Star God Soldier King Chapter 2118


Meanwhile, in Chen Xing’s cave.

Hilda, who had just entered the cave, was suddenly frowned.

Valenstadz immediately asked with concern: “Hilda elder sister, what’s wrong?”

Hilda hesitated, “I don’t know, since After I entered the crystal red dungeon, I always felt that there was a voice speaking in my heart, but unfortunately, I still couldn’t hear and understand it.”

Valenstaz blinked, “This kind of thing… My Chen Xing brother should be able to help.”

Hilda sneered, “Valenstaz, do you trust that human too much? I admit that he does have some strength. Yes, but he is not omnipotent.”

While he was talking, Chen Xing appeared in front of Hilda and Valenstads with a faint smile.

“Yo, the two of you came just right.”

Hilda’s face was slightly embarrassed, “Sorry Chen Xing, what I said just now…”

Chen Xing smiled and waved his hand, “You haven’t known me for a long time, so it’s understandable to say that. And if I, Chen Xing, are someone who cares about such things, I don’t deserve to be friends with Dragon Clan.”

Hilda nodded with a smile, “You are more generous than I thought.”

Valenstadz said eagerly: “Chen Xing brother, you Please help me! I just got back from our Queen Your Majesty, at first Queen Your Majesty agreed to take three days to proclaim the world, and now it’s suddenly one day! If you can’t do anything about it, I can It’s time to enter the bridal chamber!”

The Queen of Blades laughed, “Isn’t that good? The spring night is so short, Valan, you have to take good care of it.”

Wa Ranstadz sighed and said: “Queen of Blades, don’t make fun of me! I, I, I really don’t want to be the first spouse of Queen Your Majesty in a bad name! It’s not just my own shame, but more It is the disgrace of the entire Red Dragon Legion, every Red Dragon citizen will look at me in a strange way, and in their hearts, I will become the pretty boy bastard who deceives Queen Your Majesty by my looks!”

The Queen of Blades said disapprovingly: “Really, little red dragon? Are you really unwilling to become the first spouse because you are afraid of tarnishing your reputation?”

Blades Dynasty Hildanu pouted, “You don’t have another love, do you!?”

Valenstadz hurriedly said: “Queen of Blades! Don’t make such a joke! Only Queen Your Majesty and Only her spouse is qualified to combine with rights! All other red dragon people need wholeheartedly raising dragon eggs! This is the tradition of our red dragon family!”

The Queen of Blades wanted to tease a few words, Chen Xing waved his hand, “Alright, alright, don’t talk about it, there’s not much time left for us, we have to talk about business. Ms. Hildaβ€””

“In .” Hilda responded.

Chen Xing asked: “Did you find anything special in the Crystal Red Dungeon?”

Hilda frowned said: “It’s nothing special, It’s just… I may have something wrong with me.”

“oh?” Chen Xing asked, “What’s the problem?”

Hilda sighed, “I can’t tell Come on, I may or may have had auditory hallucinations. Ever since I entered the crystal red dungeon, I always felt that someone was singing in my heart. The singing was very sad and mournful, but there was an indescribable perseverance. I am very I want to hear clearly what the lyrics are singing, but no matter how hard I try, I can’t hear it clearly.”

Chen Xing frowned, “The feeling you say is only when you arrive at the crystal red dungeon. Yes?”

Hilda nodded, “Yes.”

Chen Xing asked again: “Did you go to the crystal red dungeon to find clues?”

Hilda said again: “Yes, but… I didn’t gain anything. I kept finding a secret room at the bottom of the crystal red dungeon, I found a huge red crystal, I felt that soul The singing seemed to come from the crystal, but when I wanted to break the crystal, Your Majesty, the queen of the red dragon, suddenly appeared. The queen Your Majesty told me that the crystal was the treasure of the crystal red Dragon Clan, which cannot be Arbitrary destruction. To be honest, I feel very strange. First, the Queen Your Majesty is too nervous. This is the first time I have seen the Queen Your Majesty’s eyes panic and dodge in my long time as a red dragon guard. , I also doubt, why did the Crystal Red Dragon Clan put their supreme treasure in the depths of the dark and damp dungeon?”

The Queen of Blades sneered, “Perhaps they are not revealing their wealth. “

Hilda glanced at the Queen of Blades and said coldly: “My friend, you are wrong. We Dragon Clan, whether it is a red dragon, a crystal red dragon, or even other The four Dragon Clans are very proud. We all take the treasure of our own race as our inheritance and are proud of it. If the red crystal is really the treasure of the crystal red Dragon Clan, then the crystal red Dragon Clan will not be It’s in the dungeon.”

Valenstadz also nodded, “Yes, what Hilda elder sister said is very right.”

The Queen of Blades said wi th a smile: “Of course little red dragon, when did your elder sister Hilda miss. “

Chen Xing thought for a while, and then said with a smile: “It seems that my prediction should be correct. “

Valenstadz curiously asked: “Chen Xing my friend, what do you expect?” Hurry up and tell us, things have come to this point, we desperately need your advice and guidance. “

Although Hilda doesn’t want to admit it, it’s true right now.

She already felt something was wrong with the entire Red Dragon Legion, but she couldn’t tell. What’s wrong?

She has always been arrogant, but now she really needs a very smart person to help her.

Chen Xing smiled lightly, “You two, originally I thought When things become clearer and the evidence is more abundant, I will tell you the truth of the whole thing. But now it seems that our enemies can’t wait, so we have to speed up. So, I won’t go around the corner. What I’m going to tell the two of you next, you must be fully mentally prepared. “

Hilda smiled coldly, “Chen Xing, just say it directly, I’m Hilda, the captain of the red dragon guard, what winds and waves have I never experienced?” “

Valenstadz also said nodded: “Yes, my friend Chen Xing, I trust you 100%. If you have anything, just say it.” “

“Good! “Chen Xing laughed, and then said seriously: “Your Red Dragon Queen is fake. “

As soon as these words came out, Hilda and Valenstadz were all stunned.

Hilda roared, and instantly showed the dragon spear, The tip of the spear pointed at Chen Xing, “Mortal! You question and insult our great Red Dragon Queen? “

Valenstadz rushed in front of Hilda and blocked the dragon spear, “Hilda elder sister! Although I can’t believe it! However, I know my Chen Xing friend! I am sure he will never question our Queen Your Majesty for no reason! Please put away your dragon spear! Let’s have a good talk! “

Hilda gritted her teeth, shouted: “No need to talk! Whisperers! kill without mercy! “

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