Star Gate Chapter 402

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  Chapter 402 After the War (please subscribe monthly ticket)

Ying Hongyue is dead!   The day he walked out of Silver City, Li Hao was determined to kill the enemy and the executioner.

Now, he made every attempt to kill him completely!    The real way Avatar, the virtual way Avatar, the deity, the eight meridians Avatar...

Ying Hongyue can be said to be the most difficult enemy in this era.

The people like Zheng Yu have never been in contact with them, and they have never played against each other very much. Li Hao didn't suffer any loss after contacting them a few times, so he didn't feel anything.

Only Ying Hongyue...I started contacting it a long time ago, but I still can't kill, dare not kill!

Killing him is easier than killing half of Imperial Capital.

Li Hao at this moment has much less haze, Dao Heart is natural, cultivates a martial cultivator heart, this is the characteristic of this era, there is resistance in the heart, and it is difficult to enter the Great Way.

Today, a big obstacle has been cleared, and his Great Way keeps rolling.

The seemingly calm Li Hao is not at all calm.

Standing in front of the empty grave, no one can understand his complicated mood at the moment. Who would have thought that Li Hao, who was still worried about transcendent more than a year ago, has killed so many people today. What about the heavenly king who killed his biggest enemy, Ying Hongyue?

Li Hao smiled a little.

Did you see it?

Can you... see it?   These billions of stars, do you have the one that belongs to you?

I'm afraid... not.

He seemed to laugh and cry, probably not.

Even if I control the world, I probably won't be able to revive you, right?

Neither parents nor Little Yuan are either cultivators or cultivators. Even if it is an Innate Way Body, even if there is an Innate Way Channel, there is a high probability that there will be no stars, right?

In this starry sky, there are countless stars, is there one that belongs to you?

Even if there is... can I find it?

Silver Moon world Countless years, how many human beings have been born, how many human beings have died, how many stars still exist in this Great Way universe, they are extremely faint, like dust, in this countless dust, find what belongs to you The one...even my whole life, maybe I can't do it.

Li Hao smiled, a little bitter.

Looking up at the starry sky, feeling some vague fluctuations, his eyes suddenly turned cold, Ying Hongyue may have everything wrong, but one thing is right, Silver Moon world, there have been countless disasters in the recent several decades , If nothing else, the three bastards in the False Dao universe are all unforgivable!

At this moment, the Great Way fluctuates.

The universe of Shidao seems to have been affected by some influences. In addition to the self-destruct of the three previous heavenly kings, the universe of Shidao is also fluctuating violently. Li Hao is thinking about something and looks into the distance.

Across the Cangshan Mountain, the God of Chuwu has been disappeared.

Just now, the Red Moon Emperor Venerable didn't dare to attack him, on the one hand because he was competing for time and stars, on the other hand because he was afraid of that person and the knife, so he didn't dare to shoot.

Everything Ying Hongyue expected, simply impossible happened.

Moreover, at this moment, Li Hao's mind flashed one after another... Today, there is one goal that has not been achieved, and Heaven's Will... did not appear.

Even though Li Hao was besieged by the Seven Heavenly Kings, Heaven's Will did not appear.

Even though the stars of time appeared, Heaven's Will did not appear.

Heaven's Will ah...where is it?

Li Hao looked all around, looked towards that powerhouse, Heaven's Will...Is it hidden among these people?

Feeling that the time has not come?

Do you still think that you will fall into Li Hao's trap now?   Thoughts flashed again.

Silver Moon world, Heaven's Will is still extremely important. It may be troublesome for the other party to give you benefits, but it may cause you trouble, which may surprise you.

And this time, it was Li Hao's purpose to lure Heaven's Will.

The other party did not appear!

He looked around again. At this moment, Li Hao, the stars above his head are shining, and the Way Channel is constantly open. He has absorbed the power of the past and the future, and his strength has improved a lot. Although he has not opened his pulse, the Way Channel It is also open at any time.

At this moment, the number of stars has been rising from 144 stars.

Soon, the stars trembled.

180 stars appeared!    In an instant, it turned into a circle of five cycles. At this moment, Li Hao stepped into the Way Fusion 5th layer almost instantly after killing Ying Hongyue!

Not only that, although the fine Divine Sea world was hit hard by Li Daoheng's sword, but because the time and stars stayed here for a long time, not only did they not weaken, but they became stronger.

The core of Haoyue's sword intent, the sword of time, that star, is also stronger than before.

Some sword intents that could not be accommodated before are also building stars.

Li Hao realized that there are 188 kinds of sword intents for longevity. Before, there were only 100 kinds of sword intents, or 99 kinds, but the sword intent of time was not among them. At this moment, Bai Dao Jian also began to condense. formed and became stronger.

All around, everyone is feeling the fluctuations of the Great Way.

In the entire Haoyue continent, countless civilians are also waiting blankly, wondering what is going on now, has the Great Way universe been integrated into Heaven and Earth?   Don't know.

But because Li Hao killed many kings, he didn't absorb it directly, but let the energy escape Between Heaven and Earth, Between Heaven and Earth. The Way universe is integrated into Heaven and Earth... Even civilian cultivators feel that it is not shocking enough, not as powerful as imagined.

At this moment, Li Hao's face appeared Between Heaven and Earth, and the sky was opened again.

"The plan of the Great Way universe to belong to Silver Moon was destroyed by the enemy... Although seven or eight heavenly kings were killed, there were demigods, several demigods, and even Emperor Venerable, which stopped the Great Way.

The way the universe merges with Silver Moon!"

Li Hao's voice shook Heaven and Earth: "However, after this time, I, the land of Silver Moon, will also kill all the threats and threats under the half emperors. Kill it!"

Li Hao's voice became high-pitched: "These half emperors and Emperor Venerable ... won't be able to jump around for a few days, until then, we will come again! The world will return to normal, recently because of the king of heaven. There are a lot of deaths, enough energy, wait for the Emperor Venerable to be killed... The world will evolve naturally! With us here, there is no need to worry about these rats!"

The whole people are quiet.

I'm not nervous, just a little dazed. How strong are the Half Emperor and the Emperor Venerable...?   I don't understand!   But it feels very powerful.

As for Tianwang, I know something vaguely. It is said to be above the Way Fusion 4th layer. That kind of realm is very terrifying. It seems that Marquis killed a lot last time. Today, I will kill another batch... everyone. I didn't feel anything wrong.

And those cultivators who know more and know more are all very afraid and nervous.

Demi Emperor?

Emperor Venerable?

Are these legendary existences, the legendary levels, the Silver Moon world really still there?

Can't believe it!

The King of Heaven...even in New Martial, he's not a weakling anymore, yet...he was killed at every turn?   Silver Moon How powerful is Hou now?    Although the plan to integrate the Great Way at this time failed, everyone did not feel that there was anything wrong. The energy of Heaven and Earth did increase again, and it increased a lot.

For everyone...still cultivated enough for now.

It took a little time, I learned a lot of Spring of Life, and I felt the energy boost. For everyone, it was not a loss, and they were all elated.

As for the powerhouse attack... Everyone believes that if Silver Moon is there, there will be no problem.

To this day, everyone unconditionally believes in Li Hao.

Because...every time, no matter how strong the enemy attacks, it will be repelled or killed. Since Li Hao took charge of Heaven and Earth, there has never been a chaos in Hao Star continent.



Until this moment, Lin Hongyu dared to approach Li Hao.

At this moment, Li Hao's breath is getting stronger and stronger.

However, when it was upgraded to 180Way Channel, Li Hao did not continue to open the Way Channel, but opened Dao Jian's intentions.

At this moment, there are more than 130 stars in the Divine Sea world.

From the realm point of view, Li Hao has entered the Way Fusion 5th layer... The improvement is not as big as imagined, and it does not meet his expectations at this time. This time he paid a lot of money.

Exposed the Divine Sea world, lost the opportunity to raid the universe of the virtual world, also exposed the stars of time, exposed everything behind...

In the end, I just killed a Ying Hongyue, kill some kings who don't affect the overall situation.

realm , but it just raised a small level.

In the eyes of outsiders... in fact, if it is not a personal hatred, it is extremely unworthy.

Way Fusion 5th layer, which is the middle and late stage of the king.

And this is all about the Heavenly King without origin.

Way Fusion 6 Layers, or even 6 Layers Peak, can be comparable to the Heavenly King Peak, and there is still some gap between them. Even eight 9th layers are required to match.

At this time, Zhang An also landed, looking towards Li Hao, with some emotion.

At this time, I suddenly didn't know what to say, and I felt a little helpless: "I have always wanted to solve those traitors, and now...except Li Daoheng and Zheng Yu, you have killed them all!"

He also planned for a long time.

In the end...he didn't even think about how to deal with Zheng Yu. Here, Li Hao killed everyone except Zheng Yu and Li Daoheng!   Even he had to sigh, Li Hao...he really looks like his grandfather.

The Supreme that everyone admires at New Martial!    At least, from the plot, from the plot against, Li Hao succeeds every time, and... it's the kind of conspiracy you know, it's a trap, but I have to step into it.

Even plot against is magnificent!

The god of early martial arts, if it is the Avatar of Tianji, such a person can survive until the end of time in New Martial, and this time, he has to leave the place of habitation. It's so patient!   He had to come out!    Eight veins converged, Li Hao gave it to him, who gave it to the knife... Tianji didn't care about it, he had to consider the knife, so at this moment, the one was probably extremely depressed.

Zhang An has many emotions in his heart!

Li Hao...a really talented person!    At this time, a single thought appeared in his heart again, Li Hao's future, if he can pass the Silver Moon... Maybe, he will surpass his grandfather. Of course, it is hard to say whether he can compete with the Human King. .

Although Human King is not good at planning and does not like planning, but Human King's domineering and bravery are unmatched.

At this moment, I can clearly feel that Li Hao and Human King are two completely different types of people.

The Saints behind him were also a little dazed at the moment.

This person is all killed... There are only two demigods left, these Saints, what should they do now?   To kill the Half Emperor?   Or what?

Looks like there's nothing to do.

For a while, I was a little helpless, looked towards Zhang An, originally followed Zhang An, thinking of New Martial's own revenge, but the result was good, Zhang An's side from beginning to end, the biggest credit, in fact Is to lay down Xinghe City!

At this moment, the Saint of Zhang Family Dingtian City suddenly said: "Li Marquis, we can't do anything to deal with the Half Emperor, the gap is too big! But it is said that the New Martial cultivator, the Great Way transplant, entered the New Way, can the new Way be stabilized? If so, can Marquis go further? Step into the seventh level of Way Fusion, and be on par with the Half Emperor? I and the others are few, but they are the origin of the genuine, Saint!”

This person is also a Blade Intent peerless, and his battle strength is quite strong.

Dingtian City's Guardian Monster Plant betrayed, and he was directly beheaded on the spot, and the Zhang Little Yuan's ancestral family.

At this moment, it seems too snobbish to say joining Silver Moon directly!    But when the other party said, use the source to stabilize the new way and push Li Hao to go further, this one does not show the slightest snobbery, but is righteous and generous, I use Source Dao to stabilize the new way!

Help Li Hao to fight against the Half-Emperor!   What an atmosphere!    Sure enough, if the other party directly said to join the new Way force, the Silver Moon Martial Master would not be happy, thinking that the other party is here now, why didn't he come before?

But now...Silver Moon Martial Masters, after hearing this, it makes sense!   It is the origin of the genuine Saint!    These people transplanted the Great Way, stabilized the Great Way universe, stabilized the Great Way river... Although there were few people, they were indeed a big help. For a time, no one felt bad, and they all thought they could consider it.

Of course, this requires Li Hao's permission.

This is the art of speaking.

The Zhang Family's Saint looks upright and honest... But as soon as these words came out, a few people did not shine, and they looked at him a few more times. It was a character. Zhang An didn't speak, and the other party took the initiative to speak.

, you can win the favor of many people at once!    It is worthy of being a descendant of an official. The ancestors of this person are a governor of New Martial, a half emperor, and also the governor of the hometown of Human King. If Li Hao is replaced by Human King, this person's ancestors , is the status of Zhao Shuguang.

Li Hao didn't say much, just glanced at the numerous New Martial Saint.

Including Sequoia Tree them.

Although they have always talked about repairing the new way, in fact, they are only comprehending the new way. They have not officially changed the way yet. They are not considered as new way cultivators, they are all original cultivators.

New Martial Saint, quite a few.

If you all change lanes and integrate into the new way, as Zhang Family Saint is concerned, it will help to stabilize the new way.

Looking at the void, then looking at the cosmic fluctuations of the Great Way, and some residual power left by the death of many kings...

Li Hao suddenly laughed: " Good! Then take this opportunity to turn all the New Martial cultivators who are willing to take the New Way... into new Way cultivators! Everyone, Sugigi, you have been waiting... At this moment, don't let an opportunity slip by and lose Don't come again! No one will stop, no one will stop... Those three guys are fighting to the death in the Void Dao universe... In a short time, they won't be able to come out!"

Zhang An slightly frowned Said: "Don't care about them now? If the stars were really captured at that time..."

This is a big trouble!

Is there any way to do it?    Li Hao shook his head: "I can't handle it, they are all half-emperor powers, and there are three full! Time and stars are not so easy to capture, plus three people are restricted, the triangle is the most stable, if there is only Zheng Yu alone , I'm still worried that he won't be able to fight against Li Daoheng...but these three, currently, there is no one against two!"

If there are two, it will be troublesome.

Determine life and death, maybe you can decide where you belong.

But three...that's interesting.

Three monks have no water Hah!    Three people can win two against one. This is the most stable structure. At this moment, one less person, Li Hao has to worry about whether it will come out major event.

Zhang An slightly nodded.

After thinking for a while, opened the mouth and said: "They want to change to the new Way, I have no opinion, since you agreed...that's even better! I've come to this step...To be honest, I didn't I expect you to be able to solve all the troubles under the half emperor so quickly! You are much more capable than me, if everyone is willing... just do whatever you want."

Speaking of this, he paused for a moment. , and then said: "You have reached this step, which is far beyond my expectations! However, I still have a question...I want to ask one more question."

"senior said it!"

Zhang An glanced at him before saying after a long time, "If... I mean, if everyone fails to advance to the Emperor Venerable, Li Daoheng and Zheng Yu are willing to join forces with you to kill the Emperor Venerable from Red Moon. Would you like to?"

Li Hao gave him a deep look without saying a word.

Zhang An added: "At the moment, the Emperor Venerable is the biggest threat, and the opponent is from the Red Moon universe! It is very difficult for one party to kill him! And he is worried about being picked up by the other two parties. If the three parties join forces, kill the Emperor Venerable first, destroy the most powerhouse, and then decide the outcome...maybe both of them are willing!"

As soon as these words came out, many powerhouses were silent and quiet. down.

Zhang An's proposal is not bad.

If there is such a chance, the three parties will kill the Emperor Venerable first, and then decide between life and death. In this way, it is possible to eliminate the scourge of an incomparable gigantic.

Emperor Venerable, too strong!

Even if Li Daoheng's plans are repeatedly destroyed by Li Hao, can the other party still have the confidence to kill the Emperor Venerable?    Li Hao said with a smile: "Let's talk about it, at least, I have this idea when I get to Way Fusion Seventh Layer...Otherwise, as long as I am now, any semi-Imperial Capital can kill me, I will cooperate with them, Isn't it a lamb in a tiger's den?"

Zhang An's suggestion is not wrong.

It's just...impossible now.

Now Li Hao is the weakest, but he has mastered the universe of Shidao, which is what Zheng Yu and Li Daoheng want to capture.

This time, if the time and stars escaped, those two would not let Li Hao easily.

Because, only Li Hao may hope to draw this star again.

How this star came out, they don't know at all.

Moreover, each time is more difficult than each time. Now, even if Li Daoheng gets some Star River, what time sword... these all are Li Hao played, Time Stars are not interested and will not appear.

Even if you get the body of the third world, the other party has seen it, and there is nothing newer. Once you can't hide, who can catch the star?

Li Hao didn't say anything about it, glanced at the void, said with a smile: "Okay, take advantage of now, everyone who wants to switch to the Great Way, hurry up, or later, these guys, After the fight is over, maybe you will trouble me!"

Heaven and Earth can't completely accommodate the appearance of the demigods. Before, it was only the Great Way universe that had too much contact with Heaven and Earth. Take it back, the real universe will also be closed, and then it will be difficult for the Half Emperor to come out.

Of course, the Red Moon Emperor Venerable doesn't care!

He thinks about it, maybe he will come out directly... He even wants to break the seal himself, but the other two probably won't give him a chance to come out, at least Li Daoheng won't give it.

These have nothing to do with Li Hao.

He wants to quickly complete the conversion of these people and close the universe of the real way.

A group of Saints changed lanes, for themselves, it is indeed beneficial.

Li Hao didn't delay any longer, and immediately started to help everyone change lanes.


In the universe of the virtual world.

The Three Great Powerhouses really couldn't care about Li Hao at the moment. The three of them chased the star. The time and stars in front of them seemed to be frightened, and they kept running away. One run away was infinite.

If all three of them are not the power of half emperors, I am afraid it will be difficult to catch up.

At this moment, Zheng Yu sighed: "Knowing that Li Hao did it on purpose... or he was fooled, this star is not easy to chase! Red Moon Emperor Venerable, why not directly eradicated Li before. Hao, also saves a trouble... Li Daoheng and I may not be able to catch up with this star, and if we lose it now, the three of you and I will get nothing, and Li Hao will be fulfilled!"

Behind , Avatar of Red Moon Emperor Venerable, hands behind ones back, is not in a hurry, seems to be following the two of them slowly, constantly looking around, familiar with the universe.

In the air, there is also a thunder gathering.

It's just that in Avatar, the power of Red Moon is not too strong. For him, although the thunder is strong, it can still be supported.

Hearing Zheng Yu's words, he looked indifferent: "This emperor thought and thought, why bother? If Li Hao wants to kill, you should be worried! This Great Way universe, this emperor has no way to control it, at least Now that the deity is out, it has nothing to do with me...Why do you want to eliminate your opponents for you?"

Zheng Yu chuckled: "Emperor Venerable is afraid, can't fight against Dali?"

They are all Avatars, but one just condensed, the other was condensed 100,000 years ago, and still holds a blood knife... There is a high probability... this Avatar can't beat that one.

Red Moon Emperor Venerable was not annoyed, and remained calm: "Zheng Yu, you want to provoke this emperor, but you are still a little short! Also, Li Daoheng's threat is far greater than the threat of this emperor's Avatar... ...At this moment, you and I should join hands to solve him, that's the right way!"

This is the universe of the virtual world after all, Li Daoheng is stronger here, and he is more familiar with this place.

He's right. Here, that person is the biggest threat.

It is more appropriate for him and Zheng Yu to join forces to suppress Li Daoheng.

Zheng Yu chuckled: "Fix him...the Emperor Venerable should be forcibly broken out! Today, the seal is much weaker, and it's not like Emperor Venerable can't forcibly break through, Paying some price is... but now, the Emperor Venerable is still afraid, if Li Daoheng is really killed, will the Emperor Venerable still be afraid?"

Red Moon Emperor Venerable also laughed, and didn't say anything.

Three Great Powerhouses, constantly bursting shatter void.

This Great Way universe seems to be boundless.

There is no end at all!

If in the Silver Moon world, the three demigods tracked down to the present, they would have reached the barrier of the world long ago, but in this Great Way universe, even they have not seen the end of the world until now.

Following this, even half of Imperial Capital may get lost here.

Ahead, the sword-backed man is slightly frowned.

Further ahead, there is a Star River around, and like Li Hao, it turns into a Star River and tracks the star.

The man with the sword on his back turned around, looked towards the two people who had been following behind him, coldly said: "This star is the center of the Tao. At this moment, there is something less attractive, and it is impossible to stop! Keep chasing. , is also in vain... The key is Li Hao, he may have hope, and lead this star again..."

It's too difficult to chase like this!    Zheng Yu said with a smile: "Brother Li thinks, Li Hao will help you lead out this star again? Let's keep tracking, will stop when it reaches the end of the universe, the Great Way universe, After all, it's just a new universe, can it really be boundless?"

The man with the sword on his back turned his head to look at him, and suddenly sneered: "Zheng Yu, you don't seem to be worried that Li Hao is stronger, you are even stronger than me. And Red Moon, more calm! It seems that you still have the means..."

Zheng Yu shook his head: "Brother Li has been worrying too much, I just think that there is nothing to worry about, you can win if you can, If you really lose... just treat it as the Emperor Venerable Tribulation, Heavenly Tribulation is a Tribulation, and Human Tribulation is also Tribulation! If Heavenly Tribulation can't be saved, then Human Tribulation... Maybe, there is also hope of preaching the Emperor Venerable!"

Human robbery!

The man with the sword on his back glanced at him and didn't say any more. This is not a fallacy. Emperor Venerable Heavenly Tribulation is also for the purpose of training the mind. With Heavenly Tribulation, there is no fear of Heavenly Tribulation!

These three seem to be not enemies at the moment, chatting with each other in this boundless universe.

Too lonely!    One person is trapped in Jufeng City, one person lives on the moon, and the other person is sealed in the barriers of the world... For a hundred thousand years, they are all awake, but they have not communicated with each other, just sit and watch Heaven and Earth change.

Nowadays, there is a rare opportunity, the three of them are in the same area, no matter whether the enemy is in the same area, whether the grievance is not over, here, at this moment, the stars do not appear, just chat, you can also solve the problem of a hundred thousand years. Lonely.


their three people chatting and chasing the stars, very comfortable.

And now, the land of Silver Moon.

A great way of origin emerged, and at the same time, a great way appeared, which was directly cut off by Li Hao!

That's the way of the king!

Several heavenly kings did not die completely, but how could Li Hao be polite?   It's better to die completely!

Dispersing some Source Power can also bring a lot of energy to Heaven and Earth, and add some energy to these New Martial cultivators who change lanes.

The lane change this time is not the same as before.

Before, recast fleshy body and start over.

This time...Li Hao didn't help them recast the fleshy body. At the level of Saint, it is very powerful. At this time, Li Hao directly spread their Great Way through the universe, condensing their needs the stars.

Only one!   There is only one Way Channel!    If you want another Way Channel, go get it yourself. With the existence of the Saint level, it is not too difficult to condense the Way Channel by yourself, not only to save trouble, but also because recasting the fleshy body consumes too much energy and delays time.

It's just that, as a result, these people also have some disadvantages compared to those who recast fleshy body.

The Great Way and the New Way universes are less compatible. If you want to fully integrate, it takes time to polish. This is one of them.

Second, because there is only one Way Channel, you need to condense other Way Channels by yourself. You can't follow Wang Ye and the others, step by step, and hit a higher level in an instant. You need to fill in the Way Channel to make progress little by little.

These, they all need to do by themselves.

What Li Hao does is connect them to the new Way universe.

This time, there are quite a few Saints who have been converted, not just one or two, Li Fuhai, Ninth Division Commander, General Huai, Old Tortoise, Vajra Wood, Zhang Family Saint, and two Great Sage people from the Wulin League, Elder, Sequoia Tree , all converting.

Saint under Zhang An's command is still mysterious and has not been converted.

Li Hao glanced, not paying attention.

What other Saint?   It's Zhang An himself!

Zhang An of cultivation Source Dao!

The Zhang An that I have seen so far, the cultivation is actually New Way, these New Martial powerhouses, like to get a few Avatars at every turn, he has long been used to it.

As these Saints changed lanes, those Immortal and Absolute Peak cultivators also began to change lanes.

Some Monster Plants are also being added.

The new unstoppable!    Anyone with a discerning eye can see that the new Way is now far better than Source Dao, at least in this world, Li Hao is even more powerful now, and when time and stars appear, even Zhang An thinks... this new Way The universe, the potential may even exceed the Great Way of origin!    Why did the stars appear in the new Way at this time, and even why did the new Way come into being... Even Li Hao doesn't understand it, but it doesn't prevent everyone from thinking that the new Way has great potential in the universe!

This is also a New Martial person who was not in a hurry to change lanes before, but now he is in a hurry.

Don't seize the opportunity again... Li Hao's strength continues to grow, will he still allow New Martial people to enter the new Way?   ……

Li Hao just helped them change lanes, nothing else.

He was silently alone, walked to the side, and began to sit cross-legged, silently comprehending, cultivating, and experiencing everything today.

In the spiritual world, the sword tree was dormant before, but today it has recovered. It was a little painful. Li Daoheng's sword cut off many roots, making it a little painful.

But Li Hao at the moment, doesn't care about the sword tree.

It's just that an illusory shadow emerges, constantly reversing time, and in the void, a Dao Jian meaning and a whip meaning are gradually condensed. This is Li Daoheng and Zheng Yu's, these two people, who have passed by before. the spiritual universe!

Not only that, but the two have also played against each other here.

apart from this, and the somewhat illusory meaning of Qian Dao Jian, although it is illusory and not very real, it can also be used as a reference for Li Hao, equivalent to the Taoism of the three and a half emperors, by Li Hao. Hao Gathering!

This is also the treasure they left for Li Hao after passing through the spiritual universe!   More than that!

Li Hao still has a place that he hasn't gone to yet, that knife, slashing Ying Hongyue with one knife, and breaking eight veins with one knife, that is Blood Emperor Venerable's Blade Intent!   At this time, the blood knife really shot.

These are all Li Hao's greatest achievements this time, but to outsiders, these are nothing.

And the God of First Martial Arts, who slashed with a knife, also left some Taoism behind.

Although it seems to be pure fleshy body way, it is also a kind of morality, which is left by the top-level existence. For Li Hao, it is a good thing, it is all Supreme Treasure, from realm Speaking of which, he is much worse than these people.

What these people left behind can be used as the target of his comprehend.

And this kind of opportunity, other people can not enjoy.

Gradually, in the spiritual universe, a sword, a long whip, and an illusory sword emerged. A

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