Star God Soldier King Chapter 2117


Hilda’s blow with all her strength actually shattered only a small piece of the red crystal.

Hilda couldn’t help but frown.

She really couldn’t understand why the Crystal Red Dragon Clan put such a hard red crystal in the depths of the dungeon.

Is this to protect the red crystal, or to imprison the red crystal?

Hilda’s soul sensed Qiqi’s lament again, she re-concentrated her strength, and wanted to strike the red crystal in front of her eyes again.


A loud shout came from behind her.

Hilda startled, looking back, the Red Dragon Queen was already standing behind her with a face full of anger.

“Queen Your Majesty? You, why are you here?”

Hilda quickly put away her attacking stance and stood respectfully with her hands down.

The fake red dragon queen trembled slightly.

On the one hand, it is because of the fly into a rage out of humiliation, and on the other hand, it is because of fear.

If you leave Hilda in the dungeon, it won’t be long before Hilda smashes open the red crystal Formation.

And once the crystal red Formation is broken, the consequences will be unimaginable.

The fake Red Dragon Queen couldn’t help but wonder how this Hilda got here.

Is it a coincidence?

Are you attracted by some signal from the True Red Dragon Queen?

The fake Red Dragon Queen resisted her anger and uneasiness, and put on a smile that didn’t smile, “Hilda, what are you doing here?”

Xi Erda shrugged, “Your Majesty, I can’t tell, I feel like I’ve been summoned. The red crystals here are really weird, why would the crystal red Dragon Clan put red crystals in the depths of their dungeons?”

The fake Red Dragon Queen said with a smile: “That’s also the matter of the Crystal Red Dragon Clan, you and I are both outsiders, it’s better not to collide, otherwise, something happens, I Queen, it’s not easy to explain.”

Hilda nodded, “Your Majesty, you’re right, okay, then I won’t be curious, I’ll go back to my cell and continue to leave me alone The time in prison is completed.”

The fake red dragon queen said quickly: “no no no, no need, Hilda.”

Hilda said seriously: ” It’s three days, not even an hour, or a minute.”

The fake Red Dragon Queen can’t wait to keep Hilda in the dungeon for a lifetime, but for the fake Red Dragon Queen’s top priority, It is the Life Essence that went smoothly first.

As long as she gets Life Essence, whether it’s Hilda or Valenstads, it’s all her food.

But, for now, she can only endure it.

The fake red dragon queen said with a smile: “Hilda, you are my captain, my good younger sister, how can I really punish you? Even more how, I’m about to announce the entire Dragon Clan, I’m going to marry Valenstadz, as my younger sister and Captain, you should stand up and help me maintain order at this time.”

Hilda startled, “Your Majesty, you, did you really decide to marry Valenstads?”

The fake red dragon queen said with a smile: “Hilda, I I know you despise Valenstadz, but, how can I put it, I just like him. I don’t think you will be against your queen, will you?”

Hilda faintly sighed, “Of course I won’t, Queen Your Majesty, I wish you happiness. I also look forward to you and Lord Valenstadz, bringing new life and new hope to the entire Red Dragon Legion.”

The fake red dragon queen said with a smile: “That’s right, my good younger sister. Well, now you get out of here and go outside and help me take care of the scene.”

Hilda He bowed and said, “Yes, Queen Your Majesty.”

After speaking, Hilda turned and left the dungeon.

Her in the depth of one’s soul, the dirge remains.

She wanted to know what was going on.

However, in the face of the Red Dragon Queen’s expulsion, she had no other way.

After leaving the Crystal Red Dungeon, Hilda quickly returned to the cave where Chen Xing and the others settled.

At this time, the bride-to-be Valenstadz also came to the cave with a sad face. He couldn’t help but look embarrassed when he saw Hilda coming.

Hilda was stunned for a moment, then said coldly with a smile: “Congratulations, Lord Valenstadz, you finally got your wish.”

Valan Staz said with a bitter smile: “Hilda elder sister, you know, this is not what I imagined. I admit that it is the crowning glory of all male red dragons to be the consort of the Red Dragon Queen, but , I… ugh.”

Hilda wanted to ridicule Valenstadz again, but looking at Valenstadz’s painful expression, she actually had a hint of this guy. Sympathy and pity.

This is inappropriate.

Hilda slightly frowned, she tried hard to warn herself that this young red dragon body still bears the crime of betraying the red dragon Legion and has not been cleared, and he has now nominally belonged to the red dragon. The Dragon Queen is now, and he must not have any thoughts on him – no matter whether it is contempt or pity, he should not have it.

Hilda coldly smiled, “Okay, Lord Valenstadz, let’s see, your good human friend Chen Xing, what’s your opinion?”

Valenstadz, nodded, made a gesture of invitation, “Hilda elder sister, please first.”

Although it is already a sure thing to be the queen’s first consort, even if Valencia Starz is the first spouse, and in terms of status, it is not as good as Captain Hilda, the red dragon guard.

Hilda is the first heir to the Red Dragon Legion. This is also the rule of the inheritance throne of the Red Dragon Queen in all dynasties. Almost every generation of the Red Dragon Queen has been the Captain of the Red Dragon Queen. .

And this also means that if the old red dragon queen dies, then Hilda will become the new red dragon queen, and everything the old red dragon queen left, including the throne, Power, even the consort of the old red dragon queen, will become Hilda’s.

Hilda and Valenstadz certainly knew this.

But until now, both of them thought it was the Red Dragon Queen sitting on the throne, and simply did not realize that the real Red Dragon Queen was actually dying.

Just as the two walked into Chen Xing’s cave together, in the depths of the crystal red dungeon-

The crystal red dragon queen recited the incantation, and the red crystal opened a wave of Door.

The Crystal Red Dragon Queen walked in with a cold face.

The Soul Elegy of the True Red Dragon Queen ceases immediately.

“Younger sister, you are really in a good mood. You are in the mood to sing.” The Crystal Red Dragon Queen said gloomily with a smile.

The real red dragon queen raised her eyes and looked at the crystal red dragon queen, said with a cold laugh: “elder sister, so you haven’t succeeded yet, hahaha, that Valenstadz, it’s really not good. Lose my high expectations!”

The Crystal Red Dragon Queen rushed in front of the True Red Dragon Queen, grabbed the remaining dragon scales of the True Red Dragon Queen, and tore them down fiercely.

“You’re not here to be proud of me! I tell you! Your Valenstadz has promised to marry me! Our union ceremony is tomorrow! After this evening, I You can get the Life Essence of the Red Dragon Clan! At that time, I will let you see how the Red Dragon Clan was exterminated by me!”

Said, the Crystal Red Dragon Queen laughed hahaha up.

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