bell can’t stop the Sharp Metal Qi.

But, unfortunately…

This Sharp Metal Qi is also flawed.

That can only be pinned on the tip of the claws and sharp mouth of the demon saint Avatar.

You can only use it when you are close.

It is not possible to conduct medium and long range attacks on the target.

In other words…

In the case of close combat, these three Sharp Metal Qi are completely unstoppable even by the Lord.

Once caught, or pecked, it is definitely an instant hole.

Except for remote attacks…

These three wisps of fine gold can be said to be gods block then kill gods, Buddha would kill Buddha.

Even if Ancestral Dragon, Zu Feng, Zu Qilin are in love, he can take out the other’s heart with one claw.

Of course…

Ancestral Dragon, Zu Feng, if Zu Qilin really comes.

Simply will not give Zhu Hengyu a chance to get close.

Even if he got close, he was impossible in his claws.

However, with these three wisps of fine gold, or Sharp Metal Qi.

No matter who Zhu Hengyu is against, he has the power to fight.

Even if the opponent is the Lord, it is still possible to kill him.


Take advantage of Golden Immortal’s time to close the design drawings.

Zhu Hengyu returned to the storage area.

Zhu Hengyu is not at all in a hurry, to draw three Sharp Metal Qi.

After all, relying on his strength alone, I don’t know how long it will take to extract three wisps of gold.

I don’t know how long it will take to absorb it completely.

Fortunately, Zhu Hengyu has the Xuantian Dharma body.

Opened the vortex eye of chaos vortex, behind the passage leading to the world of Xuantian.

Zhu Hengyu immediately included three chaotic mountains of fine gold into the world of Xuantian.


With the assistance of Zhu Hengyu.

Take the Xuantian Dharma body as the lead.

Running the chaotic vortex, completely refining these three chaotic mountains of fine gold.


Xuantian Dharma Body operates Heavenly Dao Strength.

Draw out the aura of the fine gold in the three great mountains of chaos.

Finished it into Heavenly Dao.

It was Zhu Hengyu’s fleshy body instead.

Even with the fleshy body strength of the Golden Eagle Demon Saint Avatar.

It is also absolutely impossible to contain these three wisps of golden aura full of destructive energy.

However, the Xuantian Law Body does not have this problem.

No matter how powerful the energy is, Heavenly Dao can be controlled and contained.

Even the strength of Destruction that destroys everything is actually just one of Heavenly Dao Law.

After refining the three dainty gold spirits into Heavenly Dao.


Zhu Hengyu integrated Divine Soul into the Xuantian Dharma Body.

Controlling the Xuantian Law Body, Zhu Hengyu regards the demon saint Avatar as a war chief.

The three strands of fine gold aura were refined into the body of the golden eagle.

Of course…

Even with Heavenly Dao Strength restraint and protection, these three strands of Sharp Metal Qi are not so easy to accommodate.

On top of the golden eagle Avatar, there are only a pair of sharp claws and a sharp mouth, which can hold the aura of gold.

Moreover, two sharp claws and a pointed mouth can only hold a wisp of adamantine air.

If two strands are drilled, the sharp claw and sharp beak of the golden eagle Avatar will explode directly.

Time goes by day by day…

With the cooperation of Zhu Hengyu and Xuantian Dharma Body, refining three strands of fine gold aura.

At the same time…

On the other side!

Golden Immortal was closed for three months, and finally broke through.

After three months, she finally combined her past experience to complete the decoration design of the castle.

Leaving the manor happily…

Golden Immortal took a luxurious carriage and hurried back to Yunding City, the white building decorated with golden birds.


Pushing open the bright crystal door, Golden Immortal has a smile on his face, planning to say hello to the sisters who have been away for many days.

But what you see…

In the white building, all the sisters have a sad expression.

What’s the matter?

Could it be said, what happened to the Bailou?

Among the doubts of Golden Immortal…

The head steward decorated by the golden bird is also the close-fitting maid of Golden Immortal-Cai’er.

Anxiously greeted him.

He grabbed Golden Immortal’s hand.

Without a word, Caier dragged Golden Immortal to the third floor and closed the door.

Then… Cai’er said in a panic: “It’s not good Young Lady, the chaotic fine gold in our warehouse has been robbed…”


Snatched away!

Hearing Cai’er’s words, Golden Immortal’s eyes suddenly rounded.

What a joke!

This is Yunding City!

It is the family with the highest power and status among the three Great Imperial Family of Monster Race.

Snatch things here, this is not to put the golden eagle tribe’s sages in their eyes.


coldly snorted, Golden Immortal said: “Don’t worry, it’s okay…”

While speaking, Golden Immortal paused slightly, and then proudly said: “When I report to Old Ancestor, everything will come to light.”

“Report Old Ancestor?”

When she heard Golden Immortal’s words, Cai’er almost cried anxiously.

Stomped her feet, Cai’er said in a crying voice: “What else to report to Old Ancestor? Old Ancestor stole it!”


Hearing Caier’s words, Golden Immortal was dumbfounded.

“What’s the matter?”

“Why did Old Ancestor suddenly come over to grab something?”

Grabbing Cai’er’s arm, Golden Immortal eagerly said: “What’s the matter, didn’t you tell Old Ancestor? The chaotic fine gold belongs to Jintai, not mine!”

Cai’er said aggrieved: “I said, but Old Ancestor doesn’t care at all…”

“Old Ancestor said, if Jin Tae came to ask for it, he would say…the chaotic fine gold is his gift.”


“Beauty gift!”

Hearing Cai’er’s words, Golden Immortal’s brain felt dizzy.

“What is the bride price?”

“What does Old Ancestor mean!”

Looking at Young Lady’s face as gray as death, Cai’er sobbed: “Old Ancestor said, this kid Jintai is very infatuated, more than enough for you.”

“And recently, he and Jintai’s grandfather are collaborating on things in Qingqiu City.”

“Therefore, the relationship between the two parties must be strengthened.”

Wiping the tears from her face, Cai’er continued: “Old Ancestor also said…and said…”

“He has nurtured you for so many years and spoiled you for so many years.”

“A lot of resources have been invested in you.”

“Now, you should pay back.”

“Old Ancestor requires you to communicate well with Jintai, and you can’t let Jintai go to the door to ask for that batch of Chaos Fine Gold.”

“Moreover, this matter must not be disclosed.”

“Otherwise, the reputation of Old Ancestor is just…”

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