Star God Soldier King Chapter 2115


Chen Xing smiled lightly, “You Red Dragon Queen are so busy, why should I bother her to answer?”

Valance Taz said suspiciously: “But…”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “After Hilda comes out of the dungeon, we’ll just ask her.”

Valenstadz immediately said: “Oh, that’s right! Hilda elder sister is the Captain of the Red Dragon Queen, she must know.”

At this moment, there was a dragon coming from outside the cave. The roar roared: “Valenstadz, Queen Your Majesty summon!”

When Valenstadz heard it, he immediately said eagerly: “My friend Chen Xing, please help me find a way. , I promised Queen Your Majesty that I will be her consort within three days! Now, three days have come! What to do!”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “You promised yourself Promise, then you will practice it.”

Valenstadz said angrily: “My friend Chen Xing! How can you do this! I haven’t cleared my grievance yet! How can I With stigma, being the consort of Queen Your Majesty! It’s not just disrespecting myself, it’s disrespecting Your Majesty, Queen!”

The Queen of Blades said with a cold laugh: “What respect? It’s disrespectful, I think, but it’s just your excuse. To be honest, little red dragon, don’t you like that coquettish red dragon queen?”

Valenstadz frowned. Said: “Queen of Blades, although you are my friend, but I do not allow you to say that the Red Dragon Queen Your Majesty! She, she is just a little mentally unstable. Originally, she was a very dignified and stable Queen!”

The Queen of Blades sneered: “I also call myself a queen, but some queens are real and some are fake.”

Chen Xing glared at the Queen of Blades, The queen did not say any more.

If you go on, you will really miss it.

Valenstadz didn’t think anywhere else, just coldly said: “Yeah, in my opinion, your Queen of Blades is a fake queen.”

Chen Xing interrupted the quarrel between the two, “Okay, don’t talk about it, Laowa, since the Queen Your Majesty summoned you, then you should hurry up. Oh, if she wants to make you a spouse, then you agree, of course. , you can ask the Queen Your Majesty to announce to the world, and ask her to invite the envoys of the five Dragon Clans to congratulate you on your union. Such a request should not be excessive. In this way, you can delay a few more times. God.”

Valenstadz started, and then said in surprise: “Aiya! Why didn’t I expect it! Many thanks to you, Chen Xing my friend! I am meeting the queen Your Majesty. !”

Speaking, Valenstadz ran out of the cave, transformed into a dragon, and flew straight into the sky.

After a while, Valenstadz was at the top of the Crimson Temple.

After landing in the temple, he turned into a human form and walked happily in front of the Red Dragon Queen.

The fake Red Dragon Queen looked at Valenstadz’s elated appearance, and couldn’t help but secretly smug in her heart.

This piece of fat dangling around her mouth for several days, it seems that she is guaranteed to be able to eat it today.

The fake red dragon queen tried her best to restrain the drool that overflowed her mouth, and said dignifiedly: “You are here, my spouse, Lord Valenstadz.”

Valenstadz was startled and said quickly: “I dare not let the Queen Your Majesty call me a lord.”

The fake Red Dragon Queen smiled softly, “Hehe, you don’t have to be polite to me. , in front of outsiders, I am Your Majesty, the queen of above ten thousand people, but when we were two, I was still obediently pressed. Under your body?”

Wa Ranstadz blushed suddenly, he had never been raped like this before, even more how to fuck him, it was the queen he most respected, Your Majesty.

For a moment he didn’t know if he should be honored, or he was confused.

The fake red dragon queen said with a smile: “Hehe, you’re still blushing and shy, okay, it suits my appetite, I’m like mating with you now, come on, I Your consort!”

Saying that, the fake Red Dragon Queen hooked Valenstadz’s neck.

Valenstadz hurriedly avoided, “Queen Your Majesty! Queen Your Majesty! Wait first! Wait first!”

The fake red dragon queen startled, and then got angry Said: “Wait wait! You’ve made this queen wait for a long time, don’t you know! Humph, no matter what you say today! This queen will get you!” Said: “Queen Your Majesty, I have been burning incense and bathing for three days. Naturally, I am very willing to be your spouse, but since I am your first spouse, we can’t be so sneaky, right?”

The fake Red Dragon Queen frowned immediately, “What do you mean?”

Valenstadz immediately said: “According to tradition, you should at least announce to the world! You are your rightful consort!”

The fake red dragon queen sighed in exasperation, “What a nuisance!”

Valenstaz said: “And, according to tradition, the queen Your Majesty You should also order the other four clans to send special envoys to participate in our union ceremony.”

The fake red dragon queen frowned and said: “The situation of our red dragon Legion is more complicated now, I think , there’s no need to engage in those idiots, right? It’s more important to reproduce offspring!”

Said, the fake red dragon queen approached Valenstadz a step.

Valenstadz immediately took a step back, “No, Queen Your Majesty, this is the best time for you to restore the morale of the entire Red Dragon Legion, and it is also for you to prove to the outside world that you have not been beaten by a game. The best time to fail and break down!”

Where can the fake Red Dragon Queen listen to Valenstadz’s advice?

She didn’t want to be good for the Red Dragon Legion at all.

All she wants to do is get the Life Essence on Valenstadz!

Although Valenstadz is still very easy to deal with, she is still concerned about the Life Essence on Valenstadz, if Valenstadz really wants to fight her, With Life Essence working together, it would be difficult for her to keep Valenstadz.

And at that time, a dead loss, she will lose a lot.

After thinking about it, the fake red dragon queen was very itchy, but she finally endured it.

“Haha! You are indeed my favorite spouse.”

The fake Red Dragon Queen smiled softly, “Okay, just do as you said, I’ll go first. Tell the world about my relationship, and then notify the messengers of all ethnic groups to participate in our union ceremony. I think, maybe… in three days at most, I can completely handle these trivial matters. And after three days, you will no longer be There’s no excuse for rejecting me.”

The fake red dragon queen slyly gave Valenstads a wink, “In three days, I’m going to eat you.”

Valenstadz trembled inexplicably, and repeatedly said with a smile: “I am willing to be eaten by Queen Your Majesty, now, please allow me to retire first, I have to prepare well. .”

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