Star God Soldier King Chapter 2119


After Hilda roared, she concentrated all her dragon power and poured it into the entire dragon spear, fiercely stabbed Chen Xing go!

Chen Xing’s words are undoubtedly the greatest blasphemy in the eyes of her, the Red Dragon female guard Captain, and she must not allow such a thing to happen.

But, in fact, in her deep in one’s heart, there is also a trace of doubt.

But the more she did, the more annoyed she became.

Not only was he annoyed by Chen Xing’s words and deeds, but he was also annoyed that he believed in Chen Xing.

Therefore, three points of her attack on Chen Xing were because of Chen Xing, and the remaining seven points were all because of herself.

This is undoubtedly an act of anger.

The purpose is to put an end to his wild thoughts, not to be confused by Chen Xing’s words, so as to doubt his queen.

In fact, as soon as the angry dragon spear shot, Hilda herself had some regrets.

In the first place, she has fought against Chen Xing, she is simply not Chen Xing’s opponent.

Even if Hilda had to use all her strength to justify her name as the Red Dragon Queen, it was absolutely impossible to defeat Chen Xing.

Secondly, she also knew that her behavior was a little impulsive, and she should listen to Chen Xing’s reasons.

What’s the point of not letting people finish talking when they’re angry?

Chen Xing was about to raise his hand to block, but Valenstadz roared extremely: “My friend Chen Xing! Don’t hurt Hilda elder sister! Let me handle it!”

Chen Xing hesitated for a moment, then held his ground.

With Valenstadz’s position, it is indeed the easiest to block the Dragon Spear’s attack.

And if Chen Xing forcibly confronts Hilda, he can only hurt Valenstadz, who is in the middle.

This is the result that Chen Xing does not want to see.

When Hilda’s dragon spear stabbed straight with incomparable strength, Valenstadz didn’t show his weapon, but stretched out his hands and just grabbed it. The handle of the dragon spear.


The sharp point of the dragon spear pierced directly into Valenstadz’s shoulder!

If Hilda hadn’t moved up at the last second, and changed the direction of the tip of the spear, this spear would definitely have pierced the heart of Valenstadz!

Hilda suddenly exclaimed, “Valanstaz! What are you, what are you doing?!”

Valanstaz sighed with a smile, “I hope Elder sister Erda, don’t be angry yet, let my friend Chen Xing… finish the sentence…”


Hilda was angry again In a hurry, and a little ashamed, he immediately removed the sharp dragon spear in his hand.

Valenstadz wobbled, blood spurting from his shoulders.

Chen Xing frowned, took out the potion that had been prepared for a long time, and quickly gave it to Valenstadz, and the wound immediately stopped bleeding and healed.

Chen Xing asked, “Lao Wa, what are you doing?”

He knew very well that with Valenstadz’s current strength, even if he couldn’t defeat him Hilda in a state of rage, when she wants to block Hilda’s ten moves unscathed, there is no problem at all.

But Valenstadz chose to splatter on the spot.

Valenstadz said with a smile: “My friend Chen Xing, don’t blame Hilda elder sister, Hilda elder sister is the Captain of the Red Dragon, and the Red Dragon The queen is the spiritual support and belief of our entire red dragon family. You say, cough cough, you say that our red dragon queen is fake, this is undoubtedly destroying our spiritual support and belief. Don’t say it’s Hilda elder Sister, even after I heard what you just said, I couldn’t help but attack you. So…”

Chen Xing helplessly shook the head, “I understand, Valenstad. Here, I can understand your feelings. This thing is never easy, but I still have to say that your current queen, Your Majesty, is indeed a fake. She is deliberately bringing your red dragon Legion to The abyss of death! Would you rather live in a dream that deceives yourself and then suddenly fall into the abyss? Or do you bravely accept this fact now and fight back to save your entire clan of red dragons?”

Valan Staz cautiously glanced at Hilda, for fear that Chen Xing’s remark would anger Hilda again.

And since Hilda shot and stabbed Valenstad just now, the whole person has calmed down.

She frowned for a while, “Chen Xing, you keep on saying that our Red Dragon Queen is fake, do you have any proof?”

Chen Xing sighed, ” I’m sorry, I don’t have the most conclusive evidence yet.”

Hilda said with a sneer: “Without evidence, you dare to question our Red Dragon Queen like this, you know, I can really launch The entire Red Dragon Legion is coming to deal with you? I admit that your strength is very strong, and I can’t beat you alone, but our entire Red Dragon Legion is pressed up, I’m afraid you can’t beat us either!”

Chen Xing laughed, “Of course, I’m just a trifling mortal, how could I be the opponent of your entire Red Dragon Clan? Even more how, I come to the Red Dragon Clan, and I still have to ask you Red Dragon Queen Your Majesty’s, Laowa is my dead brother. Reasonable in every circumstance, I will not be an enemy of your red dragon clan. But, this is precisely because of this, I want to save you red at all costs. Dragon clan. You think I have to show evidence before I can question your Red Dragon Queen. This is not wrong, but the actual situation is that the enemy has accelerated the pace. If we still stick to the old rules, we must Waiting until the evidence is conclusive before making countermeasures and changes, then we will be in an extremely passive situation, and we will be led by the enemy’s rhythm everywhere. At that time, the entire Red Dragon Legion will be because of our hesitation. Do not decide and perish! Can you really bear such a result?”

Hilda’s brows furrowed more and more tightly.

Chen Xing’s every sentence, even every word, she is unwilling to listen, unwilling to think.

But this matter is indeed a major event related to the survival of the entire Red Dragon Legion!

If Chen Xing really said it, the current Red Dragon Queen is the fake Red Dragon Queen, then the entire Red Dragon Legion is indeed on the edge of the abyss cliff.

Hilda resisted the trembling in her heart and asked coldly, “But, there is no evidence, how can you make me believe you.”

Chen Xing said lightly with a smile : “Ms. Hilda, don’t worry, let me explain and analyze it a little bit first. Although I don’t have direct evidence to prove that the current Red Dragon Queen is a fake Red Dragon Queen, I have direct evidence to prove it. , Lao Wa is not a traitor.”

Hilda asked: “Can you prove that Valenstadz never betrayed our red dragon Legion?”

“Yes.” Chen Xing turned back and said to the crystal fox: “Small Fox, your crystal should store the scene where we interrogated the two Black Dragons and Blue Dragons, right? Please replay all the words about the two to Ms. Hilda. .”

“Okay!” The crystal fox twisted, and the crystal body burst out with rays of light.

The scene of their interrogation of the Black Dragon and the Blue Dragon soldiers before appears in front of Hilda and Valenstadz.

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