Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4700


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Listening to Cai’er’s words, Golden Immortal only felt black in front of her eyes and dizziness in her brain…

Subconsciously stretched out his hands and put them on the tabletop.

Until this time…

Golden Immortal finally realized how precious that batch of Chaos Fine Gold is.

Even a generation of demon saints is crazy for these chaotic fine gold.

The Old Ancestor of Golden Immortal’s family has completely ignored the face of any demon saint.

I personally rushed to the White Building and forcibly snatched all the Chaos Adamantite away.

Furthermore, it’s a rogue, insisting that those chaotic fine golds are a gift.

What a joke!

People Jintai has already made it very clear.

The relationship between him and Golden Immortal is over.

What should I do now?

Old Ancestor has released the words.

Forcibly said the chaotic fine gold as a gift from Jintai.

From now on…

Old Ancestor has received the bride price.

Then she’s Golden Immortal, she is Jintai’s person.

Unless Golden Immortal is rebellious and wants to go against the will of Old Ancestor.

Otherwise, she can only marry Jintai obediently.

Life is his man, and death is his ghost.

Otherwise, you will be ridiculed by everyone in the Golden Eagle Clan if you don’t obey women’s way.

At the thought of that result, Golden Immortal really shuddered.

When that day comes, Golden Immortal will never survive.

It’s better to live like this than to die.

Time to now…

She didn’t dare at all, and couldn’t violate Old Ancestor’s will.

As a demon saint!

What Old Ancestor said was the water poured out.

He has already spoken out, that in Monster Race, it is more authoritative than the law.

Tell him to take back what he said.

It’s so embarrassing…

Old Ancestor, in any case, can’t let go of this face.

At the time of Golden Immortal…

Her close servant suddenly thought of something.

Tight frowns, Cai’er opened the mouth and said: “Young Lady…… Did you say that Jintai did all this and set up a glove on purpose to let Young Lady get in?”



Golden Immortal was suddenly startled.

When I think about it carefully, it’s really not possible at all.

Such precious chaotic fine gold, even the demon saint can’t restrain greed.

Therefore, if Jintai really wants to plot against.

It can indeed be judged in advance.

But the problem now is…

Even all of this is indeed a trap set by Jintai.

For Golden Immortal, there is no help.

What about a trap?

Those chaotic fine gold has been snatched away by their Old Ancestor.

Furthermore, Old Ancestor has already let go.

From now on, it’s hard to get over.

Unless Zhu Hengyu actively refuses…

Otherwise, this matter is already a certainty and irreversible.

Taking a trembling breath…

Golden Immortal knows that Old Ancestor really spoils her and takes good care of her.

If it weren’t for those chaotic fine gold, it would be too important.

Old Ancestor impossible will do this.

Although, Golden Immortal has no idea what to do, but since Old Ancestor does need those Chaos Adamantite.

Then, even if it is to fight for the happiness of a lifetime, she must return Old Ancestor.

Took a deep breath trembling ……

Golden Immortal Ersen coldly looked towards Cai’er, said solemnly: “Since Old Ancestor has made a decision, then… Jintai must be my Husband.”


When she heard Golden Immortal’s words, Cai’er only felt a chill, rising from her back.

“You have been with me for so many years, and you are the person I trust the most.”

“So, this time, thinking that you are the first offender, I won’t hold you accountable.”

“If next time, I will hear you and talk bad about him.”

“Then don’t blame me for not reading our master and servant love!”

Faced with Golden Immortal’s warning, Cai’er lowered her head in fear, trembling like chaff.

What really scared her was not Young Lady’s threat.

Think carefully…

Jintai is optimistic about Old Ancestor and personally identified it as the Husband of Golden Immortal.

Old Ancestor admire him so much, recognize him.

But he, a little girl, dared to speculate wildly around Young Lady and tell the truth.

If it is Old Ancestor understood, it has to slap her Heavenly Spirit to pieces.


The probability of Old Ancestor being hands-on is not great.

With a casual command, someone rushed over and wiped her neck.

There will be no way for her to tell the truth in front of Golden Immortal.

Looking at Cai’er trembling all over.

Golden Immortal couldn’t help but sigh.

In any case, Jintai is the one who has the opportunity to be her master after all.

As a subordinate, malicious speculation, telling the truth, is simply courting death.

Fortunately, Golden Immortal is not the kind of woman who has no opinion and soft ears.

Otherwise, preconceived.

Maybe, she really listened to Cai’er’s slander.

Others may not understand Jintai.

But Golden Immortal, but he really knows him too well.

The former Jintai was really too proud.

He is so proud that he doesn’t put the demon saint in his eyes.

He was so proud that he didn’t even bother to show crafty plots and machinations.


As long as he is a little bit more euphemistic.

With his talent and talent.

With his innate talent and talent.

Since you can ask Jin Yu for favor, how can you not ask for their Old Ancestor’s favor?

No crafty plots and machinations are needed at all.

As long as he is not so arrogant, as long as he is willing to learn to compromise, as long as he learns to bow his head and submit…

Then, Golden Immortal was his wife thousands of 10,000 years ago.

Even if she doesn’t love him or even hates him, it’s useless.

Who can change the things set by Old Ancestor?

This is just the old Jintai.

As for Jintai nowadays…

Although it is very different from the previous Jintai.

Not only has it changed its appearance, but even its personality has changed.

Everything has changed except Bloodline hasn’t changed.


Even though it has changed so much, so big.

But in fact, the pride in Kim Tae’s roots has not only failed to constrain, but has become even more proud.

Although Jintai was proud before, it was just the pride of in the bones.

So proud of Jintai, when he really meets a woman he likes, isn’t he also stalking and chasing after him?

But now Jintai is more proud than Jintai before.

And it’s not a bit proud.

It’s a million times prouder!

In the past, Jintai would stalk the woman he liked.

But now Jintai, although he still loves the woman he likes so deeply, he is so proud and disdainful of stalking.

Such a proud man.

You said he set a nasty trap and wanted to trick Golden Immortal into his hands.

That is absolutely impossible…

The so-called, it is easier to change mountains and rivers than to alter one’s character!

Jintai everything can be changed.

Only pride in the bones, but always consistent.

It’s just…

In the past, Jintai had only arrogance, not arrogance.

Now Jintai has only arrogance, not arrogance.


Golden Immortal’s most admired are the proud men.

What Golden Immortal despise most is a man who is arrogant, feels good about himself, makes troubles everywhere, and molested girls.

Even if he is really difficult to deal with!

Golden Immortal also hopes that he can learn to be humble.

Looking at Cai’er deeply…

Golden Immortal said confidently: “You are believing or not, Jintai will never take advantage of others and marry me.”


I heard what Golden Immortal said.

Cai’er lifted the head in amazement, and looked at Golden Immortal with an incredulous expression on her face.

Jintai loves Young Lady so much.

Now I finally have a chance to get what I wanted.

Then he must have swooped over and took Young Lady home!

Such a good opportunity, he is stupid, and it is impossible to miss it.

The opportunity of yearn for something even in dreams is now at your fingertips.

Cai’er couldn’t understand why he refused.

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