Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4701


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Listening to Cai’er’s endless words…

Golden Immortal smiled indifferently, sighing: “He is so arrogant, he is even so proud that he does not bother to use this method to get his beloved woman.”

While speaking, Golden Immortal moved lightly and sat down on the chair.

Picking up the pen and paper, Golden Immortal started writing quickly.


Golden Immortal put the written letterhead into the envelope.

Hand the envelope to Cai’er, Golden Immortal opened the mouth and said: “You give this letter to Jintai and see what he plans to do.”

Receiving the letter from Golden Immortal…

Cai’er immediately left the golden bird decoration, moved towards Zhu Hengyu’s castle and rushed over.

All the way to the castle…

Cai’er handed the letter to Li Yun.

Li Yun notified Zhu Hengyu, who was collapsing the battlefield, through the serpent in Sea of ​​Consciousness.


Just waited less than 30 minutes.

Zhu Hengyu walked quickly and walked in from outside the castle.

After receiving Li Yun’s news.

Zhu Hengyu directly teleported back to the Five Elements Reversal world from the Chaos Altar.

Appeared not far from the old castle, on the central square of Yunding City.

If it is not all the way, it is not suitable for running.

I’m afraid he will be able to appear at the gate within hundreds of breaths.

I took the envelope…

Zhu Hengyu took out the letterhead and looked at it carefully.

At this glance, Zhu Hengyu suddenly frowned.

Golden Immortal’s letter is not long.

trifling three or two hundred words, and then roughly said the situation.

Lightly put the letterhead into the envelope…

Zhu Hengyu turned his head and looked at Cai’er, said solemnly: “Your Young Lady, how is the situation now?”

Cai’er shook the head and said with a heavy face: “Young Lady’s situation is not very good. She has no idea what to do next.”

I heard Caier’s words…

Zhu Hengyu’s brows became tighter.

Looking at the way Zhu Hengyu browses tightly frowns, Cai’er’s heart suddenly lifted.

Next, what will he do?

Under Cai’er’s gaze…

Zhu Hengyu took a long breath and said: “Go back and tell your Young Lady, let her relax.”

I do love her deeply…

But, I love more than just her body.

What I love more is her heart.

Without one of the two, I will not marry her.

Cai’er opened her eyes when she heard Zhu Hengyu’s words.

Looking at Zhu Hengyu with bright eyes.

Cai’er said nervously: “But, what about those chaotic fine gold?”


frowned, Zhu Hengyu said: “I am worried about this too.”


After hearing Zhu Hengyu’s words, Cai’er suddenly became nervous again.

If Jintai wants Young Lady to pay, what should I do?

Even if you sell Young Lady, it’s not worth so much money.

Looking at Cai’er, Zhu Hengyu said: “The problem now is that Chaos Fine Gold is too tempting for Monster Race.”

“Even if I ship another batch of Chaos Adamantite, I’m afraid it will still be snatched away.”


When I heard Zhu Hengyu’s words, Cai’er was stunned that her mouth opened wide.

What do you mean?

You are not worried about the loss of money.

But are you bothering about this!

Looking at Cai’er’s stunned look, Zhu Hengyu sighed: “Or go home and ask your Young Lady.”

If you don’t use Chaos Adamantite, but completely use Chaos Spirit Jade for decoration, there is no problem.

Faced with Zhu Hengyu’s inquiry…

Cai’er suddenly became speechless.

Looking at Zhu Hengyu helplessly, Caier said: “Well, you like Young Lady so much, but you don’t even know what Young Lady likes most.”


Golden Immortal’s favorite is the pure and flawless fine jade.

For Golden Immortal, fine jade represents purity and purity.

It also represents noble character!

Isn’t the white building of Golden Immortal just inlaid with a layer of white jade?

If Golden Immortal doesn’t like white jade as decoration material.

How could she build a white building?

How can it cost that much money to use jade stone as decoration materials?

Although, the jade stone used by Bailou is not a chaotic spirit jade, but a normal jade stone.

But even so, the jade stone consumed to decorate the entire white building is an astronomical figure.

Golden Immortal is the favorite and best at it, using white jade as a decorative material.

As for gold and silver and so on, that simply doesn’t need to be used.

Precious metals such as gold and silver will only stain white jade.

Once precious metals such as gold and silver are added.

More or less, there will always be a smell of copper.


To decorate completely with spirit jade, not only can it be done, it is just too good…


Beat the desktop fiercely.

Zhu Hengyu said excitedly: “Then there is nothing else to say, it is all decorated with spirit jade!”


When I heard Zhu Hengyu’s words, Caier nodded excitedly and said: “If there are no other questions, I will reply to my family’s lady?”

Zhu Hengyu waved his hand and said: “Go…Go!”

“Go back and tell your Young Lady.”

“Some belongings, but things outside the body, don’t have to be on your heart…”

“For today’s plan, we still have to spare no effort and decorate the castle!”

Leaving the castle in admiration…

For her Young Lady’s judgment, she really admires prostrate oneself in admiration.

Hurry all the way back to the White House.

Cai’er immediately rushed to the third floor.

Pushing open the door, Cai’er said crisply before she stepped into the room with her feet: “Young Lady, you are really too good, you know Jintai too well, he really did not take advantage of others.”

With a bitter smile, Golden Immortal shook the head sadly, but said nothing at all.

Seeing Young Lady is still unhappy.

Cai’er said in confusion: “What’s wrong with Young Lady?”

“Jintai didn’t pursue those chaotic fine gold matters at all, why are you so depressed?”

Golden Immortal sighed: “If he doesn’t pursue it, will I not owe him?”


When she heard Golden Immortal’s words, Cai’er was speechless.


Jintai handed over a hundred cars of Chaos Adamantite to Young Lady.

Now, it is Old Ancestor from Young Lady’s family who has taken away the chaotic fine gold belonging to Zhu Hengyu.

Moreover, their Old Ancestor is not for nothing.

Speak for nothing…

Although it sounds unpleasant, but in fact, their Old Ancestor sold Golden Immortal!

Now, Chaos Adamantite should have been absorbed by their Old Ancestor.

Now, Golden Immortal must give Jintai an explanation.


Golden Immortal’s Old Ancestor, he took such an expensive gift.

But Golden Immortal did not at all marry Zhu Hengyu.

As a result, Golden Immortal’s Old Ancestor’s words became fart?

Not to mention…

The Old Ancestor of Golden Immortal has no place to put his face.

The most important thing is!

Golden Immortal will not marry Zhu Hengyu.

Then their Old Ancestor owes great favor to Zhu Hengyu Tian.

Originally, after receiving the bride price, it is natural to give the girl to others.

Since I have not given it now, I have to compensate in other ways.

But the problem now is…

This chaotic fine gold, simply is priceless.

Hundreds of cars of Chaos Adamantite, I am afraid that only half of Yunding City can be sold to make up for these wealth.

The problem now is…

Cloud Peak City is not theirs.

They wanted to sell, but they didn’t have to.

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